How to Get an S Rank as a Jungler?

What is a Jungler?

When it comes to League of Legends and the various roles in the game, we all know that one of the most important is the jungler. The job of a good jungler is to clear the monster camps. Focus on aiding allies in their lanes by constantly attacking enemies who push too deep into the lane. 

Lastly, and the most important one for the overall game situation, is to focus on objectives. This is a reference to the legendary monsters Herald, Baron, and Dragons. Killing each of them brings various advantages to your team that can change the game.

Some of the best champions you can use in the jungle are Lee Sin, Zac, Viego, Nidalee, Lillia, Kayn, Hecarim, and many more. Although these can be some of the best options out there, It all depends on how skilled you are with the champion you pick. For example, you can choose a great champion, but if you can’t utilize that same champion to its full potential, you most likely will not do much. You will not be of great help to the team and lose team fights around objectives. That is why we recommend you pick one in which you are confident. Being able to show skills and know-how to play is the best option, especially in ranked games. Always prioritize your main or any good counter to your opponent’s champion.

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What Shall you do as a Jungler?

We all know how the game goes for the laners, focusing on mainly farming waves of minions while waiting for them to come and skirmish with the enemy opponent.

For the jungler, it’s slightly different. For example, the first goal in the game is to acquire more experience, and gold goes for all players. Junglers do it by farming in the jungle, or so-called “jungling.” The camps they clear are allocated in between the three lanes. They don’t have to face an enemy champion while doing so.

If, by any chance, an opponent invades their jungle. Then they either roam to the enemy camps or start a small team fight. It’s important to note that invading someone’s jungle is mainly to steal the buffs and occurs mainly- at the start of the game. At a later stage of the game, it’s done individually rather than using the help of allies.

When it comes to jungling, it’s good to say that the most- important aspect at the beginning is to clear out all of the monsters in your jungle. This is simply because the whole run would earn you more gold and experience than what a normal laner would get from the lane.

Let’s say it like that, by the time the minions arrive on the lane, and your allies and enemies start clearing them. You will have two jungle lanes ready to farm. It brings you more gold, approximately 440 (without the red and blue buff), while a normal laner would earn about 105 gold for a wave of 6 minions (3 infantry and the same number of casters). Now you can see how big the difference is.

This gives the jungler an advantage, but we consider the time. The chance to clear all camps and monsters in one wave is impossible. Given that it takes about 30 seconds for the minions to reach the center of the lane,

We talked about the gold and the experience and even considered the time, but now it’s time to mention the roaming itself. As we all know, the main goal of a jungler in the overall game is to help teammates and accomplish objectives.

This is where the “ganks” come into play. They are crucial, as with each of them, you create pressure and keep the enemies in check. Any juggler is a problem for the opponents. The reason for that is the fog of war, which makes it hard to predict where they’ll appear. This is also how they create pressure, and it’s important to do so. Even if you know that a lane has a warder, you can’t “gank” it. Showing yourself there means you are around and are a possible threat to the enemy laner.

Everyone who plays that role knows how to “gank” and when. But another aspect is the objectives. What are the junglers’ “objectives”? It’s simple. They have to focus on securing epic monsters like Rift Herald, Baron Nashor, and the Dragons while using their smite precisely, as this is the most- important use of the smite spell. They are of great importance for the flow of the game. Any of them can turn things around and gain an advantage for you or the enemy team.

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Why is it so Hard to Get an S Rank as a Jungler?

We already talked about junglers and what they have to do in every- single game match. Now it’s time to say why it is hard for them to achieve S rank after a game.

Every game has its statistics, and the league has all of them. After every match, you can check how much damage you have dealt, how many towers you have destroyed, how many inhibitors, dragons, and CS you have got. All these factors are determined when it comes to forming your after-game rank. Usually, even if you do poorly, you will get a B, but the ranks vary from D to S with + and -. But all of this depends on your overall performance.

The most basic reason why it is hard to attain S as a jungler is your creep score (CS). It will be lower than that of your ADC or mid laner. Typically the mages and marksmen score much better. That is because they farm every single minion from their waves and also take jungle camps from the enemy.

Another reason is that you, as a jungler, have to secure the objectives we talked about earlier. This by itself is a difficult feat to achieve, especially if you consider that the enemy has the same goal. When it comes to doing dragons, many factors can ruin your plans. Everything from proper positioning on the map and surveillance- to killing the dragon and securing the objective is crucial for the game.

Kills: Yep, this is another critical factor when it comes to your overall after-game rank. To score an S, you have to have a decent KDA. Although junglers can take kills, and many of them do, It is important to note that if they aim for a win and the match is ranked, they would prefer to leave the kills to their teammates and score assists. Although assists also count towards the overall rank, they are not on equal footing with kills.

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How to Get an S as a Jungler?

After discussing all the details about junglers and why it is hard to attain S ranks, it’s time to give you some tips. If you follow them- you will have better chances of getting that S rank.

Starting with CS as one of the most dominant factors for getting an S after your game, we want to point out that you have to get a hold of the farming mechanics. It is critical to know how to farm well even as a jungler, as the proper timing and mechanics of controlling your camps and a better understanding of creep will lead you to a higher creep score at the end of the match.

It is critical to understand which camp to begin with and which buff to use based on the champion you are playing. But that’s not all. You have to choose which camp to take next and which lane you will aim to assist first. These are all details that matter if you want to have an astonishing performance during the game.

As a second factor, we will talk about the kill/death and assist stats. They are probably one of the easiest to keep in check during the game. All you have to do- is try not to die to the opposing champions while scoring kills and assists.

Now, as you are playing as a jungler, your main goal is to attain as many assists as possible. This is if the match is ranked and you want to prioritize the win. If it’s a normal draft, we advise you to take the kills, as by doing so it will be easier to rise in your overall rank.

Keep in mind that K/D/A, as we said, plays a huge role if you want an S. Getting kills will boost your score, but again, do not take kills from teammates if your game is ranked such that you should prioritize teamplay rather than attempting to solo carry. Also, when it comes to these stats, we have to note that different champs’ K/D/A stats have different impacts on the overall score. Why is that so? Well, if you pick a champion who is not super popular and score a big killing spree with him, good CS count, and die as little as possible, you will most likely get a higher rank.

While we’re on the subject of kills and assists, we can’t pass up the opportunity to mention that damage alone contributes significantly to your after-game rank. You often see players boost their in-game damage, even- if they have low K/D/A stats. They do so because killing and the damage you deal go together. For example, even if you have a low kill count but an insane amount of damage, this speaks by itself of how well you did in the game. In such cases, having fewer kills but more damage and assists is enough to earn an S.

Lastly, when aiming for that high rank at the end of the game, you should pay attention to the time. Although it may sound a  bit less interesting than the previous tips, paying attention to it may do you a big favor.

Why is the timing so important? Simple, because the time determines when the minions will spawn- when the camps- will reset when you can start focusing on the objectives, and ultimately, all of this will create an opportunity to change the 0/0/0 – K/D/A.

When it comes to time, it is also critical. If you are having- an amazing game, but the enemies decide to forfeit the game, you most likely will not get an S. This occurs most often in matches where the opponents surrender in under 20 minutes. This time is not entirely enough for the system to calculate how well you did, as normal matches continue to 30+ and all the action happens in this late game.


In the end, attaining a high rank as a jungler is always a good thing. It brings you prestige, showing that you are a good player. You also get the chance to earn rewards based on this great performance, which is great. This is also why most players aim for the S rank. 

Now we did discuss anything related to the jungle, how to play as a jungler, some of the pros, and why it is hard to attain the highest rank. We share a few tips to which you have to pay attention, and luckily, if you follow them, you will be able to get a box for your performance.

In conclusion, we can say that no matter how hard it is to get an S as a jungler, there is always a way. If you keep track of your performance during the match, follow the tips, use all the farming machinery and help your allies, you can do it. As long as you are ready to put in the effort and use the skills you have, nothing can stop you. We hope the article was of help and thank you for reading.

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