How to be a Good Support Player in League of Legends

Hello, League of Legends players! How it is going your climbing on the League of Legends rank ladder? Today, we are going to talk about support roles in the League of Legends. As you already know, the support role is intended for the bottom lane, where the ADC player and support player are together fighting their battles. 

Support players often have, as its name is, support roles. The support job is to watch out for their ADC and try to defend him if he needs it. Prepare yourself for another how-to guide in the League of Legends and find tips for playing a support role. Keep reading.

In League of Legends, it takes great skill to win a game. This is especially true when players have to choose roles. Each player has a role he prefers above all other roles. So, there are players who like to play mid-lane, players who like roaming in the jungle the most, and players who play support lane and thus help their ADC teammate to carry the game. Today we will focus on tips to improve the quality of the game for the support role.

Let’s start with the guide.

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How to Play as a Support Player

Basically, the support player is there to help his team win as quickly and easily as possible. A good support player will not steal kills or kill minions but will also sacrifice himself if necessary to keep the ADC player alive. The ADC champion and support player must be aligned for their tactics to work.

The usual division among support champions is that of enchanters and tanks. Enchanters have shields, and use heals to keep their ADC alive for as long as possible. Basically, they play as support but are strong enough to defend themselves and their ADC, and that enemy champions have a hard time if they think they will quickly eliminate the support champion.

Tanks have almost no crowd control, and because of their engage, they were chosen for the support role. Support tanks in the late game are becoming almost indestructible, despite their build being focused on protecting teammates.

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Choosing the Right Summoner Spells

When it comes to summoner spells, support players really have a lot of choices. The choice of summoner spell depends on the champion and his abilities. Of course, Flash is an indispensable summoner spell. With Flash, the champion can easily avoid certain death if the enemy champion chases him or can get killed if his enemy champion escapes.

Some support players opt for Exhaust, and especially enchanter supports, because Exhaust helps the ADC to kill the enemy champion more easily. In addition to Exhaust, support players can choose Ignite, and Ignite is a slightly more aggressive summoner spell that will most often choose champions with crowd control. And last, Heal, support players choose when the ADC doesn’t choose it itself. Heal is not that useful, but it is worth having at least one Heal in the lane.

Playing as a Support in the Early Game

ADC players on the bot lane must have an aggressive approach and carry the game. Their supports are there to make it possible for them by doing their best to harass enemy champions. Support players need to know that farming should be left to their ADC, and they just need to help them clear the minion wave as quickly as possible. For the early game, it is crucial that the ADC levels up as soon as possible and collect as much gold as possible to start collecting items.

So, if you play as support, be careful not to last hit minions but to leave it to your ADC. If you have Relic Shield killing, the minion kill will share the gold with both of you. It’s a good deal if you ask us.

Try to poke as many enemy champions as possible all the time because this will make it easier for your ADC to break through once he decides to attack.

When it comes to mid-game, you can take a break and roam around the map to set up wards and maybe help other teammates. But don’t go for other lanes if you haven’t knocked down the first turret on bot lane, so you risk the enemy team getting the advantage and pushing the bot lane to your advantage.

Take our advice, and don’t try to wander around as much as solo support. Solo supports are often an easy target and an easy kill for an enemy team. It may seem like the right time to go and clear that top lane but be careful not to run into enemy junglers or other enemy champions along the way who may be lurking out of the bushes.

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Wards are Your Primary Mission

Support players have an important mission, if not the most important – it’s warding. Vision Wards, Sightstone Wards, and Warding Totems should be part of your build throughout the game.

As support players play on the bot duo lane, they have to set up wards at several primary locations. If the game is played on the blue side, the ward should be placed in the tri-brush bot, and if the game is played on the red side, the ward should be placed in the bot river brush. That way, the wards will help the jungler of your team a lot. Support can roam around the jungle and set up additional wards around crucial locations such as the Baron Nashor or the Dragon.

That way, other players on the team can see if they are threatened with a potential ambush or other danger. Also, with wards, your team can see if the enemy team is going to attack the Baron Nashor or the Dragon so they can steal the loot in front of their faces.

What is the Role of Support Players in the Late Game

The support player should not be separated from the rest of the team, especially if he does not have the ability to defend himself against opposing champions. So, as support, stick with your teammates all the time. Clear minion waves and harass enemy champions, or if necessary, join them in the jungle to help conquer objects.

If you play as aggressive support and are aware that you will be able to contribute with kills, go for it and start fighting. On the other hand, sometimes it’s best to stick to your teammates and gather assists. At the same time, you help them clean the lane from the minions and tear down the turrets. Take care of your ADC, don’t forget to set wards all over the map, and try to stay alive as long as possible. That way, you already contribute to your team to win.

Final Thoughts

We must say support players are often underestimated among League of Legends players. Players often verbally insult them if supports accidentally take a kill or kill several minions. Also, the unexpected is sometimes expected from supports, and little credit is given to them. So, playing a support role is really not easy and requires a lot of concentration and sacrifice in favor of the team.

So support builds a build around the ADC, making it weaker, and Heal consumes when its ADC is in danger of dying.

And let’s not forget the wards, supports besides being forever at the service of their teammates, have to set wards constantly because they will be guilty if they don’t set up a ward, and the enemy jungler just then decides to gank their lane.

But with these tips, we can improve your gaming skill as a support player and help your team even more. Remember, support is an extremely important role in the game, and take your job seriously. Also, feel free to share your tips about playing as support with us.

We look forward to learning something new!

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