How to Unlock Champions in League of Legends

League of Legends is a game where the players are known as summoners. The so-called summoners, in their turn, have to pick one of the many available champions in the game in order to compete with each other in the summoner rift.

League of Legends champions can be unlocked in many different ways. The most popular one is by going to the client in the game store. Find the champion section and simply buy them from there. That is by far the easiest and best way to acquire them.

In this article, you will learn more about champions and how to unlock them and the different options related to their unlocking.

Champions in League of Legends

League of Legends is a game depending on its champions. The champions are the moving force behind this title. As everything spins around them, From the game lore to the game items, emotes, skins, builds, strategies. Everything in these games revolves around the so-called champs, also called characters by some players.

In the League at the moment, there are about 158 champions. As a summoner, you have to acquire as many of them as possible in order to increase your roster for the game matches.

As you know, in the game, you have to face opponents in five versus five matches. You can ban champions and pick champions in order to start the game. You will eventually have some of them. You will learn to play them better and, in general, you will like them better than others.

You already know it, but the game itself is all about the champions. Riot adds a few new items each year. With tons of lore surrounding each of them, With each release, many new stories are introduced, and the Runterrs universe is vastly expanded.

In recent months, Riot has even announced. That they plan to release even more champions per year, increasing the list by many more for each lane.

All of this is done simply because more champions mean more interest in the game. More of them also means a deeper story connected to the continent of Runterra. And more champions mean more skins, events, and profits for the company. In the end, money is what moves companies and game progress, as, without it, the game will be static.

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How do you unlock champions in League of Legends?

In League of Legends, there are many ways to purchase champions. The first way to get champions is with blue essence.

Blue essence, in its essence, is the main League of Legends currency. You can use it for just about everything in the game. With the expectation of buying skins or some other items. Those are purchasable only with premium currency (Riot Points).

The ways to get more blue essence are simple. The first and most often used way is to play league matches. Basically, every game gives you some blue essence. It may not be tons, but it is still something.

The other option is to get missions. Like with every major patch or event, there are missions, and some give you blue essence. Or the daily ones, which give exp and essence once a day. And not just 10 or 20, but quite a good amount, which can stack well if you do it for a month. If you focus on completing them, you will be able to gather some essence.

Another option is to raise your honor level. To do so, you need to play many games. Carry the team, win and get honors. Once you do so, you will eventually level up your honor level and earn honor capsules. They can contain many things, including blue essence.

Selling shards is yet another option. If you get shards of a specific champion, and you have them, Instead of using them for mastery rank leveling, you can simply sell them for blue essence.

The last option is to open normal capsules, such as hextech boxes. This one is not very hard. Unless you count acquiring the boxes and capsules. You just have to simply open them, and the thing you can get is some essence crystals.

Riot Points

Hand in hand with Blue Essence Riot Points, or RP, are the currency that follows suit and can be used to obtain champions in the game. In fact, this one, as a premium currency, can buy you even more things, but it costs cash.

If you decide to use your RP for champions, You can easily do it by going to the client, finding the store, and then going to the champion menu. There you will see all the champions. Which you do not own and their prices.

At the moment, the prices for champions for RP and BE are different, as one is a premium currency and the other is a game currency. 

For example, if you want to buy a champion with Blue Essence, you will have to pay between 450, 1350, 4800, 6300, and finally, 7800 for the newly released ones. In contrast to that, with Riot Points, the prices are 260, 595, 790, 880, and 975. As you can see, the difference in the numbers is quite big, but that shows the value of RP. When there is a champion sale, you can also get some of them for cheaper than usual. Of course, this works only for riot points and not for the blue essence.

The only way to obtain riot points is by buying them for cash in your local currency. That happens easily, and you can find your way from the in-game menus related to the store.

Another option is the so-called Artwork for RP tradition. That works only in small quantities but is still something. You can contact riot support via ticket, send them your drawing, and request a few riots points-usually you’ll get about 20 RP.

Amazon Prime Gaming also gives you monthly RP points. You can also look into that offer and get a monthly supply of Riot points that you can use for anything.

The last option is to either work for a Riot company or have a friend who does. All employees in the company, including their families or friends, can get rewards and points from the company itself. That is by far the best way to get RP if you, as I said, have friends there.

Chests and Capsules

As I already said, from these chests and capsules you may get many things, including blue essence. 

The reason why I include this option is to unlock champions cheaply. That is one of the cheapest ways to get them by simply collecting enough shards or getting shards and adding blue essence to acquire the champion you want.

Opening hextech chests and capsules is always a nice thing. For example, you may get lucky and get a champion with 6300 blue essences. With enough shards, you will simply unlock it. If you can wait to get more shards. All you have to do is pay in blue essence. In the case of a 6300 champ, you will only pay 4800 Essence.

Now, although this method sounds nice, There are a few tricks related to it.

The first is to get capsules and, more importantly, chests. You will have to perform well in the game or play with RP (for the chest). That is critical to know, as only rank S with a specific champion will earn you a chest. 

On top of that, you can only acquire a limited number of them with the same champion over time. That is, you must either play with allies who can earn S ranks or play different chapters and earn S ranks on your own.

The second trick is the keys. The so-called Hextech requires keys to unlock. Although they can be bought with Riot Points, most players simply earn them. You can earn them by playing and performing well, thus earning honors and key shards. 

These key shards are also available at events (together with full keys, boxes, and orbs). If you participate in events, you can buy them with the same currency/points. Doing so will help you greatly in getting enough shards to form a key. You need 3 shards to make 1 key. And one key is used for exactly one of the boxes. 

Some grinding will always exist because this is the only way to open them. Once you unlock them, you will get all the good stuff, of course, if you are lucky.

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Final Thoughts

In the end, unlocking the champions in League of Legends is both easy and not at the same time. The reason for that is that it requires time from your side. Where you have to play many matches, complete missions, or participate in events. Or you have to spend real money to get riot points and use them to buy champions and unlock them.

With this being the only option in the game, You are not left without a choice. It is all up to your preferences as to what you value more. 

Overall, if you are someone who is playing more for fun. You don’t have a favorite champion and don’t want to have one no matter what. I would advise you to play with what you have on hand. There are tons of free or low-cost champions. You can play anything and just aim to have fun. 

Doing so will eventually lead you to gather enough blue essence orchestra and capsules. And thus enough shards.

That is by far the best decision you can make. In the end, it’s all up to you what you decide for yourself. Thank you for reading this article. I hope it was of help.

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