How To Chance Cursor Size In League Of Legends?

Hello people! Welcome to another guide where we will give you some tips on how to improve your League of Legends gameplay. Every long-time League of Legends player knows how important it is to adjust settings during the match to make his game performance even better.

In League of Legends there is no room for mistakes – your team can be better and beat the enemy team, or they will be worse and lose precious League Points and a chance to increase their ranking. 

This game is simply so addictive that we can write about it for days and still not be able to say everything we want and what interests you. So, today we will focus on the cursor size in the League of Legends, because the cursor is essential during the match. We can say that in this case, size is extremely important!

In the League of Legends, the cursor is always present. That way you control your champion and move around the map. So, you have to make sure that the cursor is tailored to your wishes and needs. Fortunately, Riot has provided various options to choose from when you want to change your cursor.

There are several options how to do that, so let’s list them.

The first option will be to re-enable the legacy mouse cursor which probably makes you nostalgic for the past days when you played League of Legends. The classic version of the League of Legends cursor existed until 2018 when Riot decided to introduce major updates to the game and changed the well-known cursor accordingly. 

The new League of Legends cursor is a modern, updated version that immediately picked up the sympathy of the players. But for nostalgic players, this new version was not as satisfying as the old one.

Riot Games, however, has not decided to completely throw out the classic version of the cursor, probably counting on the fact that some players will nostalgically want their old, good cursor back. If you are one of the pioneers of this game, here is a way to return the legacy cursor. Open the League of Legends client, launch a new game and return your old cursor. For now, there is no indication that Riot will kick the legacy cursor out of the game, so you can easily recall the old days as you brandish a red sword at Summoner’s Rift.

To do that, press Esc key to open the options menu (you have to be inside the match to do that, you can’t open this menu from the League of Legends client). In this options menu find the Interface tab and click on it. The interface tab is located to the left of the options menu. Find a sub-heading called “Legacy cursor” and tick the box next to this option.

After confirming this setting, the settings will be updated as soon as you close the in-game options menu. Your old legacy cursor will be enabled from now on. You will see the well-known yellow glove icon that will replace the modern cursor. In addition to the yellow glove, you will see the well-known red sword icon that will appear when hovering your cursor over an enemy minion, champion or turret. And Riot has worked so hard to bring about modern change!

However, if you still want to bring back a touch of modernization, you just have to uncheck the Legacy cursor option and the new-old cursor will come back.

It may be hard to satisfy you, so neither the legacy cursor nor the modern cursor are to your liking. In that case, you can look for a completely new cursor that will personalize your gameplay. Yes, Riot allows you to be a special snowflake when it comes to game cursors.

This procedure may seem a bit complicated at first, but trust us, it’s really simple. For starters you need to find a mouse cursor that you like. Fortunately, the Internet is omnipotent, so just type your preferences into Google and find the cursor that suits you. 

But be careful to check the validity of the site beforehand so as not to pick up any viruses or malware that could harm your computer. Try to find reviews from other users or check the forums where players write on which pages they can safely download mouse cursors. Your computer system will recognize these new cursors as 3D objects.

After that you have to find the place in the computer where League of Legends is installed. You can do this by right-clicking on the League of Legends icon and select the “Open file location” option.

The folder where the League of Legends game is installed may look confusing at first as it contains many other folders, but follow the instructions below.

First open the “Rads” folder, then the “solutions” folder, “lol_game_client_sin” and finally the “releases” folder. There you will see a folder bearing the name of the game version, also open it. The following folders are “deploy”, “data” and “images.” 

You need a “UI” folder to copy the downloaded files, ie your new cursor. In that folder is a file called “Hand1” which will be replaced with a file that represents your new cursor, make sure the file name stays the same.

And that’s it, this is the way you’re going to have a personalized cursor like probably no one else has in League of Legends and your gameplay will be refreshed. These were two ways you could completely change your cursor: restore the old legacy cursor or download the new one. The choice is yours.

And finally, here’s how to change the size of the cursor in the League of Legends.

Cursor size is very important because it affects the visibility in the game. For some players, it is important that the cursor is as small as possible so that it is out of sight and distracting, while some players want their cursor to be as large as possible so that they can give instructions to their champions as accurately as possible and move around the map. 

Once again, this option is really personal, each player will change the cursor size according to their preferences.

As with enabling the legacy cursor, to change the size of the cursor you have to be in the match. Press the Esc key again to open the in-game options menu. Find configuration options and find the “Pointer size” option where you will see a slider bar where you can adjust the size of your cursor. 

If you want the cursor to be smaller, just drag the slider to the left, and if you want the cursor to be bigger, drag to the right. In addition to the cursor size, there are also options to reduce the size of the chat or hud in the same way.

Final Thoughts

And these are tips on how you can play with the cursor in the League of Legends. You can restore the legacy cursor, download the whole new cursor and change the size of the cursor to be the most suitable for your game. The steps are really easy and you will be able to do it in a few minutes, and your gameplay will be a shade better.

If you want to share with us some extra tips on how to further improve your cursor settings, write to us as we look forward to new advices. With these changed settings, we believe that nothing stands in the way of you becoming a professional League of Legends player who will soon be at the very top of the list of the best players. With a lot of practice and a lot of winning matches, we wish you good luck playing League of Legends!

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