How to Increase MMR in League of Legends?

How to Increase MMR in League of Legends? Complete Guide

MMR stands for matchmaking rating. It is a hidden score that calculates where you stand compared to every other League of Legends player on your server. The higher MMR you have, the more skilled opponents you will face.

MMR is often confused with LP, and the players are not to blame. Up until recently, Riot has used two measurements for creating games. MMR and rank. This left players with low LP gains unable to understand what to do to fix their problem.

In this article, I will go on to describe the difference between MMR and rank in further detail, I will explain how to increase LP gains, and finally, I will reveal a method that can save you insane amounts of time and help you reach the highest rank possible in LoL season 13.

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Difference Between MMR and Rank

As already mentioned, MMR is simply a hidden number based on performance, and it determines how skilled a person is. Rank is simply a visual representation of MMR.

MMR scores start at 0, and that would be a representation of an Iron IV player who can’t win a game to save his life. MMR can go all the way up to 2500 and above, and a player with that rating would be placed at Challenger.

Sometimes due to a range of different circumstances, a player can experience a mismatch between their MMR and rank. For example, a Gold IV player will have 1200 MMR, while the required MMR for that division is 1400. Riot will then punish the player by giving them less LP so their rank and MMR can get aligned.

Essentially, MMR is always stable, and the only way to fix it is to win more. However, there are things that can be done to increase LP gains.

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How to Increase LP Gains?

Playing on an account that has low LP gains is demoralizing. No matter how much you win, it feels like Riot is pulling you down. Well, they are kinda doing that. Riot is trying to match your division with your MMR.

There are two things I do with accounts that have low MMR. I either keep playing while not paying attention to gains, or I start dodging games.

Not focusing on gains is really the most organic thing you can do. If you keep winning, the account will eventually balance itself.

If you are someone who really can not stand looking at small LP gains, I would recommend starting to dodge. Dodging will cost you a few LP, and it will bring you closer to your real MMR. If you dodge enough times, you can increase your LP gains significantly.

As you can see, all these things are cosmetic in nature, but there is really no way to cheat MMR, at least not on the account you are playing.

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Creating a New Account

Increase MMR New Account League of Legends Guide

If you feel disappointed with what you read previously, I totally get you. I do not like being the bearer of bad news, either. In hopes of making you more hopeful, I present you with another solution. Creating a new account. This is a thing that will help you get the most ranked success in LoL season 13.

When you create a new account, Riot will have no idea who you are. This will allow you to inflate your MMR to insanely high levels. Having a high MMR will make it easy for you to place into a good rank, potentially even higher than the one on your previous accounts.

To do this, you will need to play a lvl 30 account. You can buy or level it yourself. The key thing will be to win as many normal games as possible. Riot uses normal game’s MMR to decide the initial ranked MMR, and you can use this to your advantage.

You can use websites like to check your normal game’s MMR. If it is above Diamond, you are good to go. Winning a few ranked games will get you Gold instantly, and you will start winning 30 LP per game and skipping ranks.

Additionally, you can always return to your old account once the season is over. The next season will reset your MMR and rank, and your main account will become playable again.

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MMR is a hidden score that determines your skill in comparison to other players on your server. The only way it can be increased is by winning more games. What often happens with players is that they have low LP gains. This is not a reflection of poor MMR. It is simply a mismatch between MMR and visual rank.

To increase LP gains, you can either dodge to get the rank closer to MMR or win many games. Additionally, you can wait for the new season reset to align your MMR and rank. I would recommend you guys should try getting a smurf account. These accounts can be manipulated to have high MMR and to be placed in good divisions, making them perfect for getting a great start in season 13 of LoL.

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