How to be a Good Jungler in League of Legends?

Hello, League of Legends fans all over the world! Welcome to another guide on League of Legends. You know, that game where you fight together with your four teammates and try to knock down your opponent’s Nexus first. 

League of Legends is a mega-popular game that keeps gathering new fans through TV series, mobile versions (yes, we’re talking about Wild Rift), and other spin-offs of the game such as Legends of Runeterra and Teamfight Tactics. Indeed you have your favorite role on Summoner’s Rift, and today we will give you tips on how to be an even better jungler in the League of Legends. Stay tuned!

Each League of Legends player has their favorite role. Some players like to run the game and be an ADC; some players like to play mid-lane and 1v1 fight with the enemy champion. And some players like to be special and play a jungler role. The jungler role is notable, jungles do not fight in the lane, but most of the time, they are in the jungle where they kill monsters in peace.

Junglers are also lurking out of the bushes to jump the enemy champion who did not expect this and thus help their teammates earn a kill.

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Choose What Kind of Jungler you Want to Play

As a jungler, you can choose whether to play as a carry jungler or as a tank jungler.

Carry junglers can deal more damage to enemy champions, and once the game gets tense, they can contribute their spells. Also, they easily kill jungle monsters, take buffs, and try their best to avoid the enemy jungler until they get stronger.

On the other hand, tank junglers focus on the team’s well-being, often gank lanes and prepare the ground so that their teammates can easily clear lanes and defeat enemy champions. Also, they buy health items and items that will benefit the entire team. Simply put, tank junglers leave the rest of the team to lead the game while they maintain peace and stability.

Don’t Forget Smite

Most junglers will take Smite and Flash when it comes to summoner spells. These are the two most popular spells for jungle champions. Junglers must be careful how they move in the jungle and be careful not to lose their health easily and quickly from jungle monsters. With Smite, junglers can easily take buffs, and after using Smite five times, jungle items can be upgraded. After that, you can also use Smite on enemy champions to deal them damage.

As another summoner spell, there is Flash, and Flash is extremely important and helpful when a jungler needs to jump over a wall and escape from enemy champions. Jungle terrain is full of obstacles, so Flash is always welcome.

Another option is Ghost or Ignite; with them, you can counter champions who decide to split push, or you can use Ignite if you plan to gank lanes from the very beginning of the game.

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How to Clear Jungle

New players are often confused when playing a jungler role. That’s because they don’t know where to go first. Well, it’s kind of standard practice for junglers to start winning buffs at the beginning of the game. For example, you can take a red buff, kill a gromp and then head to the blue buff. Once you conquer these objects, you should already be at level three. Try to avoid killing wolves and raptors because they are no longer enough for level 3; get rid of them later.

When you set out to kill your first buff, try not to use Smite. If the bot is closer to your lane, your teammates should come to your aid so you can quickly kill the buff. Once you’ve won the buff, you can opt for an aggressive approach and head to the gank closest to last year. So you can ensure an easy kill at the very beginning of the game. Or, if you don’t want to attack enemy champions, you can go clean up the rest of the jungle.

The next step is to start taking another buff, but you have to be careful. If the enemy team has a strong jungler, they will undoubtedly head to your territory to take your buff. In that case, it is important that you have Smite because you will get Heal from it if the enemy champion tries to attack you.

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Take the Rift Scuttler

After the third minute of the game, the Rift Scuttler will appear, a jungle camp that will help your champion regenerate his heath while winning gold and experience at the same time. The Rift Scuttler doesn’t fight back, so that it will be an easy target. But be careful because the opposing jungler will also want to win the Rift Scuttler. If you want to take action, you must first pay attention to the health bar of your champion, whether your teammates are close to jumping into the fight if necessary, and also try to assess whether your jungler is stronger than the enemy jungler.

If you estimate that you can take down the Rift Scuttler, don’t forget to use the Smite because it will be easier for you to kill him, and along the way, your champion will regenerate its health. There are two Rift Scuttlers on the map, so if you know the enemy jungler is going to kill one, you have the other. If you are still undecided, call your teammates to help you.

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When is The Right Time to Gank Other Lanes?

Player tactics planning happens before the game starts. So, if your teammates have good crowd control, you don’t need to hesitate to gank to their lane right at the start. If the enemy players are weaker, they will be easy prey right from the start. As a jungler, you need to check the map regularly and set wards so that you are not surprised by the attack of enemy champions.

About when is the right time to gank depends on which champions are in that lane, whether their health is low, and the position of that lane.

If your teammates have higher health than enemy champions, then go there and grab that kill. But if your teammates need to recall to the base, you better wait with the ganks so you don’t risk your life and the lives of your teammates. Also, look at the position of the turret; if the enemy champions are close to their own turret, do not approach them because you risk being killed.

Wards, Wards, Wards

As a jungler, you need to place wards in crucial places to prevent the enemy champion in time. Pay attention to the opponent’s part of the jungle, so you will always know where the enemy jungler and the rest of the enemy team are going. 

So, place wards near the river and in the bushes; these are the usual places through which enemy champions pass and where in time you can see in which direction the enemy team is moving. This is very important so that your team can get a chance to steal the Baron Nashor or the Dragon., Or even avoid an enemy attack.

Jungler very often swaps from a Stealth Ward to an Oracle lens, and it’s a common tactic. With Oracle Lens, jungler can see enemy vision paths and thus eliminate them, and at the same time, you can find out if enemy vision wards detect its movement.

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That would be all for today’s guide. I hope you now have a little clearer strategy you need to apply to be successful junglers, and if you have your own tactics that have proven successful in the jungle, feel free to share them with us. Good luck in playing League of Legends!

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