How Tall is Tyler1?

How Tall is Tyler1? League of Legends

If you are an avid internet user and closely follow Riot Games and its associated news, you will definitely have heard of the ‘How Tall is Tyler1’ comedy joke. This was made back in 2018 at TwitchCon and had been making its rounds amongst the League of Legends community ever since. Some things just never get old!

The joke revolves around a popular Twitch streamer, Tyler1, who claimed to be six foot five during his streams. At TwitchCon 2018, Tyler1 was standing beside a Riot employee, Mel Capperino-Garcia. Due to the distinct difference in the heights of both individuals, Mel commented that she is in fact six feet tall with heels. This disproved Tyler1’s claim of being six foot five and it is how the iconic meme came into existence. Tyler’s actual height is five foot six.

Tyler Steinkamp, also known as tyler1, is quite renowned for his toxicity in the League community. With over 5 million followers on Twitch, he is ranked amongst the top 30 streamers on Twitch. The League eSports personality is also famous for being the first streamer to reach challenger with all five different roles (top, mid, ADC, jungler, and support) on which he was commended by many, and even gifted a souvenir by Riot Games themselves.

Let’s take a deeper look into this infamous meme around him and its origin.

Origin – Where It All Began

The origin of this meme is from TwitchCon 2018. On October 28th, 2018, Twitch streamer Tyler1 participated in the ‘Rumble of the Rift’ match, which was hosted by Riot employee Mel Capperino-Garcia. When the post-match interviews took place, a height disparity could be seen between both Mel and Tyler1.

Later on, a photoshopped image started making its rounds on the internet where Tyler1 was photoshopped to be much shorter. Mel Garcia retweeted the tweet which led to it gaining traction. The tweet accumulated 260 retweets and 1,800 likes during the span of one week. This is basically where the meme ‘How Tall is Tyler1?’ originated.

The Truth – Tyler1’s Actual Height

How Tall is Tyler1? League of Legends

Following this entire meme circulation, Tyler1 revealed that his actual height is indeed five foot six, not six foot five (as he had previously mentioned). It is fair to say the League community had their fun with the meme, trolling and making their own variations of the meme template.

The Resurgence – Doublelift and MrBeast’s Role

This iconic meme made a resurgence when Riot decided to kick off its Season 12 preseason by inviting famous personalities, MrBeast and Doublelift. The pair were made to queue up in flex queue alongside the famous Twitch streamer, Tyler1. In between games, there was a discussion about the ‘How Tall is Tyler1?’ meme due to which Tyler1 took on a defensive stance.

After multiple excuses on why his height seemed short as compared to the ‘Rumble of the Rift’ host, Tyler1 exclaimed that he WAS six foot five. Also claiming that he had been measured on stream to be six foot five, he ended with some profanities and exited the stream. Both MrBeast and Doublelift tried to stifle their laughter as best they could before continuing the stream.

Doublelift even said,” Yeah, usually people who are six foot five aren’t constantly bringing it up. I gotta say, the last time I saw Tyler IRL, I cast a shadow over him. It was humiliating.”

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The Takeaway

Being under the spotlight is great and no one would disagree with that. But where you have millions of fans listening to every word you say and every action you take, there are millions of others waiting to ridicule and humiliate you. Tyler1 experienced that first hand but as they say, ‘There is no such thing as bad publicity’.

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