Is Jinx AP or AD? The Ultimate Season 12 LoL Guide 

Jinx is the star of Riot Games’ latest animated series ‘Arcane’. She is portrayed as a crazy teenage girl that loves mayhem and destruction; of course, the animated series explored the reason behind this, but in the game, that is just what Jinx does. 

Shoot and blow things up. She is an ADC that is pretty weak in the early game but can destroy the game during the late game. If she has good peel support, she can win almost any game during the late game. 

Jinx uses two forms to switch her primary attack effect; this makes her a bare attack-reliant champion and needs to build items to increase the strength of her basic attacks. 

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Is Jinx AP or AD Champion?

Here is the answer:

Jinx is an AD-based champion, and all of her abilities scale with attack damage; just like I mentioned above, she needs items to increase the damage of her basic attacks. She is a late-game champion that can deal tons of AOE damage thanks to her Q during the late game. Though be careful when playing Jinx, falling behind during the early game will make it hard for her to bounce back even if she gets her power spike in the late game. So here are the rules and items you should buy on Jinx to win a game.

Best Items on Jinx

  • Kraken Slayer – Like II mentioned above, Jinx relies on the basic attacks,s and what better mythic item is there to increase the damage of your ks than Kraken Slayer. This item increases Jinx’s attack speed and critical strike chance, giving her a unique passive that allows her to deal actual damage every third hit.
  • Rapid Firecanon – Jinx can increase her attack range with her Q, which lets her switch her weapon to a grenade launcher that deals AoE damage. Sometimes enemies manage to get away from Jinx during a fight,t and if she doesn’t have her W or her R, she can use this item’s increase in attack range.
  • Infinity edge – This item increases Jinx’s primary attack damage as it gives her an insane amount of bonus AD; another neat thing about this item is that it also increases the critical strike damage Jinx can throw. 
  • Phantom Dancer – This new item replaced the old Guinsoo’s rage blade. Upon landing basic attacks on an enemy, this item can stack up, and upon reaching full stacks, it will give the user bonus attack speed and even ghosting. Phantom Dancer will also give Jinx a shield when she falls off to a low HP when fighting.
  • Lord Dominik’s Regards – Jinx has two options when picking an item that can deal with tanks, it’s either this or the blade of the ruined king, and Jinx being a crit-based champion, it just seems that this item is the better choice. She gains bonus attack damage with this item, bonus critical strike chance, and deals bonus damage to champions with higher HP than Jinx.

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Best Runes on Jinx

  • Lethal Tempo – Perhaps one of the best champions to have the lethal tempo rune, Jinx can easily stack this rune up with her Q, and upon reaching full stacks, she can destroy enemies from afar as it increases her attack range. Lethal tempo also gives jinx bonus attack speed, which synergizes with her passive, making her move fast when scoring a takedown.
  • Presence of Mind – Jinx can quickly run out of mana because when she has her Q activated, it continuously draws mana from Jinx with every shot she takes. Presence of Mind also allows jinx to keep using her abilities when she kills enemies as it restores a percentage of her maximum mana pool.
  • Legend Bloodline – Bonus lifesteal
  • Coup de grace – Jinx can execute enemies much better with coup de grace’s bonus damage to champions with low HP.

When Should I Pick Jinx?

She is perfect if there are no early game champions with gap closers like Leona or Pantheon on the opposing team. She is great if no champions with backline access are on the opposing team.

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Jinx is an AD-based champion, and all of her abilities scale with attack damage. She can play safe to carry her entire team during the late game.

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