How to Farm Successfully in Late Game?

The late game is a period in which many things can happen. If a champion has a tendency to “scale” better than others, then the late game is the period where this champion “blooms” with its performance. 

However, if domination has been set by a team through the laning phase and mid-game, then the late game should be just the “closing” stage of the game. With many things happening in the late game, such as dragons and barons’ priority and teamfights, one aspect is mostly forgotten, and that is the farming. 

Many champions that manage to set a perfect CS in the laning phase and then maintain it in the mid-game, quickly fall off because they aren’t keeping this gold income in the late game. 

This is why we’ve written a guide on how to farm successfully in the late-game period the game and why it’s important to maintain a high CS even though the game is nearing an end.

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Importance of Farm in the Late Game

As we mentioned earlier, it’s very important to maintain gold income in every stage of the game. Champions tend to “forget” about farming in the late game as they focus mostly on kills and objectives as main gold obtaining sources. 

However, farming should never be underestimated, as it is one of the main factors that can start the “downfall” of a game.

Just imagine that you are playing against a Tryndamere that is never present in teamfights, and when you celebrate the 4v5 wins, you see that the Top/Bot inhibitor is gone, and he is 2-3 levels ahead of you with a full build. 

And when he comes in a teamfight, then it’s nothing much you can do because he has already “snowballed” into this monster that is quite hard and impossible to kill.

On the other hand, constantly having your lane pushing with minions is a very important and effective way to keep the pressure on your enemies. This way, if you decide to “siege” the mid-lane, the ADC or the mid-laner could farm the top/bot lane and push it to Tier 2 or inhibitor turrets. 

While you are busy with the siege, the minions could do their job with or without your help. Therefore, it’s not just about the gold income of the champion that’ll do the split-push, but the control of the game is way too important in these stages.

However, it’s easier said than done if you have no proper knowledge of the game and understanding of wave management. It’s not the same as in the mid-game, because in the late game the focus is mostly on prevailing with teamfights and objectives, such as baron or dragon. 

If you’re an ADC that is missing one item for your full build, then farming in late-game will surely be one of the more important sources for your itemization.

Apart from that, any other champion (except supports) can use this method, as Top laners and Jungler may be more “enduring” if they get caught in the process of split-pushing.

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How to Farm Properly in the Late Game?

The late game is a period in which vision is very important. If you manage to keep your jungle away from enemy wards, then farming it would be a breeze for you. 

On the other hand, having a vision in the enemy jungle is also very important not just for the “camp-stealing” process, but for intel on your enemies. 

So, clearing jungle camps is a very important sector when it comes to late-game farming, as it is usually the safest and less risky way to grant additional gold.

Another successful way is to follow wave patterns. We’ve talked about wave management in one of our previous guides, and one thing you should remember is to never leave out two large waves of minions to “fight it out” by themselves. 

This is considered a free “real-estate” by the pro gamers, and you could often see them leaving the “sieging” lane just for those 10-15 minions. Most of the time when you siege a lane, it turns out into a staring contest due to the power of the inhibitor turret dealing damage if you are pushing with a small number of minions. 

This is why you need to consider farming, as that way you’ll be able to push multiple lanes at once and grant gold by doing it so.

Also, it’s very important for your team to organize the split-pushing in the late game. When it comes to farming, split-pushing is the main way of maintaining or gaining dominance over a lane. 

So, if you want to “collapse” all in one lane, it needs to be an organized event. Otherwise, sending just one player there will finish the job as the others will be able to grant him safety by keeping the mid-lane pushed. 

As we mentioned earlier, having vision throughout this process is key to a successful split-pushing because you’ll know if the enemy will try to collapse on you as an isolated target. 

As an extra tip, never leave an enemy jungle camp if you have the chance of clearing them in a quick manner.

This doesn’t mean focusing on them on 10% HP while they are chasing you, but if you are retreating and you see them far away, make sure you’ll take these extra 100-200 gold by the camps as they will be very valuable to you.

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The late game is a period in which farming isn’t the main focus. And this is often the main reason why a game could turn from a won to a lost one in a quick manner. So, having the right knowledge and “power tools” to maintain control on all lanes with farming is crucial to winning the game. 

You won’t just have control over the lanes, but you’ll be able to gain gold by killing the minions on the lane that you’re pushing. Since it’s the late game period, it shouldn’t be a problem to clear waves with a breeze. 

However, make sure that you’ll do this in the safest way possible, with your teammates nearby or by granting vision of the critical areas where ambushes could wait for you.

We hope that you learned how to farm successfully in late-game with our guide. Moreover, we hope that you’ll implement our tips in your next game, as they will surely help you in prevailing over your enemy. 

Rest assured that if they are applied correctly, they will bring you lots of success. All you have to do is follow them precisely and let the game do the rest! 

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