Is Fizz AP or AD? The Ultimate Season 12 LoL Guide 

Fizz is one of the best champions to play if you value sidesteps and positioning; this is also the champion that if faker used it, you wouldn’t be able to hit him. Fizz is a very handy champion with powerful bursts and lots of escape potential.

His ultimate is one of the best burst initiation spells in the game; it has a very long range and slows the enemy down while counting down before he can burst an enemy down. He can stack all of his burst spells together and one-shot even tank champions. 

He is also a great laner thanks to his W that can burst minions and reset its cooldown, which can also be used as a skirmishing ability. So with all of his abilities, is he AP or AD? Let’s find out!

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Is Fizz AP or AD Champion? 

Here is the answer:

Fizz is an AP-based assassin that can burst most carry champions within one second. On top of his burst potential, the higher his AP, the stronger his skirmishing potential. His W Deals AP damage over time and enhances his basic attack’s damage. His E has a powerful AoE burst with slow and can also be used to hop on walls. So with his kit revolving around bursts, here are the best items you can build on Fizz.

Best Item Builds For Fizz

  • Luden’s Tempest – Fizz deals initial burst damage from his ultimate, and the passive effect of Luden’s greatly enhances that and even adds an AOE damage to it. Enemies caught within the circle of Fizz’s ultimate will also receive the damage of his ultimate, and Luden’s unique passive greatly enhances that.
  • Lich Bane – Fizz can burst enemies with his W alone; add a Lich bane to its already devastating damage, and you already have a massive lead against the enemy. Fizz is an underrated champion; buying these two items will make it very easy to deal with enemies. 
  • Mejai’s Soulstealer – It’s straightforward to achieve takedowns on Fizz, so an early Mejai’s is a great buy, especially if you know you can outplay most of your enemies. If you manage to stack this as early as mid-game, then you can dominate the game.
  • Zhonya’s Hourglass – Right after you go in and burst your enemies with your full combo, you can be vulnerable if your E is down. Zhonya’s is a great way to wait for the cooldown and immediately cast your E after exiting stasis to escape from enemies.
  • Demonic Embrace – Hitting an enemy with your basic attack instantly puts them under the effects of a Demonic Embrace that deals Damage over Time.

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Best Runes For Fizz

  • Electrocute – Best rune for early game trades and can also be used to improve your burst damage to one-shot enemies from mid to late game. 
  • Sudden Impact – Most of Fizz’s basic abilities include dash effects, which trigger the rune’s bonus damage.
  • Eyeball collection – for late-game offensive stats stacking.
  • Treasure Hunter – Fizz’s overall strength allows him to earn gold faster by achieving takedowns. 

When Should I Pick Fizz?

Fizz is the perfect champion to use if the enemy is filled with squishy champions; when you pick him against them, you can quickly deal with all of them at once with your ultimate. He is also a great team fight champion with great initiating ability. 

You should also pick him if you are the first pick in a solo game because it’s tough to counter Fizz, and he is an excellent blind pick. 

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Fizz is an AP-based assassin, and all of his abilities scale with ability power. The higher his ability power is, the stronger his abilities get; he does not need magic penetration as he is much better with burst damage rather than damage per second. 

Try to master his E’s, so you know where to land when you use the ability; you can also use this to trick enemies where you will land with your E. 

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