How to Sell Your League of Legends Account?

League of Legends is an extremely popular game that is played by millions around the world. While creating an account and playing the game is completely free, there are players that want an account that is already level 30 or has a nice rank. 

This makes the climbing process a lot easier since you do not have to level up the account yourself or go through the difficult stages of Bronze, Silver, or even Gold. That is why most people sell their accounts once they get it to a nice rank.

To sell your League of Legends account, you need to use various websites that offer this service. Depending on your rank, how many skins/champions you have, and other stats, you can sell your account for a good price.

However, before we talk more about this, I would like to clarify that trading accounts is highly dangerous and is forbidden by Riot Games’ terms and conditions. If you want to do it, kindly do it at your own risk. 

With that out of the way, let’s dive right in and take a look at how to sell your LoL account.

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How to Sell Your Account

As aforementioned, there are tons of websites that offer this service. Whether you are looking to buy an account or sell yours, you can do it by going to websites such as G2G and playerauctions.

Regardless of which website you choose, you have to select the “Sell Account” option and enter your details. They will ask about details such as your rank, account level, number of champions/skin, Riot Points, and Blue Essence just to name a few things. 

The higher your rank is and the more amount of other things you have, the more your account will be worth. For example, an average Gold 1 account with all champions and more than a hundred skins is worth around $150.

Most players sell their accounts to get quick money. I have seen players level up their accounts to level 30 and get a rank of either Gold or Platinum. Then, they can easily get around $130-150 for their troubles.

Another reason is that most players have accounts leveled up to level 30 and they stop playing. They never play rank since that would defeat the purpose. Then, they sell that account to someone that wanted a fresh level 30 account. 

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Why Do Players Buy Accounts?

Now that you know how you can sell your account, let’s talk about why players buy accounts from other people when it is completely free to make your own. The biggest reason to buy a League of Legends account is to save time.

It takes quite a while to level your account from 1 to 30. To save that time, most players buy a level 30 account that hasn’t played ranked even once. Then, they play rank and get to the higher elo depending on their skills.

This is often done by streamers that want to complete various challenges like only playing top-lane or only playing the jungle role. The best example of this is the famous streamer Tyler 1. He buys multiple level 30 accounts so that he can save time and start his ranked journey without any issues. 

Other than this, there are many players that buy an account that has a good rank like high Gold or Platinum. Since some players have a bad MMR, it becomes almost impossible for them to increase their own rank. 

So, they purchase an account that already has a good rank and they start playing on it. If their skills are good, they will perform well and will start to win games. However, if they truly were Bronze but just wanted to play in Plat, they will not be able to keep up and will slowly lose their rank. 

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There you have it, that’s everything you need to know about how to buy or sell your account in League of Legends. The main purpose of selling an account is to get quick money depending on what the rank of your account is and how many champions/skins you have.

However, as aforementioned, account trading is not a good practice and it is prohibited by Riot Games. So, if you are caught doing it, they might ban your account which would cause both you and the seller to lose.

With that said though, it isn’t easy to catch someone since Riot doesn’t have any proof that they sold their account. While the chances of getting banned or caught are very less, they aren’t zero. 

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