How to Get Champion Shards in League of Legends?

Are you just starting out in League of Legends and looking to get some new champions? Then you shouldn’t pass up the opportunities to acquire champion shards in the most effective manner.

In League of Legends, you can acquire something called a champion shard, which is a piece of a champion. You have the option of permanently unlocking a character with these shards, testing them out for seven days, or disenchanting them to obtain further Blue Essence. 

You will be required to spend a set quantity of Blue Essence in order to activate the first available option. The second option does not need the use of Blue Essence; nevertheless, the shard will become useless when a week has passed. 

When you finally decide to disenchant a champion shard, you should know that doing so will only reward you with 20 percent of the Blue Essence that was originally spent on that champion. 

The collection of champion shards is an important step in the process of quickly unlocking as many characters as possible. In this article, we will show you the most effective ways to obtain them.

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How To Acquire Champion Shards?

In League of Legends, Riot Games has ensured that there are a number of different ways to acquire these shards, which can be broken down into the following categories:

Through Hextech Chests

These cute little boxes are a wonderful way to put your luck to the test. You have the opportunity to obtain excellent prizes, which might range from the most unique and hard-to-find things to the most straightforward ones, such as champion shards. 

In addition, we have a comprehensive guide on How to Get Hextech Chests for Free, which you can check out in order to get a good number of those chests and put them to good use in the game.

If you want to open a significant number of these chests, you may as well become familiar with the primary things and possibilities that they drop. These include:

  • 50% Skin Shard
  • 25% Champion Shard
  • 11.5% Ward Skin Shard + 150 Orange Essence
  • 10% Emote Permanent
  • 3.5% Summoner Icon Shard + 150 Orange Essence

Through Champion Capsules

The use of champion capsules is yet another effective method for collecting a large number of champion shards. 

The regular champion capsules and the glorious champion capsules are the two distinct varieties of this item. You may get a variety of capsules by progressing through the levels of your account.

To be more precise, when you reach level 30, you are awarded your very first Glorious Capsule. Thereafter, each subsequent level will provide you a Normal Capsule, with the exception of those that are awarded for reaching other milestones. 

There are 159 different champions available to choose from in League of Legends, which is an essential fact to keep in mind. 

Due to the fact that Renata Glasc was the most recent character to be added to this list, increasing the level of your account in order to unlock further characters is a useful strategy for keeping people engaged in the game.

You will be able to buy a number of Champion Shards and some Blue Essence with these. One of the useful features of them is that you may disenchant a champion shard in order to obtain a little bit of extra blue essence if you happen to acquire a repeating champion. 

You will need to save up with this in order to permanently unlock any other champion shards that you may have lying around in your inventory.

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Through Honor Capsules And Orbs

Late in 2012, after patch V7.13, the game received its first version of an honor system. At the end of each match, you and your team will have the opportunity to give honor to one another. 

Players will be able to advance through different honor levels once they have accumulated a sufficient amount of honor; these levels range from 1 to 5, and they are reset at the beginning of each new season. If your previous level was more than 2, it will remain the same throughout the upcoming campaign. If it was lower than 1, it will be reset to 1.

Both Honor Capsules and Honor Orbs may be acquired at various points in the game. Beginning at level 3, players will get a new capsule and an orb each time they reach a “checkpoint” in the same level. 

You can also obtain Champion Shards, Blue Essence, Key pieces, and much more loot from them. You can also acquire the key pieces that were stated before through the honor system, which will allow you to access the Hextech Chests that you get.

The Honor Capsules and Honor Orbs are the two different types of awards that come along with this new system. 

Riot Games is making an attempt to make the playing experience more “friendly” with the implementation of this change. You play to the best of your skills in order to bring respect to your teammates, and in due time, you are rewarded for your efforts.

Through Prime Gaming Subscription

Amazon Prime Gaming and Riot Games have collaborated to provide a rewards program for users who subscribe to Amazon’s service. This program is especially useful for the people who also play other games released by Riot, such as League of Legends: Wild Rift or VALORANT.

The PC version of League of Legends provides players with the opportunity to earn monthly awards, some of which will award them with priceless champion shards. To be more specific, you will receive five of them, as well as some RP, Orange Essence, and other items.

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In a nutshell, Riot Games has introduced a variety of new opportunities for players to continue collecting the greatest number of champions shards. 

People who don’t enjoy spending money on video games can still purchase characters for their collections, but because there is always a new champion coming out, it is okay if they don’t get that new champ right away because there is always a new champion coming out. 

It is often necessary to spend some Blue Essence in order to get that champion at the right moment it is released in the game; however, if you are fortunate enough, it will only take you a few attempts to open champion capsules or other means of obtaining champion shards, for that new character to appear in your screen at the exact moment it is released in the game.

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