Is Bard AP or AD? – The Ultimate Season 12 Guide in LoL

Bard is one of the most unique champions in the game because of his ultimate. His ultimate is a high-risk high reward skill because when you cast it on the wrong targets, it can get your teammates killed instead of helping them. 

Bard is a support champion that can be played offensively and defensively. He also has a skill called magical journey that both allies and enemies can pass through, this is a great disengage ability that can also be used to bait enemies.

Bard can heal and peel his allies but he can also deal tons of damage thanks to his passive abilities. With all the confusion about what he can do, is Bard AP or AD? 

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Is Bard AP or AD?

Bard is an AP based champion that can increase the damage he can deal with his passive and his Q, his heal can also be improved the higher his ability power is. Bard already has lots of utility in his abilities and doesn’t really need ap items to improve his damage. Instead, you should look for utility items to further protect your allies. He is also a roaming support, meaning mobility boots are his staple item.

Bard can only be built as a support, but some people have tried building him as a marksman because of his passive, but you will find more success with him if you used him as a support. Bard can be like a swiss army knife that has everything you are looking for. Building utility items on him will greatly help his teammates. Here are the best items to build on Bard.

Best Bard Items That You Should Consider Buying

  • Shurelya’s Battlesong – Can be used to initiate fights or to disengage. 
  • Redemption – A follow-up item after Bard ults his teammates.
  • Chemtech Putrifier – Bard’s Q and passive can hit multiple enemies and applying grievous wounds on many enemy champions is great.
  • Mikael’s Blessing – Mikael’s is a great peeling item effect for your ADC especially when they get rooted or stunned or any hard CC. 
  • Locket of the Iron Solari – After landing his ultimate on his allies, Bard needs a way to shield them from the awaiting damage from the enemies. 
  • Boots of mobility – Bard has incredible roaming potential thanks to all the meeps scattered all over the map that he can pick up to increase his movement speed even faster. 

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Best Runes For Bard

  • Guardian
  • Font of life
  • Bone plating
  • Revitalize
  • Zombie ward
  • Relentless Hunter

What Role Can Bard Take?

His kit revolves around helping his allies and protecting them, this could only mean that he is great as a support champion. Bard can save not only his allied champions, but he can also save towers whenever a charging rift herald is about to hit the tower. Nicknamed the caretaker, Bard really was made to be a support champion.

When Should I Pick Bard?

If your team composition has champions that have AoE setting abilities like Oriana or Gnar, Bard’s ultimate is his most valuable asset, and being paired with these types of champions will be highly beneficial for your team. Bard is also great when your ADC picks a hyper-carry champion that always needs to be protected until they reach their item power spike. 

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Bard is a support champion that only scales with Ability power. He can gain bonus movement speed every time he picks a meep up, it can even stack on each other so Bard gets faster and faster every time he picks one. 

You can try to search youtube and look for that ADC build on Bard who has the Hail of Blades rune equipped, but if you are not into that kind of stuff, just follow the tips we provided in this article and you should be good. Being a good support highly compliments a great ADC player, so support your ADC with Bard on your next game and follow all of the tips you discovered here. 

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