Is Jax AP or AD? The Ultimate Season 12 LoL Guide 

Jax is one of the most robust late gamers in the game; regardless of his role, whether in the top lane or as a juggler, once this late-game champion gets his power spike with his item and level, there is little the enemy team can do to stop him. 

He can even destroy alate-game Master Yi or even the most complex tank in the game. He has excellent pushing power and fast jungle apparent speed. Jax can also do early game jungle invades because he can hop through walls. 

Jax gains an early game lead; he can snowball fast and become unstoppable until the game ends. So what is Jax’s main scaling attribute?

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Is Jax AP or AD Champion?

Here is the answer:

Jax is among the best champions to represent the hybrid AP and AD stats. All of his stats scale with both AD and AP, meaning you can build almost any offensive item on him and still come out on top. It is tough to counter his damage as he can deal both magic and physical damage simultaneously. 

His ultimate also allows him to deal bonus magic damage on every third hit he lands on an enemy. He can also activate it to boost his defensive stats. Here are the best items you can buy on Jax.

Best Items on Jax

  • Divine Sunderer – Jax’s primary source of damage is his W, as it has a low cooldown and synergizes very well with Spellblade items. Jax is great when he is built with bruiser items, and Divine sunderer will not only boost his damage output but also make him very tanky with amazing healing.
  • Blade of the ruined king – This will be Jax’s maiprimaryurce of lifesteal because it can add to the strength of his on-hit damage. Blade of the ruined king increases his damage output by dealing bonus damage to his enemy depending on how high the enemy’s HP is. The slow effect of this item will also help Jax to hit his enemies more with his basic attacks.
  • Death’s Dance – is an excellent defensive item for Jax; while it is a defensive item, it can also give Jax bonus AD stats to increase his damage output. This item will also be handy, especially if Jax has a blade of the ruined king; he can easily lifesteal the converted DoT damage of this item.
  • Frozen Heart – Low cooldown spells can be very tempting and spam, but this will cause a problem on Jax’s end because he can quickly run out of mana. Frozen Heart not only has impressive defensive stats and is passive, but it also has a passive that increases the mana pool of Jax, solving the problem of running out of mana. 
  • Trinity Force- this is an alternative for Divine Sunderer and should only be bought when the enemy doesn’t deal that much damage and you need all the movement speed you can get along with the attack speed.

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Best Runes on Jax

  • Conqueror – Jax is a champion that loves to get in the face of his enemies and keep on hitting them with his basic attack; he can also be tanky thanks to the ultimate meaning he will have extended fights with his enemies. Having Conqueror will give you the upper hand the longer the fight goes, and this rune will also help you deal with scams when you are split pushing. 
  • Triumph – The heal can be very helpful after tower dives or even team fights.
  • Legend: Alacrity – Jax has a passive that increases his attack speed each time he hits an enemy with his basic attacks. This rune will improve that passive even further.
  • Last Stand – Jax’s extended fights can lead him to reach critical HP levels, and this is one of the best runes if you are planning to go on extended fights. 

When Should I pick Jax?

If the enemy’s team comp is not leaning towards early solid to mid-game champions, Jax is a great pick. If Jax gets taken out early in the game, it will be tough for him to catch up despite his late-game potential.

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There are multiple builds on Jax because of his hybrid AP and AD nature; this is great as you can easily adjust your build depending on the enemy or team comp you are playing against.

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