Is Dr. Mundo AP or AD? – The Ultimate Season 12 LoL Guide

Mundo recently received a complete champion rework that turned him from a straightforward right-click champion to an even stronger straightforward right-click champion. Mundo now has the ability to shrug off CC abilities the first time he gets immobilized. 

When this ability triggers, Mundo also throws something that when he picks it up it lets him heal a portion of his HP. He also has the ability to restore his hp whenever he receives damage. Mundo is a melee tank champion which begs the question, is he AP or AD? 

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Is Dr. Mundo AP or AD Champion?

Here is the answer:

Dr. Mundo is a hybrid champion that can deal magic and physical damage. Though some of his abilities also scale with his bonus HP, his offensive skills depend on his AP and AD. His abilities cost his hp to cast and don’t need mana to cast his abilities. Mundo’s Q and W deal magic damage because these are skill shots and aura abilities while his E deals physical damage because Mundo simply uses his arms. Being a tank champion with hybrid ap and ad scaling damage, what is the best item build you can do on Mundo?

Best Item Build On Dr. Mundo

  • Spirit Visage – This is Mundo’s staple item build because of the fact that his kit revolves around his HP and healing, he is also a tank so having that bonus magic resist is always welcome on Doctor Mundo.
  • Thornmail – Is the item that Mundo can use to put Grievous wounds on his enemies. This item is also a great trading item which lets Mundo deal bonus magi damage on enemies using their basic attacks on him. 
  • Frostfire Gauntlet – Dr Mundo has no mobility spells meaning his only means of catching up or getting away from an enemy is slowing them down. This item’s passive lets Mundo slow enemies down every time he hits them and the item’s effect is off cooldown.
  • Randuin’s Omen – Mundo can have an extremely high regeneration and HP to mitigate bursts but champions with consistent and continuous damage like ADCs with high crit rate and damage can be a huge problem for him. Omen dampens the damage of crit-based champions by reducing their Critical strike damage. This item also counters Infinity edge by negating its bonus critical strike damage. 
  • Warmog’s Armor – Gives Mundo a huge bonus HP that scales with some of his abilities, this item also gives champions a really strong HP regeneration.
  • Plated steelcaps – The item to mitigate turret damage.

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Best Runes To Pick On Dr. Mundo

  • Grasp of the Undying – This rune is one of the strongest early game runes in the game, on top of the bonus magic damage it can deal, it also heals the user and gives him bonus permanent HP. This is great for early game trades to win the lane and synergizes with the overgrowth rune that gives him incredible late game HP.
  • Demolish – This rune scales with the bonus hp of the user and Mundo being known for having extremely high HP can abuse this rune. 
  • Second wind – Being a late-game champion, Mundo needs to protect himself during the early game, he can simply pick this and combine it with Doran’s Shield to mitigate the damage he receives from pokes. 
  • Overgrowth – Gives Mundo a huge boost in HP in the late game. 

When Should You Pick Dr. Mundo?

When the enemy lacks bruiser champions or most of their picks are poke champions. This is because Mundo relies on his HP regen and this is the best mechanic to mitigate pokes. If there are no champions like Viego or Master Yi that can build on-hit effect items, Mundo is a great pick to tank the enemy champion. 

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Dr Mundo is a hybrid AP and AD champion which means all of his abilities scale with both AP and AD, but Dr Mundo can only be built as a tank champion. It is really useless to build offensive AP and AD items on Mundo as his spells are really not made to kill champions. You should build tank items on him that can allow you to stay on team fights for extended periods. 

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