Does Faker Have A Girlfriend?

Does Faker Have A Girlfriend? League of Legends Player

Whether you are an avid League of Legends player or simply enjoy playing other competitive games, as long as you’ve tried stepping foot in the esports environment, you have probably heard of Faker. It is a name known to most people who enjoy watching League of Legends or any esports game in general.

Faker has stated in interviews that he does not have a girlfriend currently. He also stated that he never had a girlfriend in the past. Faker says that he has no time to date a girl while being a professional player, and his performance comes first.

Being a professional League of Legends player is a tough task. It requires a lot of determination and time investment. Despite all that, many players find time out of their day to fall in love and find a girlfriend. Having a partner really helps them deal with the stress of their careers. But what about the Greatest player Of All Time, Faker? Let us take a look at his relationship status.

Faker’s History

Lee Sang-hyeok, commonly known as Faker, is probably the most popular esports player ever to exist. Faker has been a professional League of Legends player for almost a decade. He has been a part of SK Telecom T1 since 2013. The team changed its name to T1 around the end of 2019.

Faker is mostly known for his mid lane mages such as Ryze, LeBlanc, Azir, and Orianna. He also gained popularity for his amazing Zed play. Faker has won Worlds 3 times, MSI 2 times, LCK 10 times, and a couple of other tournaments. He is regarded as the best player of all time by a lot of analysts and players.

Faker’s Relationship History

Faker has a lot of fans all across the world. But especially in Korea, Faker has gained the popularity of an idol. He is extremely well known and will be recognized by most people, whether they have ever touched League of Legends or not.

This led to fans trying to take a peek into his personal life and gathering information about his hobbies, his schedule, his relationship status, and various other things. A lot of Korean news sources and interviewers have tried to get an answer out of Faker about his love life and the reasoning behind his current status. Let us take a look at some interviews and answers Faker has provided regarding this matter.

Does Faker have a Girlfriend? Faker´s Relationship History League of Legends

An Interview With InvenGlobal

During the 2017 Rift Rivals event in Taiwan, Faker was inquired about his relationship status by an interviewer at InvenGlobal. Faker replied in the following manner:

“I have never dated someone before. The reason I looked at my phone frequently was that my ‘solo queue’ took too long in finding a game. But now… I do want to go on a date… If I ever have time, I will consider meeting someone.”

Since this was back in 2017, Faker had planned to meet someone if he found time out of his busy life and met someone that he could connect to. Faker has mentioned that his view on Love had changed throughout the years and that he wanted someone who isn’t too short and has a good mental connection to him, as a partner.

MBC Radio Star

In 2020, Faker was invited to the first episode of MBC Radio Star. Here he was asked multiple questions about his personal life. One of these questions was related to his relationship status. Faker had the following response to these questions:

“If you work as a professional gamer, you don’t have a lot of personal time. I feel like if I start dating, it could be uncomfortable in a lot of ways for both parties, so I just focus on my work instead. I have never dated before”

He also added:

“I didn’t date when I was young either.”

Does Faker have a Girlfriend? Dating League of Legends

Coach KKoma’s Comment

In the past, Coach Kkoma (SKT’s Coach) had said the following statement about his players’ interests. The following message is paraphrased and may or may not be a direct translation:

“Other players have girls as their computer backgrounds and show a fair bit of interest in girls, Faker on the other hand doesn’t really ever show any interest in girls, he just plays and practices”

Esports Ambassador

Around 2019-2020, T1 Faker and T1 Teddy attended the esports event held in Shanghai, China. During the event, Shanghai Esports Association appointed Faker as the Shanghai-Seoul Esports Ambassador. This was for his contributions to the esports scene over the years.

Faker commented in an interview held at the event that he wants to return to Shanghai again next year; He wants to win the Worlds Title in Season 10 since the World Championship Finals were going to be held in Shanghai in Season 10.

During this interview, the host also asked him if and when he would be looking to find a girlfriend. To this question, Faker responded that he is currently too busy to date any girls. Therefore, he has no current plans of dating anyone. He also said that he values the World Championship more than anything else at the moment.

Does LoL Faker have a Girlfriend? League of Legends Faker´s Girlfriend


From all the news sources that have dived into Faker’s private life, and from the interviews in which Faker disclosed this information, we can easily reach a conclusion. Faker has not had a girlfriend in the past. He also does not currently seem to be in a relationship with a girl, since he considers it too hard to date someone with his current schedule.

In the past, Faker has mentioned that he wants to look for someone that he is mentally compatible with and someone that also looks good. While there have been no recent comments on Faker’s view, we can only assume that for the time being, they will stay the same. Maybe once Faker decides to retire from professional play, he will look to be part of a relationship and date someone he likes.


From all the news sources, we concluded that Faker does not have a girlfriend and has not had one in the past. This doesn’t change the fact that Faker has a lot of female fans that are willing to do anything for him. In Korea, Faker has the same popularity that you would expect from a K-Pop Idol.

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