How To Change Region In League Of Legends?

It’s spring already! League of Legends players, I hope you are ready for another piece of advice about your and our favorite game. You all know the rules of this game, as well as its technical details, such as which server you play on and how to add someone to your friends list, or even how to report someone out of the game. 

In particular, in this article, we will write about the regions in the League of Legends. You are very interested in how to change regions in the League of Legends, with our instructions you will be able to do it very easily. Of course, you must first read the article, so let’s go.

League of Legends is a game whose players and fans make up one of the most popular and largest gaming communities in the world. In this game, there are many champions, tactics, and ways of playing, and players are improving day by day and trying to reach the best tiers and divisions. Along the way, they win League Points, buy skins and try out new emotes and champions. Playing League of Legends you will never be bored, that’s for sure.

However, sometimes players still get bored of the matches and structure of this game. Since they always play on the same server, players want to see and try what it’s like to play on another server. If they want, they can create a completely new account, but that means they will start their League of Legends adventure from scratch, which can be really exhausting.

The second and more desirable option is for the player to transfer his current active account to another region. This way they will save most of the achievements and content from their account and will be able to transfer them to the new server.

Changing the region in the League of Legends is really not a difficult task. In this article, we will describe this process step by step so that you can be sure that it only takes a few minutes to do that. 

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How To Change The Region In League Of Legends – Step By Step

First open the League of Legends client and log in with your account with which you want to change the region. Once you log in to the League of Legends client, go to the Store section within the client. There, you will see the gear icon – click on it.

After clicking on that gear icon, you will be shown all the regions to which you can transfer your League of Legends account. Remember when we wrote that it only took a few minutes to get to that? Well, you’ll have to have a few minutes and 2,600 Riot Points.

Depending on the server your account currently belongs to, there will be a list of regions offered.

  • North America: Europe West, Europe Nordic and East, Oceania, Russia, Turkey, Latin America North, Latin America South, and Japan.
  • Europe West: North America, Europe Nordic and East, Oceania, Russia, Turkey, Latin America North, Latin America South, and Japan.
  • Europe Nordic and East: North America, Europe West, Oceania, Russia, Turkey, Latin America North, Latin America South, and Japan.
  • Latin America North: Latin America South, North America, Europe West, Europe Nordic and East, and Japan.
  • Latin America South: Latin America North, North America, Europe West, Europe Nordic and East, and Japan.
  • Russia or Turkey: North America, Europe West, Europe Nordic and East, and Japan.
  • Oceania: North America, Europe West, Europe Nordic and East, Russia, Turkey, Latin America North, Latin America South, and Japan.
  • Japan: North America, Europe West, Europe Nordic and East, Oceania, Russia, Turkey, Latin America North, Latin America South.

As you can read it from this list, it is not possible to transfer your account to all offered servers because some of them have their own policies. For example, Korean and Chinese servers are intended exclusively for their citizens, to access them you need to have ID documents of Korea and China, so if you don’t have them you can’t play League of Legends on their servers.

Furthermore, the Southeast Asian region has servers that are independent, managed by Garena. These servers are not compatible with other global servers and therefore it is impossible to transfer your account there.

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What Will Happen To My League Of Legends Account When I Change The Regions?

You need to know that by changing regions only certain contents of your account will be transferred, so don’t be surprised that complete account content will not be available when you start playing on another region. But, most content will still be transfered, so don’t worry about what gets lost along the way.

Here is a list of what will be transferred and what will not be transferred, so you have an insight before you decide to take this step and pay for it. 

Things That Will Transfer  Things That Won’t Transfer 
Summoner Level Victory Points
Champions and skins (ward skins, too) Honor Level
Emotes Forum Badges
Rune pages Current Ranked League placement
Summoner Icons Mission Progress
XP boosts Your Shop offers
BE balance Clash trophies
Remaining RP (after the cost of the transfer) Clash Banners
Friends List Clash Flag Frames
Hextech Crafting Inventory Clash Club affiliations
Champion Master levels Mission Progress (including Orb of Enlightenment, the Beta Pass, etc.)
Hidden MMR value (adapted to the new region)  
Statistics: games played, takedowns, wins, etc.  
Loading screen borders  
Item Sets  
Summoner name (if it’s available)  
Username (as long as it’s globally unique)  
Eternals Progress  
Little Legends  
Arena Skins  
Opened/Unopened Hextech Content

You have to keep in mind that if you transfer your account to a new server and change the name, once you want to go back to your old server your name will not be transferred. On the original server you will have the name you used before you decided to switch regions.

There is always the option to contact the Riot Support Team and try to request that your new summoner name be transferred as well. It’s because you can’t have the same name on two servers, this is the thing of the League of Legends policy.

Also, before moving to another region, you need to know that this will include resetting your MMR, latency when playing on your new server, changing your summoner’s name, and drastically changing your League of Legends account.

And now to the part with the payment. As we said before, this process will empty your piggy bank for 2,600 Riot Points. And without the possibility of a refund. If you don’t like the new server by any chance, we’re sorry but you won’t be able to stop this action, your money will definitely be used, and you will need an additional 2,600 Riot Points to change the server again.

Therefore, think carefully before you decide to confirm this action. In addition, this region change will include League of Legends and Teamfight Tactics, but Wild Rift and Legends of Runeterra will still remain on the original server from which you decided to switch from.

And that’s it, now you know the conditions of changing the regions in the League of Legends, so if you still want to do it prepare your Riot Points and follow these steps.

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Final Thoughts

We said this procedure would be easy, didn’t we? Changing regions in the League of Legends is an easy process, but you have to have 2,600 Riot Points in excess. Once you decide to spend them on changing servers, remember what will be transferred to the new server and what will not, so if you are still interested follow the steps from this article.

Feel free to share with us what are the benefits of changing servers and what do you think about it, you might help other players who are thinking about it.

And of course, good luck and have fun in your games!

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