Is Ekko AP or AD? – The Ultimate Season 12 LoL Guide

Ekko is an assassin champion with everything you want to look for in a champion. He has a self-peeling ability and lots of it. He has a combo potential and burst potential. He can initiate a team fight a stun multiple enemies; he also has two health bars because he can restore his HP before he even receives damage with his ultimate. 

He has a dash ability that can be used to either engage the enemy or disengage from the enemy. He is mainly picked in the jungle nowadays but can also find wins in the mid or top lane. Ekko relies on his basic attack and spells to answer whether he is an AD champion or an AP-based champion.

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Is Ekko AP or AD Champion?

Here is the answer:

Ekko is an AP-based mage assassin, and all of his abilities, even his passive scale, with his ability power. He was once built like a tank champion in the toplane popularized by TSM’s Darius, but his most efficient build is through mage items. He is capable of bursting squishy champions by simply proccing his third basic attack on an enemy. He can also make combos and burst enemies in one go. His ultimate also scales hard with ability power. It has the most incredible burst damage in his arsenal. Here is Ekko’s best build.

Best Item Build for Ekko

  • Lich Bane – Ekko’s staple item, his E, has substantial burst damage, and this item will make that damage double its base damage. He also has low cooldowns on his basic abilities, meaning he can often proc this item’s spellbalde effect. 
  • Hextech Rocketbelt – Sometimes, when you play Ekko, your E alone is not enough to reach the enemy you are trying to chase. Hextech Rocketbelt can be cast right after using your E to have better gap-closing potential.
  • Shadowflame –build this item if there are tanks that stack on magic resist and HP like Dr. Mundo; the magic penetration and high flat AP it gives will surely demolish tanks. It also makes your damage stronger on enemies with higher HP than you. 
  • Rabadon’s Deathcap – Great as a third or fourth item as it will give you a bonus of 35% AP increasing your burst potential. 
  • Zhonya’s Hourglass – This will be Ekko’s self-peeling ability, especially if assassins have a lead against him.
  • Sorcerer’s Shoes – Generally a good boot item for all champions that scale with AP.

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Best Runes for Ekko

  • Electrocute – Ekko’s most basic combo and poking ability come from his Q and E; both can quickly produce Electrocute’s effect. After doing a combo, Ekko’s passive allows him to gain bonus movement speed to quickly get out of a sticky situation.
  • Sudden Impact – The same can be said with this rune, as it will enhance Ekko’s poking damage. 
  • Eyeball collection – This rune is generally suitable for all offensive champions as it gives you a minor stat scaling in the early to mid-game.
  • Treasure Hunter – Simply used so that Ekko can build items faster. 

When Should I Pick Ekko?

Ekko is generally a good pick with few counters; you can even first pick him and adjust his build depending on the enemy’s team comp. He is a good pick whether there are tank or squishy champions in the opposing team; he has lots of alternate items to pick from and is usually able to build all AP items in the game. 

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If you are planning to pick Ekko as your champion in your future game, try to communicate with your team so they let you pick first, this is because this can be used as a massive advantage as Ekko doesn’t have that many counters giving your team a chance to counter the picks of the enemy team.

Build high AP items like Rabadon’s and Shadowflame because the higher the AP on Ekko, the stronger his burst. 

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