Is Aurelion Sol AP or AD? – The Ultimate Season 12 LoL Guide

Even if you are an old League of Legends player, seeing an Aurelion Sol in your game is pretty rare as he has one of the lowest pick rates in the game. This is because he was nerfed a lot of times in previous patches which made him obsolete. 

Aurelion’s kit is comprised of his Q that can sun multiple enemies, this also has a unique passive that lets the stun AoE grow the longer Aurelion Sol travels with it. He also has a skill that lets him fly and ignore terrains making him a really great roaming champion, his gank is almost unavoidable as he can grow the AoE of his stun. 

His W however prevents him from hiding in the bush as it shows even if he is inside a bush. 

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Is Aurelion Sol AP or AD Champion?

Here’s the Answer:

Aurelion Sol is a battlemage meaning his main damage source comes from his abilities which scales with ability power. Being a battlemage, Aurelion Sol excels at extended fights thanks to his W, he also has a burst potential if you can master the interaction between his Q and his ultimate. While being able to be in extended fights, Aurelion sol is not really that durable, the reason why he can be in extended fights is because of his W which can extend in range. 

Being a battlemage means building items that will help Aurelion Sol during extended fights. Items that immobilize enemies and increase Aurelion Sol’s HP or defensive stats are great on him. His kit revolves around his W, a skill that gives Aurelion sol 3 rotating stars which he can activate to deal bonus damage and increase range.

Mana increasing items are also great at Aurelion Sol as using his spells is highly expensive. In this article, we will show you the things that you can build and pick on Aurelion Sol and we will start on Items that you can build on Aurelion.

Best Aurelion Builds

  • Squishy enemy team comp builds – Everfrost, Rylai’s Crystal Scepter, Shadowflame, Zhonya’s Hourglass, Sorcerer’s Shoes, Morellonomicon.
  • Against tank heavy team comp – Liandry’s Anguish, Rylai’s Crystal Scepter, Morellonomicon, Shadowflame, Demon’s Embrace, Sorcerer’s Shoes.

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Best Runes for Aurelion Sol

  • Electrocute – can be easily procced with a simple stun and W followed with a basic attack.
  • Taste of Blood – So you can heal every time you poke an enemy with your Q or W.
  • Eyeball Collection – Free bonus adaptive damage.
  • Relentless hunter – Helps Aurelion sol maintain his distance with his Q whenever he ganks a lane.
  • Biscuit delivery – gives free potions and gives Aurelion sol bonus mana
  • Timewarp tonic – great for early game trades and synergizes with Biscuit delivery.

Where Can I Use Aurelion Sol?

Mid lane is the best lane where you can use Aurelion Sol, his ability to make his Q larger and pass through terrain is a great way to roam both lanes with him. He can surprise gank any lane with a huge Q that is unavoidable. He can come from any angle because of his ability to fly through the terrain, he can use this to flank enemies. 

When Should I Pick Aurelion Sol?

He is great if the enemy team comp does not have many CC champions like Lux or Morgana. Aurelion Sol needs to keep on moving so he can deal damage to enemies, his positioning is very important because of his W which depends on where he is walking.

You should also pick him if there are squishy champions in the enemy team as he can burst them down easily and follow it up with DPS from his W. 

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Aurelion Sol is an AP champion that does not have any AD scaling in his abilities. He is great against team comps with no hard CC abilities and his item build can be adjusted depending on his enemies.

He is a hard champion to master and will need a few practice games before you can master him, the important thing to master on A sol is his positioning and when and where should you cast your spells.

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