The Cheapest Champions in League of Legends

Welcome back, League of Legends players! The ranked season is underway, how are you doing with the points? Will a valuable prize await you at the end of this season or will you end up in the Silver tier? 

The choice is yours, depending on how much time you spend playing and practicing. In League of Legends, everything is unpredictable and depends solely on the readiness of the players. 

The player must be ready to adapt to his team and adapt to the champion he chooses. Especially if his coveted champion is banned or chosen by another player. The champion pool in the League of Legends currently has more than 150 champions. 

Some champions you can only play when they are free or when you buy them, and the price can be quite high for certain champions, especially new ones.

Every League of Legends player knows that his League of Legend career depends heavily on the champions he owns. That way he can train with different champions at any time and thus prepare for the game where he will have to show what he has learned. 

However, champions in the League of Legends can be quite expensive. This is especially true for new champions, so players often have to save for them.

If you’re new to the League of Legends, you’ll probably want to buy beginner champions to learn how to play with them. Luckily, Riot allowed players to buy those beginner champions for a very small amount. 

The price of these champions is 260 Riot Points or 450 Blue Essence. For this amount you can complete your League of Legends collection of champions and so always have a safe pick in the Champion Select lobby. Now, let’s list the cheapest champions in the League of Legends.

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1. Amumu 

This cute mummy is meant for the role of Jungler. Amumu is ideal for all beginners who want to try themselves as Junglers because they can learn how to attack enemies and gank other lanes. Also, Amumu can be a very dangerous champion if the player knows how to use his abilities well, so given his low price, you can have him in your collection today.

2. Annie

Annie is a champion we can never get enough of. Seemingly cuddly and cute, she jumps around Summoner’s Rift carrying her teddy bear. Well, until her enemy champions get in the way. Then that teddy bear turns into a dangerous bear that will kill enemy champions in a few blows. 

And Annie turns from a cute sweetheart into a dangerous girl who throws fire at everyone around her. Her position is mid lane, and she is intended for beginners because she is really easy to learn. And a very interesting champion, to note.

3. Ashe

Ashe is a classic beginner example of an ADC champion. She is there to create the game and collect the most kills during the match. Ashe, however, is a very easy champion because her abilities are not overly complicated. Her strongest weapon is an ice arrow that can stun the enemy champion from a great distance. If you are a beginner player, Ashe is a great choice.

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4. Dr. Mundo

Dr. Mundo is a tank champion, which means he is not as strong in the fight against the enemy champion but he is extremely difficult to eliminate from the game. Riot has recently nerfed him which means he is even fresher and better. His health pool can be very large, so if you choose to learn how to play Dr.Mundo prepare to learn all about what a tanky champion needs to know at the same time.

5. Garen

Garen only at first glance looks terribly dangerous, and in fact, is dangerous only for enemy champions. Garen has simple abilities, so like Ashe, it can be ideal for beginners who want to see what it’s like to play with Garen. 

When Garen accumulates a lot of kills he becomes a real terror on Summoner’s Rift. In that case, it is very difficult to kill him, and he with his ult can finish off any enemy that comes his way.

6. Kayle

Kayle is a champion intended for mid or top lane. With her, you will be able to learn all the basics of solo lane, and at the same time use its full potential by killing enemies. Kayle reaches her peak in the late game when her ult can turn a teamfight in favor of her team. Given the low price you will have to pay for Kayle, our advice is to invest money in this great warrior today.

7. Master Yi

Ah, Master Yi, one of those champions we adore when he’s on our team, and who we hate at the same time when he’s on the enemy team. Master Yi can become terribly strong once he gathers enough kills and buys enough items. Also, he has high mobility and high damage, which is provided by objects from the jungle. If you want to knock out enemy players, Master Yi is the real champion for that.

8. Nunu

Nunu is a relatively new champion, at least for those of us who are no longer active in the League of Legends on a daily basis. Nunu is another jungle champion who is capable of making big and dangerous snowballs that slow down the champion and do him damage.

Nunu is also capable of killing the monsters from the jungle, at the same time he can gank other lanes and help his teammates when it comes to teamfight.

9. Poppy

Poppy and her hammer were an indispensable part of everyone’s collection, but long ago. Poppy has lost a bit of her popularity, which doesn’t diminish her strength. She mostly plays on top lane and can provide big CC. 

We would love to see Riot bring our Poppy back to life as there is still a lot she can learn new and old League of Legends players. Maybe you can buy Poppy and test her abilities and tell us how you feel about playing with her?

10. Ryze

With Ryze, there is no joking, Ryze is one of the champions that Riot has reworked and can now parry much stronger opponents. He is a mage champion who usually plays in the mid lane. His abilities are somewhat more complicated and require learning. 

It is because of that that most of his abilities require combining to be in full glory. That’s why Ryze may be your first more complicated test in the League of Legends. But trust us, once you learn how Ryze plays, it will pay off.

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11. Singed

Singe can be found on top lane, where he is ready to wait for novice players to bring them back to base, dead of course. His poison is a great weapon that can harm enemy champions and allow him and his teammates to easily eliminate them. You can buy this champion for little money and surprise your opponents who will not even expect you to choose the somewhat forgotten Singed.

12. Sivir

Sivir, a female warrior, like Ashe carries the title of female ADC champion. Her abilities are strongest in the late game, when she gets stronger and buys the right items. With Sivir, bot lane is in your hands.

13. Soraka

Soraka is one of the best support champions in the League of Legends. This selfless moon warrior sacrifices herself to heal her teammates, and her ult saves her entire team in the most critical moments. It is ideal if you want to learn how to play the support role.

14. Warwick

Last but not least, Warwick is a danger lurking from the jungle. He has high mobility, and his ability to gank other lanes always proves to be a good option when it comes to finishing off enemy champions.


This is a list of the cheapest League of Legends champions you can buy even if you just want to expand your collection of champions. Many of them are powerful, so use your time and learn how to play with them. Good luck and have fun!

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