7 Easiest Top Lane Champions in League of Legends

Hello, League of Legends fans, are you ready for a new League of Legends article in which you will learn new and useful information on how to improve your gaming skill? Of course, you are ready! 

As you already know, there are various rules in League of Legends, and most of them are related to roles. Roles in League of Legends indicate the places where champions go into battle when a match starts, also, each champion is intended for a different role and players should adhere to this when choosing a champion. 

There are a total of five roles, and today’s text will be dedicated to solo lane, also known as top lane. Get ready to learn all about top lane as well as which are the easiest top lane champions to master.

In the League of Legends, top lane is reputed to be the most notorious lane of all. This is because top lane is the furthest lane, and therefore players who play in top lane have to rely solely on their own skill. 

Unlike mid lane which is very easy to gank, which can be very good at the very beginning of the game when the champions are still extremely weak and when any help is welcome. Teleport is always tied to the top lanes since a lot of time is lost when the champion returns to base. Also, the jungler should follow what is happening in the top lane so he can jump in if there is a fight and thus help his teammate. 

Bottom lane with two players and a jungler who is ready to gank at any moment. Solo players mostly like being alone and being able to clear their lane in peace, that’s why they like to choose top lane.

Professional players will often say that top lane is the only lane with which it is really difficult to succeed and reach a high rank. However, the top lane is a big challenge for the players, and if they manage to find a champion that suits them, they can achieve great success and win most of their matches. In this list, we will show you the seven easiest champions with whom you can start your League of Legends top lane career.

But not to go on with this introduction, it’s time to show you a list of the top seven easiest champions destined for the top lane.

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Top 7 Easiest Champions For Top Lane In League Of Legends

7. Dr. Mundo

If you’ve been playing League of Legends since the beginning, back in 2009, then Dr. Mundo is certainly a very famous champion. Dr. Mundo is one of the first champions to set foot on Summoner’s Rift. 

Dr. Mundo is intended for beginners because it has very simple abilities that new players will not have problems with when playing. 

However, Riot has made an effort to modernize this champion so that its gameplay is a little different from the previous version, but Dr. Mundo can still be an easy choice for new (but also old) players. Dr. Mundo is a long-ranged champion and so is ideal during the lane phase where he has to poke his enemies.

6. Teemo

You can find this cute beast on various lanes, and really most often on top lanes. Teemo is for many players the embodiment of the devil himself, and his mushrooms are ideal if he wants to finish off his enemies. 

His whale is very simple, poison arrows serve to damage enemy champions or minions, his accelerated reel in advance serves to try to avoid the enemy attack, and the power of invisibility makes him even more dangerous because enemy champions never know where this little furry beast will jump from.

Basically, if you want to win with Teemo you have to properly place mushrooms all over the map and wait for the enemy champions to step on hidden mushrooms and potentially die. You only have to watch the initial phase of the game when Teemo is not strong enough yet, he better stay under the turret and poke minions. 

Only after he gets his Ult, more precisely the dangerous mushrooms, the beast comes out of him and is ready to destroy the enemy team.

5. Nasus

Nasus is also an ideal choice for beginners who want to venture on a solo mission in the top lane. He has the ability (Q) with which he collects stacks which then do a lot more damage than usual. Nasus comes to its peak at a later stage of the game, so if you want to win you have to wait for the game to come to its late-stage and so victory with Nasus will be guaranteed. 

Nasus will not be able to be defeated in the late phase of the game, and the enemy team will have to work hard to inflict damage. Remember, try to survive the first phase of the game, and if you reach the late phase, no one will be able to harm you.

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4. Singed

Maybe you weren’t hoping to see Singed on this list. Singed is known for his poisonous trail that he leaves behind, and this is also his strongest ability. If you are a new League of Legends player, Singed is a real champion with whom you can learn the basics of farming and how to play the solo lane. 

Fun fact: Singed is the oldest League of Legends champion that was first designed by Riot Games. He is simply an indestructible champion and it is very difficult to kill him, which makes the enemy team very nervous when they try to eliminate him. Give yourself time and practice and you’ll see what it’s like when Singed takes action.

3. Jax

Like Singed, Jax is part of the first League of Legends champions collection. Players who play this game from the very beginning are familiar with Jax and his abilities. However, many old champions have been reworked so far, but Jax is not among them. Jax is a very interesting champion who is especially easy to play with. 

He is one of those champions with whom you will not have to think much, it is enough to follow the course of the game and use his abilities. However, we must not underestimate him because Jax becomes a strong machine as the game progresses, and thus a weapon that leads his team to victory.

2. Darius

Don’t be fooled by Darius on this list. Darius is a champion who is very easy to perfect in theory, but to master Darius one player still needs a lot of time and practice. 

Darius is known for his blade with which he skillfully does damage to enemy champions, and it makes it so dangerous that blood gushes in all directions. If you are a new player, Darius is a real champion to learn the basics of attacking and dominant aggressive play.

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1. Garen

Ladies and gentlemen, the easiest of the easiest – Garen. Garen is one of the most popular top lane players and you will meet him very often. Garen plays very aggressively, and his ult can finish off the enemy champion in one second. However, his kit is very simple and Garen is actually meant for new players. 

He is a very powerful opponent, so all enemies stay away from him for as long as possible. Our recommendation is to try to play with Garen purely to see how much power lies in him, and when the game comes to its later stage, Garen is unstoppable.


This list brings together our selection of the seven easiest top lane champions, but keep in mind that this list can be expanded with a few more very popular and easy champions, so take your time to choose the champion that suits you best and conquer the top lane. Good luck and have fun!

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