How To Send Message To Someone Not On Your Friend List In LoL?

Are you excited about another League of Legends guide? Well, you have every right to be excited, today we reveal some more tips and tricks about League of Legends. But first, a brief introduction. League of Legends is a multiplayer online battle arena game, two teams compete against each other and try to defeat an opposing team by having more kills than them and by being the first to crash a Nexus located at enemy base. 

Each player at the beginning of the game chooses a champion to fight on Summoner’s Rift. Champions have different roles, so you can play as a support champion, mid laner or as an ADC champion. The choice is yours!

We have to say, League of Legends is not just a game, it is one big gaming community where new friendships are made and strategic gaming pacts are developed. Surely you also have a funny story about how you met new friends with whom you are in contact through the League of Legends game. And who knows, you may have met your current partner through League of Legends. Couple goals, aren’t they?

From the very beginning, Riot Games took care of the communication between the players, thus enabling all players to have a personal friends list in the League of Legends client. This way players can see which of their friends are online and ready for a new match. Through private messages, players can discuss tactics and make a plan to defeat an enemy team. 

Plus, they can simply catch up to check out what’s new since the last time they played together. Some players will say that they use the League of Legends client a lot more to correspond with friends than some social networks, so for them the chat option is an extremely important item.

Let’s get down to business: many players wonder if it’s possible to send a message to a League of Legends player who isn’t on their friends list. We will try to give the most precise answers to this very good question, and we will also show you how you can organize your League of Legends friends list to make it much clearer.

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What Does The Friends List Look Like In The League Of Legends Client?

Every time you log in to the League of Legends client on your right side of the client will be your friends list. Players often do not have a filter when they add friends to their friends list. Adding a player to the friends list often works on the principle that after the game is over, the player adds all the players whose gamestyle he liked the most. 

For example, if the player had the most kills or plays like a great jungler. Also, players will add real life friends with whom they arrange pre-made matches.

Sometimes, their friends list will look really endless because there will be many names that the player will sometimes not know what people are on that list and who is behind a certain summoner’s name.

Fortunately, your League of Legends friends list needs to be organized in a variety of ways. The first of these ways is to create groups within your friends list. You can group players by different categories. For example, you can only put players you know from real life in one group. The second group can be made up of players who play the ADC role, so if you want a pre-made duo you can invite them into the game. When you create and name a group you can click on the player you want to transfer to that group. Or try to drag and drop player in your group. After sorting the players, you will be able to click on the group to see who is in it and whether the player is currently available to invite him to the match.

In addition, you can add comments next to the player’s name. You may not be interested in creating a group, so this option will come in handy. You can write whatever you want, and it is useful to know about these players. For example, their role, their favourite champions, stats or something else.

Once you add comments, just hover your mouse over their name and you will see everything you have written about them. This can make it a lot easier for you if you don’t know by heart which players you have on your friends list. In these two ways you can very quickly decide who to invite to your next match.

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Can I Send A Message To A Player I Don’t Have On My Friends List?

Now, let’s go answer this question that probably bothers you and you don’t know if you have to add a player if you want to send him a message. Yes, you can do this really easy. A few years ago, a player could add any player and he would automatically be displayed on his friends list. If that player never accepts him, he will always be offline, and if the player accepts him he will be able to see his status online.

This meant that a player could receive messages from a player who is not on the friends list, which can sometimes be very disturbing. However, this option is no longer possible. Nowadays, after launching a new game in the League of Legends client you will be able to see a list of players you have recently played with, there you will be able to invite them to play with you and also write messages to them.

But only in the group chat option, because the player must be on your friends list in order to correspond privately. So, the answer to this question is a bit confusing. Yes, you can contact the player if you do not have him on the friends list, but for any further form of communication you will not be able to send direct messages to him. Of course, if you don’t add it to your friends list in the meantime.

Surely there are players outside who would like to harass other players without getting any penalty. Riot is rigorous about toxic players and often invites players to anonymously report anyone who disrupts harmony within the League of Legends community. Reported players will be penalized and will be at least temporarily disabled from playing.

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Are you happy with this answer? It would be a little illogical for players to send messages to anyone they find in the League of Legends community, so Riot did his best to reduce the rules a bit and protect the privacy of the players.

Now you know how you can contact someone who is not on your friends list, as well as how to sort your friends list so you always know who is behind summoner’s name. If you have some other tips and maybe a new ways to contact someone who is not on your League of Legends friends list, share them with us and other players, as well.

And have fun on your journey through the League of Legends world!

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