How To Put League Of Legends On Second Monitor

Hello, League of Legends, what’s new among your achievements? Do you have enough League Points to move on to a better tier? We hope you have. In League of Legends it is important to have speed and focus and the ability to think strategically with which you will know what are the right tactics for different  champions. 

In addition, it is important to play as a team player who knows when is the right time to help teammates or go solo to win the lane. This game can be very addictive, so be careful not to overdo it.

In today’s article we will talk about one technical entanglement that creates difficulties for many gamers. It’s about playing League of Legends on a second monitor, for those of you who have the privilege of using two monitors.

Adjusting these settings is really not difficult, so just follow our tips and your League of Legends game will soon be connected to another monitor.

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How To Make League Of Legends Work On Dual Monitors?

Firstly, you have to change your secondary monitor to primary monitor. To do that, just click on Start, then select Settings and open Display tab.

There you will see the Identify button to check which display is currently primary and which is secondary.

Once you identify them, select your secondary monitor and scroll down to the Multiple Displays option. There, check the box for Make this my main display option.

After these changed settings, your monitors will be switched. Now all you have to do is check if League of Legends opens on the second monitor.

However, sometimes it can happen that placing League of Legends on another monitor causes problems for the user. This can be solved in several ways.

You Need To Check The Settings Of User Account Control

First click on the Start and type control. Then click on Control Panel. After that, go to Security and Maintenance.

Click on Change User Account Control Settings.

Look carefully at the slider in front of you. If the slider is set to Never Notify, move it a little bit higher towards Always Notify option.

After that, click OK and save your new changes.

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You Can Also Check For Windows Apps Troubleshooter

Click on Start and select Settings option. Then go to Update and Security where you will click on Troubleshoot.

In the Troubleshoot section, scroll down to the end of the page. Click on Windows Store Apps and there click on the option Run the Troubleshooter.

There Windows Troubleshooter will scan the Windows Store apps to check if there are any issues. Then, Troubleshooter will apply potential fixes if needed.

When you run the Window Store Apps troubleshooter it will also scan User Account Control settings and it will enable it for safety reasons.

When these settings are enabled, check that the cursor bug issue is resolved in the League of Legends, in case such an issue existed.

The cursor bug issue is one of the common issues that happens to League of Legends players. The cursors lock fails and goes off-screen to the second monitor.

Quick tip: Simultaneously press the Alt + Tab keys. This combo is a proven method that League of Legends players use to solve a problem. When this problem occurs just press this combo a few times to see if it will solve the problem.

Try Using The Third-Party Dual Monitor Tool

Download some third-party dual monitor tool (like DisplayFusion). After downloading and installing it, run the tool. There, expand the cursor section and click on the General option. At the bottom of the General option, use the slider to set the Sticky cursor options.

With the DisplayFusion tool, you can customize so many options. And with cursor management option you can keep the cursor locked to your League of Legensd screen.

Here are some really simple options that will allow you to put League of Legends on another monitor as well as resolve any potential issues that may arise.

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Final Thoughts

Here we are at the end of another how-to guide where we talked about technical things. As you already know, some players like to play League of Legends on two monitors, they just have a better experience and more focus.

In this article, we have explained a few procedures on how to put League of Legends on another monitor and how to solve some other stuff related to the difficulties that may arise along the way. 

Sometimes it can happen that the mouse cursor is not on the desired monitor, so in this case it is necessary to apply some of the above solutions. These fixes are really simple, and can make the problem go away and not impair the League of Legends game performance.

Read this article carefully and successfully run League of Legends on second monitor. Good luck and have fun! 

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