How to Skip Divisions in League of Legends?

Every League of Legends player knows what a Tier, or Rank, and Division system are. It is an essential thing in the game. The ranking system of the tiers and divisions exists to separate players by their skill level. They are showing the efforts and the mastery of the individuals and how good they are at the game.

At the moment, there are nine ranks in League of Legends, and there are exactly four divisions for each tier. The ranks are as follows from lowest to highest: iron, bronze, silver, gold, platinum, diamond, master, grandmaster, and lastly, the pro-one challenger. Each of them has, as we said, four divisions, which are written with roman numerals (I to IV).

How Does The League of Legends Ranking System Work?

As we talk about ranks and divisions, it’s crucial to get to know more about the ranked system of the game. 

We already know that the system has nine tiers and four divisions for each of them. Now it is critical to know how to even get into a rank and division.

To be able to attain a rank for yourself, you have- to first complete a few requirements. To even play in the ranked game mode, you have to be at least level 30. That means you have to play for some time. Gain experience and see how the game works. After you have the level, you need to make sure that you have a minimum of twenty champions. That is important as the ranked mode is Draft. 

Draft means that you and your opponents can ban champions, preventing them from being used in the current match. After that, you have to pick your champ and lock it.

That is why it is essential to have twenty-plus champions on your roster. The minimal number of 20 is there precisely for that reason. If you have only 5 “champions,” for example, and they get banned, you can’t do a thing. That is why there is a minimum, and it’s always recommended to have even more. Why? If you have more champions, it will be easier to pick a counter for the opponent’s ones. Or a different situation, you can lock your ally picks and exchange them before the game starts. That- is done because many fear getting counter-picked while in the lobby, as it will make their game harder.

At this point, we assume you already know what the divisions and ranks are, have the minimal level and several champions, and are ready to embark on the journey to the challenger rank.

The first step towards that is to play the top ten ranked games. Usually, the performance you show there will decide what tier you are in and what division you are in. 

That is where your debut as a new league player stars. These placement games are to find your skills, and so you are facing players with MMR similar to yours.

Just to note that MMR on all new accounts is the same. It gets changed from the placement games and the following ranked matches, but in the beginning, it’s the same for everyone.

Once you start your first placement game, it is expected to be hard for you as many smurfs will probably participate in that match, as a large number of the new accounts belong to such players.

At the end of your first game, you will get your rank and, accordingly, a division. Most of the time, this is not a high one. It is only the first match you have played in a ranked system. Based on your performance it is most likely to be placed in silver. From there on, you will have to play the other nine matches while aiming to get as many wins as possible.

 If you are doing great and scoring many wins, you will rank up faster, as, in the placement games, you do not lose league points and only gain them. That is why if you score many wins in a row, for example, three or more, you can even skip a division or tier. That, again, is based on how well you perform.

At this point, after you have completed your placement games, you will attain your official rank and division. Once you earn them, you will start to lose LP when you lose a game. Thus, you have to be careful and give your all to win the competitive matches.

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How To Advance In Tiers And Divisions?

To advance through divisions and ranks. As we said above, a player must participate in ranked matches. They are the official way for users to attain a specific Rank in the game, be it gold or diamond. 

By taking part in the ranking match mode- right after the first ten placement matches, The players will either receive or lose league points. These points are the things that permit you to advance through thought divisions and climb the tier ladder. 

For example, to move from Gold IV to Gold I, you have to climb three divisions. That means- you have to participate in enough ranked games and earn about 100 LP per division to climb to the upper one. So, from Gold IV to Gold I, you will need 300 LP in total. Given the fact that you cannot always win, the process will be slower than you think.

When it comes to rising in the tiers. It is important to note that if you have better win and lose statistics.  You will accordingly advance faster. For example- someone who has 50 wins and 50 losses will climb the ranks at a moderate speed. Such a win and lose statistic are counted as an average. On the other hand, if you take a player who has 70 wins and about 15-20 losses, they will advance faster. 

That is because the more wins you have, the more the system will think you are not in your division and rank. Thus, you will gain more league points and climb faster. Contrary to that, if you score more losses over time, your LP number will drop. You will be earning fewer and losing more points every game. This means that the system judges your skills to be below the average for your division or rank. That is why it will give you these league point penalties and will demote you if you do not improve.

The LP itself, as we said, is important and is based on your performance in-game. It is closely related to your MMR, also known as your Matchmaking Rating. Why is it related, you may wonder? Well, it is because both of them have something to do with how many wins or losses you get. Basically, the better performance you show in the game, the better your MMR will be, and from having a better matchmaking rating, you will also get more League Points.

In short, if you have a higher MMR than normal for your tier and division, the more LP you will earn with each win and lose less with each loss. This is because the system will calculate that you play with people whose average age is lower than yours. 

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Is It Possible To Skip Ranks and Divisions, And How Do You Do It?

Yes, it is possible to skip divisions and even ranks. We talked about Ranks, divisions, performance during the games, and MMR, ought to say that the possibility to do so is not small. Of course, to achieve a feat like that, you have to play well and outperform this on your level. Achieving more wins will lead to a higher MMR, and a higher Matchmaking Rating will lead to gaining more League Points. That is how the system works, and it is pretty simple. 

Being simple doesn’t mean it’s easy to achieve. We’re all aware that winning a game requires more than just a few kills or a slight advantage over your opponents. You may pull out the short stick and get a troll or AFK on your team. If this happens, the chances of winning will be small and close to impossible. On the other hand, if you are lucky, you may get a few easy kills in the early game and thus carry your team out. That will give you a good MMR boost- as better results are always a good thing.

It’s time to talk about skipping the divisions. What happens if you consider all the previous factors we discussed. Let us say that your performance in the ranking mod is so good that you find yourself with a high MMR—basically gaining a lot of league points. If you gain about 30 LP per win or anything like that, it’s obvious that in 4 wins- you will climb a division. If this continues to happen, your matchmaking rate will increase, the division will be easier to climb, and you will most likely even skip a few.

A simple example is that if you play in a division with an average MMR of 1200 and yours is over 1400, you- will have it easy there. The LP you will get will be a lot, and the system will definitely give you the X2 promotion or even rank you up a tier higher. 

To put it like that, you skip tiers or divisions. All you have to do is outperform everyone around you, be it allies or enemies. Wins are the most important factor, and you need to win at any cost. Doing so, you will keep boosting yourself, gaining higher ratings, more LP, and the chance to skip till you start playing with people who are on the same skill level as you.

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League of Legends Rank And Division Demotions.

We did talk a lot about ranking up and skipping divisions. Now is the moment to say a few words regarding the demotions. Although they may not be the main focus of everyone’s attention, it is very- important to know how they work. As this is not a guide about how to get demoted, we will skip some parts and talk about only the most important ones.

The first way to get demoted is as simple as the one- to get promoted. The difference is that- instead of gaining LP and aiming for 100, with demotion you lose league points- and you aim- to not hit 0. If by any chance you do reach that number. You have to avoid a further losing streak. Or it is possible to get demoted to a lower division or tier.

The other option is for those of you who have already skipped quite well and got themselves into high Elo. When it comes to players of such rank. The problem is not only with the losses of matches. But also the reduction of their LP due to the League Points Decay.

Only when people with high rankings stop playing ranked games does the Decay occur. This way, the system starts penalizing them by reducing the LP they have. To stop it, they have to play a few matches from time to time.

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To skip ranks and divisions in this game, you have to show an outstanding performance, which can make the enemies envy your team for having you. This is, by far, the only way in which you can skip divisions and tiers in League of Legends. The more wins you have, the better your hidden matchmaking ranking will be and the more league points you will get after each win. This, especially at the beginning of your ranking matches, will be the key point for passing through the division at a high- speed. You will have to focus on your skills and play to earn your way into the upper divisions. 

The only piece of advice I have for anyone who wants to skip division is to focus on how you play and perform rather than how others play and perform. Getting yourself distracted will never win you a match. Do your best, win the game, get honored, and rank up. Try to don’t lose the hard-earned LP and enjoy the game. I hope the article was of help and thank you for reading it.

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