7 Best Outplay Champions in League of Legends

There is no gaming experience in the world quite like outplaying an enemy Champ in League of Legends and coming out on top in a fight that you had no business winning. The rush of turning on a full health enemy trying to run you down while you only have a sliver of HP remaining. The feeling of dodging all of their skill shots and landing your abilities perfectly, melting their health in an instant and leaving them questioning how your Champ could be so busted. 

The adrenaline and dopamine rush of performing a sick outplay are the most addicting aspect of League of Legends for many people. These people will gravitate towards Champions with high outplay potential, Champs with mobility that can dodge skill shots, Champions with huge burst potential, and Champs that require high mechanical skills for the added style points. In this article, we put together a list of the best outplay Champions. 

Champs that can turn the tables and win lopsided fights in the enemy’s favor. We chose these Champions based on their kit, mechanics, and infamy for outplaying enemies. So with no further ado, let’s get to it. 

7. Fizz

First off, we have the Fish. Fizz is not a very mechanically intense Champion, but he is still one of the most famous table turners in the game. He is also one of the original veterans on the Rift. Fizz’s outplay potential comes from his E and his burst damage. Fizz’s E makes him completely invincible, so it can be used to dodge critical abilities from the enemy if timed correctly. Fizz’s E can dodge anything from stuns to crucial ability damage (Zed Ult, for example).

While Fizz is invulnerable with his E, most enemies will sit around and wait for him to land so they can finish him off. After Fizz lands, his burst damage comes into play, in the form of his Q and his W. Most players will not expect the damage potential of a Fizz combo, especially if Fizz can time his abilities with Lich Bane correctly. This unexpected damage output has created many great Fizz outplay clips and will likely create many more before League of Legends is retired. 

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6. Fiora

Fiora has a dash, a stun-counter, and an ultimate that requires insane mechanical skill to execute correctly. A good Fiora is very scary to 1v1 or even 2v1 due to the healing she will get from proc’ing her full ult. She cannot even be reliably stunned due to her W and may even flip the stun around and immobilize the Champ that used it. 

A good Fiora will always hold her W until she senses the perfect ability to counter, turning fights against her into a game of chicken. She can also jump around the fight with her Q, dodging skillshots and proc’ing her ult on all sides. She even has an auto-cancel with her E. Overall, she is a great outplay Champion with an extremely high skill ceiling for players that love mechanically intensive Champs. 

5. Irelia

Irelia has always had a ton of outplay potential. Even before her rework, she was able to turn the tables on ganks and 1v3 the enemy team’s Top Mid and Jungler if she played her cards right. Even modern Irelia has a ton of outplay potential due to her passive, abilities, and the lifesteal of her average build. 

If she sets up the enemy minions correctly, she can jump around with her Q, dodging every skill shot thrown her way while disorienting the enemy Champion. If she times her W correctly, she can negate the damage of critical enemy abilities. If she E’s and Ults correctly, she can hit multiple Qs on the same Champion. Finally, if she plans her fights well and keeps high stacks on her passive, she can melt enemies with auto attacks while life-stealing insane amounts of health. 

All of these mixes together to form one scary woman. Whether Irelia is at 50% HP or 10% HP, you can never be sure that you will win a 1v1 or even a 1v2 against her, and that is why she made this list. 

4. Elise

Elise’s outplay potential is in her ability to kite while in human form and the unexpected damage of her spider form. Elise’s human-form E is a skill shot stun, and her Q can be used as an auto-reset and a slow. These two abilities allow Elise to get off quite a bit of damage while successfully kiting or gap closing against enemy Champs. Her outplay bread and butter, however, is her spider form. Her Rappel (E) ability is practically a free Zhonya’s Hourglass, sending her into the air and making her invulnerable. 

Her E allows her to dodge key enemy abilities (Sensing a theme?). It also allows her to jump to other enemies and hit them with a spider-form Q. Elise’s Q while in spider form is an execute and does an extreme amount of damage to enemies with low HP. This execute-damage allows her to burst down enemies very fast. Elise has one of the best turning-potentials of any Champions in the game because she can get off her combo very fast. An Elise can feign a retreat, then hit her stun, human damage, then quickly switch to spider form and finish the enemy off. 

She can do all of this with barely any HP and burst a massive chunk of the enemy Champ’s health bar before they can even react, which is why she is one of the best outplay Champions in League of Legends. 

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3. Lee Sin 

Lee Sin has always been the go-to Jungler for players that like high mechanical ceilings and, frankly, that like to show off. Lee has a lot of mobility as long as he keeps wards on him, and his abilities are incredibly versatile. His ultimate not only does a tremendous amount of damage, but it also sends enemies flying, which can cause a ton of collateral damage or create an opportunity for an escape. 

Just as an example, a Lee Sin can ward hop into a group of enemies, Q his target, ult them away from their teammates over a wall, then take the Q to that enemy to escape and net a   kill at the same time. His potential is unlimited because he can use his abilities in many different ways. 

There is a reason Lee Sin is always played no matter what the Meta is or how strong his base stats are. That reason is that he has an innate outplay potential that many Champs do not have, and this is why he is near the top of our list. 

2. Vayne

Sorry if the top image spoiled this one, but you can’t be that surprised to see her on this list. Since she came out, Vayne has been the ADC (and top laner) of choice for players that value challenging but rewarding mechanics. Vayne’s Tumble (Q) allows her to auto-cancel while rolling around and dodging skill shots. 

Her Condemn (E) gives her the potential to stun enemy Champs and burst them down with autos before they even know what is happening. Finally, her ultimate gives her severe damage and the ability to fool the enemy champs by making her invisible and giving her a chance to reposition. Vayne’s W allows her to burst down tanks and assassins alike, meaning she can outplay any champ in the game. 

Even a Vayne behind on levels can outplay and beat a full health Champ if she utilizes her E and her ultimate correctly, which is why she has landed number two on this list. 

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1. Zed

Let’s be honest you saw it coming. One of the most famous outplays in League is a Zed vs. Zed fight. Zed can blink around between his shadows, dodging skill shots and leaving the enemy team wondering what’s going on. He can jump in with his Ultimate, jump out with his W, jump back in with his ultimate, all while dealing massive amounts of damage to anyone who gets in his way. Zed has an insanely high skill ceiling due to his mechanical threshold and the amount of decision-making that goes into making plays on this Champ. 

There are many combinations and orders to use Zed’s abilities in, and each situation needs dynamic decision-making. No one combo will work for every situation, and you have to roll with the punches in most fights and skirmishes. This skill threshold greatly rewards players willing to put in the time and energy to learn the Champ because Zed is one of the best assassins in League of Legends.

A fed Zed will be able to 1v1 any Champ in the game if he plays the fight right and can escape afterward like he never existed. This 1v1 and assassination potential, along with Zed’s infamy, are why he landed number one on our list. 

Many Champions in League of Legends with high outplay potential did not make this list. Notable mentions such as LeBlanc, Kayn, and Xayah didn’t make the cut strictly because we had to make a decision somewhere. Picking up a Champ with a lot of outplay potential is a great way to get better at League of Legends in general. 

Forcing fights that appear as if you should lose and seeing if you can come out on top is a great way to learn the limits of your Champ and a great way to improve your mechanics and own decision-making. Every loss can be viewed as a learning experience, and every win can show you just what you are capable of doing. We hope that you can pick up one of the Champs on this list, and we hope that you have a lot of fun out playing the noobs you play against on the Rift! 

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