How To Fix Friend List Not Showing In League Of Legends?

Fix Friend List Not Showing in League of Legends Complete Guide

League of Legends offers the most fun when played with friends. After all, what is more amusing than carrying your friends in a game and bragging about it? But sometimes this option is taken away from players due to a very simple but common bug, which can be annoying at times.

League of Legends Friend List issue can be fixed by logging out, restarting your PC, and logging in again as an administrator. Clearing Date & Time and Firewall settings, as well as ending League Process in Task Manager may help. If all else fails, you must reinstall the game.

League of Legends is managed by Riot Games with tons of resources funneled into maintaining its functionality. However, even that doesn’t prevent it from facing certain bugs and glitches that may cause inconvenience for the players.

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What Causes This Problem?

The issues related to Friend Lists are usually caused by client issues caused by some error on Riot Games’ part. So while we can ascertain that the problem is connected to issues arising in the Riot Games’ servers, we can’t necessarily pinpoint the reason behind them.

In the past, Riot Games has addressed this issue and offered some generic solutions that seem to fix the issue, but with no explanation as to why it is caused and how to avoid it. Here we will take a look at a collection of solutions suggested by Riot Games and some tested by the community.

Restart And Log In

Fix Friend List Not Showing Restart League of Legends Complete Guide

The simplest solution and the most obvious one to try before taking any other step. First of all, sign out of the account you are having the issue on. Completely restart your PC to make sure everything is closed and restarted and no program is left running in the background.

Once your PC restarts, try opening the League of Legends client again and logging in with the account you were having issues with. Once you log in, your friend list will be reloaded and any temporary issues should subside.

Kill Process In Task Manager

This solution was the most effective one among the players on different social platforms and was suggested to be the first thing to try if the bug resurfaces. First of all, open Task Manager by pressing Alt+Ctrl+Delete and selecting Task Manager.

In the Task Manager, move over to the Details tab. Now click the ‘Memory’ tab to sort from highest to lowest. This will give you a list of programs that have the maximum RAM usage. Find the League of Legends process with the highest RAM usage and click ‘End Task’ to kill it. This should reload the friend list and fix the issue.

Run As Administrator

Fix Friend List Not Showing Run As Admin League of Legends Complete Guide

You can try to log in to your League of Legends using various methods. One of them is to run the program as an administrator. You can right-click League of Legends and then select ‘Run as administrator’. Log in to your account and check if the problem is fixed.

If it is fixed, you can set the League client to always be launched as administrator. Simply right-click the icon and click Properties. In the properties menu, jump to the ‘Compatibility’ tab. Now check ‘Run this program as an administrator’ and click OK. This will allow you to skip that extra step and always run the game as an administrator.

Empty Friendlist

If you have an empty friend list, the game may show you to be disconnected on the friend panel. This issue can simply be resolved by sending a friend request to another account of yours and accepting it there. You can also accept someone else’s friend request. As long as you have at least one person on your friend list, this issue will not appear.


League of Legends has multiple processes taking place at a time, and most of them are connected through the internet to the Riot Games’ servers. These connections must first pass through the Firewall and can sometimes end up getting blocked by it.

Open your Windows Firewall and make sure all the connections for Riot Games and League of Legends are allowed, whether incoming or outgoing. Log out and log in again to check if it fixed the problem.

Date & Time

Fix Friend List Not Showing Date Time Settings League of Legends Complete Guide

While this is something that’s rarely going to be the cause of the problem, it is such a simple thing to fix that it should be tried out before going any further. Open the Settings and navigate to ‘Time & Langage’. From here, select ‘Date & time’ from the left segment. From here, click Sync now under ‘Synchronize your clock’ to make sure the date and time on your computer are up to sync.

Removing And Readding

If the problem is simply with a single (or a few friends) instead of the entire Friend List, you can simply try removing that person as a friend and adding them again. This should fix the issue where they appear offline or are unable to be invited to your party.

If this issue occurs with a specific folder or group of friends, you can try deleting that folder or group and making a new one. This should fix any inconsistency between the two.

Wait For A Hotfix

If nothing else listed above worked, then chances are there is some problem at Riot Games’ and there is nothing you can do about it. To check if that is the issue, please check the Riot Games or League of Legends socials to make sure the servers are up and no problems are reported.

If there is a problem reported relating to the friend list (as has happened in the past), all you can do is sit and wait for a hotfix to go through. Once a fix is applied, log out of your account and log in again to check if the problem has been fixed.

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Uninstall And Reinstall

Fix Friend List Not Showing Reinstall League of Legends Complete Guide

Assuming you have gone through every step listed above and have not been able to solve the issue, then there is only one option left that is recommended by Riot Games. The company suggests that you should uninstall League of Legends and remove every trace of the game on your PC.

To ensure everything has been removed, uninstall League of Legends and then navigate to the Riot Games folder (By default, it is C:\Riot Games). Now delete the League of Legends folder from here. You also need to make sure files relating to League of Legends are not present on any other drive on your PC.

Another step you can take in ensuring your PC got rid of all the files is to press the Windows+R button combination to open the Run menu. Here, type “%appdata%” without quotation marks. Now remove every file and folder here, as it consists of only temporary file data.

Once this has been done, download the latest version of the League of Legends installer using the website and attempt to install the game from scratch. If all goes well, this should fix not only the friend list issue but various other issues that may have been caused by old or faulty files/installation.

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The friend list disappearance bug is a common but annoying bug that appears quite frequently. While the exact cause is unknown, players have figured out some workarounds to fix the problem. These steps should help you get through the issue and let you enjoy the game with your friends once again.

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