5 Hardest Mid Laners in League of Legends

Welcome back, League of Legends fanatics! I hope this spring has given you the motivation to become even better League of Legends players. And who knows, maybe this ranked season will launch you among the most popular League of Legends players. 

Everything is possible, it is up to you to take advantage of all the opportunities that are given to you. In League of Legends, as you already know, there are 5 roles. Every champion is special in that he is meant for his role. He can play as a jungler, support champion, ADC, mid laner, or solo laner. 

Some champions are even capable of playing more roles, so, for example, Lux can play as a support champion or as a dangerous mage on the mid lane. Today we will talk about mid lane champions, ie which 5 mid lane champions are the most difficult to learn to play properly.

That was back in 2009 when Riot Games launched the League of Legends to the public. League of Legends is a MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) game in which 10 players divided into two teams fight on a map known as Summoner’s Rift. Each team has 5 players, and they share with each other who will play on which lane. Each part of the map is special in one way, so players often prefer to play duo lane or go solo lane.

Mid lane is special in that teamfights take place on it and it somehow becomes the most dynamic part of the map when the game reaches its peak. Mid lane is therefore among the most difficult lanes on the map. 

Players can often be target ganks on both sides of the jungle, and since this lane is relatively short, the player can’t relax when he kills an enemy champion because there’s a good chance that either he or his teammate will show up quickly to defend the turret and mid lane.

However, not all champions are ideal for this lane. Some of them are really hard to learn, given their abilities or cooldowns. In this article, we will list the 5 hardest mid lane champions in the League of Legends. You may be surprised if you see the name of your favorite champion on this list, it just means that you managed to master him and that you can be proud to know how to play with him.

Let’s start with our list.

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5. Yasuo

Yasuo is already a common occurrence in mid lane. Almost every match has Yasuo, on one side or the other. Yasuo has a big advantage in the early game when he can very quickly and easily harass his enemy on the other side of the lane. 

His tornado can slow down the enemy champion and give Yasuo enough time to dodge the attack and escape to the shelter below his turret or to launch an attack and finish off the poor enemy champion. Long-ranged champions can fight him more easily because they can weaken him without being exposed to his attacks. 

Once the game reaches its late phase, Yasuo can be ideal in teamfights as it allows his teammates to more easily kill enemy champions when he sets out to send his tornadoes and shields. However, Yasuo has to be extremely precise when cast his spells because any mistake can be fatal to him. 

If you want to become a master of Yasuo you have to prepare for a lot of practice and a lot of frustration until you master all its possibilities. But if you succeed, prepare to be hated by enemy players.

4. Orianna

Orianna may seem like an easy champion at first, but don’t let the first impression fool you. Orianna is a very strong and complicated champion, who in the wrong hands can be completely useless and do more harm than good to her team. 

Orianna is known for her ball that is always with her, sometimes she throws it and then puts it back, and so on. Her ball is actually all her power, and all her abilities have to do with the ball.

The advantage is that her ball consumes a little Mane, and in return does great damage to enemy champions. But Orianna also has flaws, and that is that she always has to be close to enemy champions in order to properly cast a spell. 

If there is a new player behind the keyboard, he will have a bad time because Orianna can very quickly become a target for the enemy team, especially if they notice that Orianna is not skilled.

If Orianna manages to get to the late game and if she has already bought all the necessary items by then, the enemy team can prepare to surrender. Orianna with the right items becomes an unstoppable machine that will lead her team to victory.

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3. Akali

Like Yasuo, Akali is the guardian of the mid-lane with her swords. Fast, aggressive, and precise, Akali dominates the mid lane destroying enemy champions one by one. And when armed with the best possible items for her, Akali is able to carry the whole team, better than any ADC champion. 

But beware, Akali has abilities that simply must be combined in order for her to be successful in her attacks. This is exactly what makes her one of the hardest champions to overcome because not every player is ready to invest enough time and effort to learn to play with Akali. 

If you want to play with Akali be ready for ganks that can set her back very quickly. Stay close to your turret and wait for the right moment to dance with your swords and kill the enemy champion.

2. LeBlanc

Speaking of complicated champions, LeBlanc deservedly ranks second on this list. LeBlanc is a self-effacing champion, who gracefully moves around the map and is ready to cold-bloodedly eliminate any champion who is in front of her.

LeBlanc has special abilities, and her clone gives her an extra veil of mystery as she can trick enemies into launching an attack on the wrong LeBlanc. 

If you are good at logic and are willing to think a lot and calculate your moves before you go on the attack, LeBlanc is the ideal champion for you. It requires a lot of thinking and strategy because if you play “at the moment” LeBlanc will pull out the thick end. But playing with LeBlanc pays off because LeBlanc can become a weapon that will bring victory to your team.

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1. Azir

In the first place is Azir, a walking danger that kills the motivation of all players when they see that they have to fight against this ultra-strong champion. Azir has a small mana pool and is very weak in the early stages of the game, but players often do not take advantage of this because they are afraid to attack him. 

A player who decides to play Azir must learn the combinations of his abilities and only then will he be able to be a real competition to other players. Azir has an army of his soldiers fighting for him, making it difficult for enemy champions to approach him and deal the final blow. 

Besides, Azir is able to restore the turret that was destroyed, is there anyone stronger? If you want to become a master of mid lane, start learning how to play Azir today already.


This list consists of only 5 selected champions who are the hardest to learn, but there are many more that require some time and practice. Players should be aware that some champions cannot be learned in one day or that it is enough to just throw spells, it is important to meet the champion and learn all his tricks to make his potential come to the fore during a match. 

If you have additional advice on how to play successfully with these champions or maybe you know which other champion should go on this list, feel free to share your thoughts with us.

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