How to Become a Professional League of Legends Player?

Have you been playing League of Legends for years? Do you think it’s time to combine fun and work? Want to be on the list of the best professionals in the gaming community? Well, we will not lie to you; it is a difficult path that requires a lot of sacrifices and a strong desire to truly become a professional League of Legends player. But it is not impossible, of course. In this article, you will learn tips and tricks on how to become a professional League of Legends player. Stay tuned!

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What do I need to have to become a professional League of Legends player?

Firstly, Riot Games requires their professional gamers to be at least 17 years old and at least Diamond 3. If you have checked these two boxes, you can go on your way to professional success.

Secondly, if you want to be recruited by esports teams, you have to have strong motivation and readiness. In addition, the esports team appreciates the following:

Good communication skills – you have to be a team player, which means working with the team, discussing strategies, being willing to cooperate, using pings properly, etc.

Master of champions – a professional League of Legends player can’t only know how to play Vayner or Garen, for example. He must be a master in playing several champions. In addition to them, he must know how to play against other champions because it is not enough to know only your champion; you need to know how and when to attack the enemy champion properly.

Relaxed player – a player who manages to get annoyed as soon as his team loses or an enemy player tries to provoke him is not a good team player. In addition, he will not be good at playing professionally. You have to have solid nerves, and you must not allow private things to affect your professional gameplay. Otherwise, you risk your team losing the game and playing poorly.

Game nerd – If you want to get into the professional world of League of Legends, you have to know everything about the game itself. You have to know its rules, champions, events, RP, modes, updates, and all the rest. That way, you will be instructed in everything, and nothing will surprise you. So, take some time and do the research.

Practice – And most importantly – practice. As with everything in life, talent is not enough. It takes hours and hours of practice to hone your gaming skill and be competent to play in the community of professional League of Legends players.

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A few tips on how to become a professional League of Legends player

  1. Have good quality gaming equipment – Before you start practicing your gaming skill, pay attention to the condition of your keyboard, mouse, and headset. If you really want to play on a professional level, you need to invest in a quality ergonomic mouse that will save your hand from pain, it is also advisable to buy a mechanical keyboard. League of Legends is a fast-paced game, so your mouse must have a good sensor for your gameplay to be satisfying.
  2. Watch streams of professional gamers – If you take the time to watch real League of Legends professionals play, you will be able to remember and apply some of their strategies when you play the game by yourself. Game streamers often say a few tips during their game that can be useful to you. Also, if you are interested in the strategy of a particular champion, it is much easier when you see it already applied in the game. By watching professional gamers you will save the time you would lose if you try different strategies by yourself.
  3. Consider hiring a coach – If you are really so determined in becoming a professional League of Legends player, then think about hiring a coach. League of Legends coaches are actually pro players who have high skill and great experience and can help you improve your gaming skill. Google articles about hiring a League of Legends coach, there are a lot of them online and they will give you an in-depth analysis of your gameplay and at the same time give you constructive reviews. With a League of Legends coach, you will become an expert in no time.
  4. Try to win a local tournament – Local tournaments can be a great opportunity to show what level your game skill is, you can also see how you manage in a competitive environment. In this way, you will improve your communication team skills, and at the same time, you will gather some experience. In addition, there is the possibility of being part of a winning team and winning a prize. Local tournaments often give nice cash prizes, also. Try it, you have nothing to lose!
  5. Consider Elo boosting – In Elo boosting, you basically pay a player who is more ranked than you and who knows how to play well. He plays ranked matches instead of low ranked players and thus raises the status of a low ranked player. A high-ranked player gets money while a low-ranked player gets his account boosted. However, think twice before deciding on this step. Maybe it’s better to get to a high-ranked position with your own experience, at least you know you’ve succeeded.
  6. Send emails to team managers – Finally, when you become a high-ranked player choose esports team managers that you will try to reach out to. Write a polite and determined email in which you will show your positive sides and state your success. Don’t be greedy or rude, team managers get tons of emails on a daily basis. If you leave a good impression, chances are good that one of the team managers will contact you. If you don’t get the answer you wanted, don’t despair. There are many ways to make a good impression as well as many team managers you have not yet contacted. Good luck!

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So, do you think you are good enough to try yourself in the world of professional gaming? Are you tired of playing just for fun and want to make money and become famous? Piece of cake, many would say. Well, many won’t even try. It takes hours and hours of practice to become a professional League of Legends player. 

But first, you have to invest in good gaming equipment, which will improve your gameplay and preserve your health. After that, you have to learn all the rules and news from the League of Legends world to be informed about the latest updates. Also, it is not enough to know how to play one or two champions, and you have to learn to play more champions and how to counter enemy champions. Remember, almost the most crucial piece of advice is communication. Good communication skills are more important than the skill itself. 

League o Legends is a team game and therefore requires teamwork. You have to learn to talk to teammates, coordinate strategies, and be ready to help your ally in trouble. Apply other tips, and you are ready for the professional world of League of Legends. Good luck and have fun!

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