Is Brand AP or AD? – The Ultimate Season 12 LoL Guide

Brand is a really interesting champion that you can play on different roles and lanes. He is a burst mage that can demolish a team of five even if it is a 1v5 fight. He has very long casting ranges meaning he is a great bully champion in the lane. 

His passive ability is also very annoying as it can continuously damage a champion even if his combo is over. His passive ability also synergizes well with some items and you’ll get to know more about it as we go on with the article.

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Is Brand AP or AD?

Here is the answer.

Brand is definitely an AP champion because he is a caster champion meaning all of his damage sources come from his abilities, he can perform powerful combos and combine his spells to stun enemies. Brand is great during team fights especially if his enemies are grouped together. Brand has AoE abilities that build his passive up to four times, upon reaching the fourth stack, an enemy will be given a timer and upon expiring will explode and can put another stack on nearby champions. This is really great when enemies like to group together during team fights.

There is only one build on Brand that has a very high win rate, this is a hybrid of being a burst and DPS mage. He can deal tons of damage with just a basic combo alone, but some items extend their duration on enemies thanks to Brands passive that ignites enemy champions. Here are the best items you can build on Brand.

Best Items for Brand

  • Liandry’s Anguish – has a high DPS and its effects are extended thanks to Brand’s passive.
  • Demonic Embrace – a combo item for Liandry’s also deals DPS damage, try to hit an enemy with one of your abilities and watch them burn from your passive and these two items.
  • Luden’s Tempest – greatly improves the bonus AOE damage from Brand’s abilities.
  • Sorcerer’s Shoes – works great even if enemies don’t build too much magic resist.
  • Rabbadon’s Deathcap is a staple item for most AP champions as it greatly improves their overall damage output. 

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Best Runes for Brand

  • Dark Harvest – greatly compliments the burn from Brand’s passive, if enemies escape with a sliver of HP, then this will surely finish them off.
  • Taste of blood – procs heals for Brand every time he pokes an enemy with any of his abilities.
  • Eyeball Collection – Late game bonus magic damage.
  • Treasure hunter 
  • Mana flow band – grants Brand bonus mana which he badly needs seeing as he is a caster champion that depends on using his abilities to gain kills.
  • Scorch – a great addition to his poke damage.

What Role Can I Play Brand In?

He is a mage champion which really makes him a great champion in the middle lane, but the fact that he can stun enemies and can be played hyper aggressively in the early game and can deal tons of damage even if he still has no items, he can be played as an aggressive support. 

When Should I Pick Brand?

Pick Brand only if your enemy team doesn’t have champions with gap closers or long-ranged CC abilities. Once Brand gets stunned, he can stun one enemy but it will be really hard for him to disengage if there are multiple enemies closing the gap on him. Brand is also a great pick if you have tank allies that can peel you and the other carries. 

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Brand is an AP champion and can only be built with AP items, he has a very aggressive playstyle so try to abuse this and gain lane priority even during the early game. 

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