Is Anivia AP or AD? – The Ultimate Season 12 LoL Guide

Anivia has a very outdated design, she is a champion that hasn’t received much love therefore she also doesn’t have that many skins. Her spells are still pretty much the same as how she was in the earlier seasons of League of Legends. 

She is a caster champion that has two skill shots, one terrain spawning ability and an AoE ultimate that gets stronger after a certain period of time. All of her damage comes from her abilities as she has a very slow attack speed. 

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Is Anivia AP or AD Champion?

Here’s the answer:

Anivia is an AP-based champion that has abilities that only scale with Ability Power, her combos are very dependent on where you will land your spells as she only has one targeted ability. All of her spells can be cast to a certain location which you can press again to either end the duration or stun the opponent. She has a very low pick rate because people find her boring to play because you have to think a lot when doing her combo. 

She is a mage champion that has no other build than AP items, she doesn’t scale with her HP or AD or any other stats. It’s also worth noting that you need to build items that will give her lots of mana as she is very dependent on her spells whenever she is fighting.

Her ultimate is a channeled spell that continuously drains your mana every time it is up, so use it in moderation or just simply build lots of mana items. Here is the best build for Anivia.

Best Anivia Build 

  • Luden’s Tempest – an initial item that gives her a lot of mana especially its component item and it also empowers her targeted ability.
  • Archangel’s Staff – will be your main source of mana as it increases your mana every time you use an ability. 
  • Morellonomicon – As Anivia deals continuous damage with her ultimate, Morellonomicon prevents enemies from healing by applying grievous wounds on them continuously. 
  • Zhonya’s Hourglass – She can use this item to trade with an enemy champion and while her enemy is inside her ultimate Anivia can simply go into stasis and the enemy will take the full damage of her ultimate. 
  • Void Staff – This is an optional item that you should only build if enemies try to build magic resist items, if not just go for a Rabbadon’s Deathcap.
  • Sorcerer’s Shoes.

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Best Runes For Anivia

  • Electrocute – is the best rune for Anivia because she can always trigger its effects with her Q + E combo.
  • Cheap shot – In addition to Electrocute’s damage, every time Anivia stuns an enemy with her Q she can proc this bonus damage. 
  • Eyeball Collection – Bonus damage during mid game.
  • Relentless Hunter – Anivia has no mobility ability so having bonus movement speed is always a good choice
  • Mana flow band – synergizes with Tear of the goddess as a first item and will surely give Anivia over a thousand mana even at the early game.
  • Scorch – Anivia is poke-heavy and this rune is a poke champion staple rune.

What Lane Can You Play Anivia?

The middle lane is the only reasonable lane where Anivia can be played, although some players find wins when you play her in the bot lane as a damage champion, mid is still the most effective lane for her. She has an excellent wave clear and can control the lane as long as she doesn’t face assassins like Zed or Talon. 

Where Does Anivia’s Value Show?

Anivia is a control mage that can manipulate the flow of the game in one certain lane, but her most valuable asset is her ultimate during team fights. When team fights happen, players usually don’t mind the terrain and Anivia can take advantage of this by using her ultimate. 

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Anivia is an AP-based champion with a burst potential along with extended fights. She can control the flow of the fight with her ultimate and her W which lets her deny a certain position for an opponent. Her W is underrated but it is actually a great ability to pick an enemy champion off or even use it as a disengage ability.

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