How To Get An S On Support?

Players’ performance is graded on a scale from D- to S+, with D- being the lowest and S+ being the highest, as part of League of Legends’ effort to push them to improve their playing skills. 

Given the increasing level of competition in League of Legends, the motivation of having an S Rank or above provides the player with more than just bragging rights, as it also provides additional incentives, such as the ability to enhance various vanity elements for your champion. 

Obtaining an S Rank or above, on the other hand, is not as simple as snapping your fingers together.

Getting an S ranking as a support

Being a support is extremely different from earning S Rank in other roles that need more initiative throughout the course of a game, as you would expect. 

As support, your primary focus should be on the grading system’s supporting components, such as Assists, Vision Score, and Participation in Objectives/Skirmishes, among other things. 

While it may appear to be more difficult, playing support may really be the quickest route to obtain an S Rank due to the fact that you have fewer things to think about throughout the game. 

The most fundamental answer to maintaining a continuous S Rank in League of Legends is to perform well as your champion. This implies that you must outperform the average player in terms of Creep Score, Kill/Death/Assist Ratio, Vision Score, Objective Control, Damage Dealt/Taken, and other relevant metrics. 

However, the significance of each of these metrics differs depending on your position in the squad. For the sake of clarity, we’ll go through what these metrics signify in more depth.

Creep Score (CS)

CSing is one of the most underappreciated aspects of any League of Legends game, and for a good reason. 

A large number of kills may seem wonderful, but you’ll need to get a specific amount of critical strikes every minute in order to keep up unless you’re playing support, in which case you won’t need as many CS in the first place. 

Using the scenario above, a Midlaner or AD Carry will need to average at least 7 CS each minute, which amounts to more than 200 CS in 30 minutes. You should practice striking minions and clearing waves in preparation for this.

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Kill/Death/Assist (KDA)

When playing offensive roles, you’ll need to rack up a significant number of kills in order to advance in rank. For supporting positions, on the other hand, it is sufficient to have a high assist percentage. 

Furthermore, it is critical that your Kill/Assist to Death ratio has a large difference, with your Kills/Assists to Death ratio being 4:1 or higher in order to attain S Rank at the very least. 

Try to participate in as many skirmishes as possible with your squad and ensure that your team has a high kill participation rate.

Vision Score

The ability to ward or de-ward efficiently during the game is referred to as your Vision Scoring. 

This does not imply that putting a suitable number of wards will result in a high vision score, but rather that your wards should be able to constantly identify your opponent’s location. 

The more enemy champions that are revealed, the better your vision score. This is similar to the way you should be able to remove wards by utilizing vision-sweeping devices to prevent the opponent from seeing where you are at any given time but on a more limited scale.

Objective Control

If your team has the ability to destroy turrets, secure Drake hordes, Scuttle Crab hordes, and Baron Nashor, it is considered to have Objective Control. 

As these objectives are achieved, you’ll need to engage in order to make a greater impact than simply waiting for your teammates to complete the task in their own right. 

Of course, the enemy Nexus is the most crucial objective you’ll need to complete in order to obtain an S Rank since winning games will provide you with the maximum possible points in the grading system.

Don’t let yourself get killed

You should make every effort to avoid dying as much as possible. Whenever you lose more than five games in a row, it’s a dreadful situation. 

Make every effort to die as little as possible, and avoid risky plays or following your teammates into suicide; this will prevent you from providing free resources to the enemy team, and you will be able to spend your time farming and getting stronger on your own rather than staring at the grey screen.

Be proactive

Knowing that your jungle, support, or midlaner is choking you and that you are unable to lane the entire game until you lose all of your resources and objectives is a horrible sensation. 

Instead of acting as though you are the victim, take the initiative and do it yourself. Take advantage of opportunities, score kills, starve opponents, and make their lives miserable!

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Stack higher, destroy enemy wards and destroy blue flowers so that you can kill even more enemy wards. Wards are the most underappreciated goal in League of Legends; if you can maintain adequate vision, the opponent jungler will never be able to gank you. 

Remove the enemy’s vision with pink and red trinkets, and the opposing jungler or midlaner will never be able to cross the threshold into your lane once more.

Damage Dealt/Damage Taken

For offensive positions such as tanks and assassins, you’ll often need to do a significant amount of damage to opposing champions while taking just a small amount of damage yourself. 

As a defensive position, you may need to endure a significant amount of damage while still maintaining a high KDA. 

If you look at the graphs area of the overview, you can see how much damage you have dealt and how much damage you have taken at the completion of the game.

Make All of This Happen: What You Need to Know?

It is possible to make the most typical error of concentrating so much on improving in certain areas that you neglect to consider the other aspects of your success in the game as well. 

This will require a significant amount of practice on your part in order to ensure that all the parts fall into place instinctively. In this respect, being too concerned with obtaining an S Rank frequently results in a situation where you are unable to obtain an S Rank at all.

For example, if you spend too much time concentrating on KDA, you’ll be too terrified to die, causing you to adopt a more cautious approach to gaming. 

Damage dealt and vision score will be reduced as a result of not taking the necessary risks to make aggressive plays on the map. Damage dealt with, and vision score will also be reduced. 

It is necessary to learn how to mix all of these elements into the game in order for it to function smoothly and unconsciously without having to worry about one element or another interfering with the game’s overall flow.

The Importance of Obtaining an S Rank in Your Games

It is not only beneficial to you as an individual in the present, but it will also help you enhance your overall performance in League of Legends in general and do better for the sake of your team if you strive for an S Rank. 

The ability to play at a level that consistently results in an S or above rating indicates that you are at least a Diamond level player who knows the basics of playing League as a team game while also possessing high-level individual abilities.

As a matter of fact, as part of your goal to guarantee that you constantly receive an S Rank or above, you will discover how to become a valuable addition to your team. 

When it comes to professional League of Legends games, the five factors that contribute to earning a rank of S may be observed most frequently in the way that Visions, Objectives, and Creep Score are prioritized in the team’s overall performance. 

Learning these five factors will not only get you a wonderful S Rank, but it will also assist you in moving up the competitive ladder as a result of your efforts.

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Why Should You Go for S Rank?

Rank scores are added to a champion’s mastery every time you complete a game on that champion. You may use the mastery emote in-game to demonstrate how much experience you have with a certain champion, and it’s completely optional.

Gaining expertise more quickly is correlated with higher rank scores. However, after you reach rank 5, you’ll need to collect mastery tokens in order to advance to the next degree of difficulty.

If you achieve an S- rank or above, you will be awarded a mastery token that is particular to your chosen champion. You’ll need two of these tokens to get to the rank of mastery at level 6.

To advance from rank 6 to rank 7, you’ll need three mastery tokens, which can only be obtained by achieving an S or S+ rating. It will be necessary to be at the top of your game if you want to achieve mastery 7.

It’s important to remember that you can only receive mastery tokens after reaching level 5 with a champion. Even obtaining an S+ will not provide you one if you are ranked 4 or lower, yet understanding how to obtain an S rank in League of Legends might be beneficial.

A Hextech Chest may also be earned by a member of your pre-made party if they achieve an S- or higher level throughout a season’s duration. You may only earn a total of four chests every month, though.

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