How to Get Arena Skins in Teamfight Tactics?

What’s up, Teamfight Tactics players? Do you win those matches? We just can’t get enough of playing this addictive game. Kudos to League of Legends, but this game is getting more and more popular day by day, even among players who have never tried to play League of Legends. Also, we are in love with cosmetics here in Teamfight Tactics. Did you see new skins and emotes? 

But what excites us the most are the Arena skins. How powerful is it to defeat an enemy player on different types of battlefields? This time, the article’s main topic will be Arena skins, more precisely, how to get Arena skins. Later we will show you some of the best skins for the Arenas that have come out so far in Teamfight Tactics. Keep reading.

We will first say something about the basics of Teamfight Tactics. Teamfight Tactics is an auto-battler game produced by Riot Games which saw the light of day in the summer of 2019. The game is similar to chess, not literally, of course, but the point is that the player chooses the right strategy and has tactics to defeat the other seven players to be the last man standing.

Players are represented by small creatures called Little Legends, and there are different types of them. Little Legends don’t play a significant role, but they are still an important part of the game.

Now comes the familiar part: players choose champions and comps for them. Basically, you create a champion build like in League of Legends, but you aren’t able to control that same champion once the fight starts. The fight takes place in the Arena, and the Arena is the battlefield where the champions fight; it is also the island where the battlefield, the Gold Generators, and the champion bench are located.

Furthermore, Arena is an individual unit in Teamfight Tactics. If you are a League of Legends player, then you know that Summoner’s Rift is always the same for all players, and it cannot be changed unless Riot decides so. In Teamfight Tactics, each player has their own Arena, and when it comes to fighting, they travel to their opponent’s Arena or fight in their own Arena, depending on the round.

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How Can I Get Arena Skins?

The default version of Arena is free, but if you want a better look for your Arena, you will have to work a little harder. The first way to do this is to buy a Teamfight Tactics Battle Pass, which will allow you a lot more rewards and loot that is only for Battle Pass owners; otherwise, it can’t be obtained. With the Premium Pass, which costs 1295 Riot Points, you can expect even more exclusive rewards.

Remember, this pass will be valid throughout the Teamfight Tactics season, so you will have plenty of time to collect all the prizes. Of course, you just have to be determined to complete all weekly missions. So, if cosmetics are an important item for you when playing the game, it won’t hurt to buy this Teamfight Tactics Battle Pass because you will also get various Arena skins with it. With Eggs for hatching Little Legends, Emotes, Booms, and more extra rewards.

Arena skins can be purchased at the shop for Riot Points, also. There are a lot of Arena skins right now, and it’s really hard to decide which one is the best. Some are terrifying, and some are simply arranged for the battlefield; some are so beautiful that they give a whole new atmosphere when the fight starts. As we said, it is hard to decide which one is the best Arena skin.

6 Best Arena Skins in Teamfight Tactics

1. Freljord’s Winter’s Claw Arena

This ice arena instills fear in the bones (and cold!) of all enemies who dare to challenge its host. The host of this Arena is aware of the eternal winter that reigns in this Arena and is determined to coldly and cruelly defeat any enemy who steps foot into this icy kingdom.

This skin for the Arena can be purchased within the Store for 1380 Riot Points, and with this atmosphere, it is definitely a skin worth every penny. We can’t wait to play on this battlefield!

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2. Black Hole Arena

It is clear to everyone what this Arena wants to say – whoever comes will disappear in a black hole and no one will ever be able to find him. Enough for all enemies to be vigilant because they never know when Black Hole may swallow them.

This skin came out with Teamfight Tactics Galaxy Patch and brought a touch of cosmic force to the game. The fight in this Arena looks like a fight in space, never knowing what awaits us, and so far from the known Earth. You can have this misty Arena skin for 1380 Riot Points.

3. Oddysey Malphite Arena

We don’t know why but these cosmic things always look extravagant. Maybe because we are all interested in what the universe looks like and what is around us. Another Arena skin that takes us into space – one of the Space Odyssey Arena skins that gives us futuristic vibes and the action of cosmic force.

Wow! This is like a fight between champions being waged on a spaceship, just who is running it and where will the loser end up? We have no choice but to buy this skin and find out. This skin can be found in the Store with a price of 1380 Riot Points.

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4. Arrowhead Arena

Unlike other Galaxy Arenas, Arrowhead Arena gives the impression that the fight takes place in the middle of the woods, with a slight hint of the setting sun, or we could say under the eclipse of the sun.

This Arena is a large grassy area in the middle of a deserted island, ready to bear the sacrifices of champions who will perish on it. Arrowhead Arena can be found in the Store for 450 Riot Points and is one of the cheapest among Arena skins.

5. Toxitorium Arena

In the heart of Zaun is a magical forest full of colorful gadgets, glowing mushrooms and winding roads that can take you on a strange journey that you may not remember. Well, the hosts of this new Arena that is yet to come are ready in every way to confuse their enemies and let them manage on their own in this strange zone.

6. Hextech Battle Arena

Does this Arena look familiar to you? Of course, this Arena is a simulation of a real esports gaming arena where competitions are held and where the best win. 

As in the real arena, this Arena is designed for fierce fighting to the very end, and only the strongest will survive and emerge victorious. We are a little confused by this simulation in the simulation, but we can’t wait to try what it’s like to fight in a real esports arena, at least within a regular fight.

Final Thoughts 

As we mentioned in this article, Teamfight Tactics brings a lot of cosmetics to make the game as fun and impressive as it can be. So Riot came up with the idea of personalizing Battlefield Arenas and having players fight battles in different territories. Arena skins can be purchased at the Riot Points Store, or players can win them through weekly missions; also, by buying Teamfight Tactics Battle Pass, they will get 3 or 4 Arena skins.

There is currently a large selection of Arena skins, and we have mentioned here a few that stand out with their looks and entice the sighs of anyone who has the opportunity to play on it.

We are excited to find out what other types of Arena skins await us in the following Teamfight Tactics Sets and updates. Good luck and have fun collecting these skins.

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