Is Playing League of Legends Good For You?

For decades, many consider video games are nothing but nuances or as they like to say it “rots your brain.” Many people also consider it as a waste of time and do nothing for your well-being whatsoever. Despite these beliefs, scientists actually think that playing games improve our mental awareness and overall mental health. These benefits are not limited to young enthusiasts but adults and people of all ages as well. 

There are tons of video game genres out there and one of the most popular are strategy games where the mind really gets to work, it is like playing chess but at a much faster pace. One great example of a strategy game is League of Legends which is considered as the greatest game of our time simply because it has one of the highest player base in the entire world of video games.

What is League of Legends?

League of Legends or what most of us call it, ‘LoL’ is a strategy game that puts you in a team of 5 against a team of 5 as well. You will need to work together with your team to destroy the enemy’s Nexus and win the game, simple as it sounds, trust me, it’s not that easy. 

There are lots of things to consider if you want to destroy the enemy team’s nexus, lots of mechanics are combined together to achieve victory. Each player also have roles to play that benefit their team.

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What Are The Roles In League of Legends?

Top Lane

This is the farthest lane in League of Legends and this lane is mostly composed of tank champions or bruiser champions, these are characters that excel at defensive stats. In simple words, they serve as the huge bodyguards of the team, imagine those huge bouncers standing outside bars that stop you from getting inside. Well, that’s their main job, stop enemies from getting to their teammates and deal with enemies head to head. 


This role spends most of its time in the jungle, the jungle is not like the other lanes where players have one path to follow where minions move to push a turret. The jungler’s job is to earn gold and EXP by killing jungle monsters, and because of this, they are very versatile and have access to all lanes, meaning they can help their teammates anytime they are in trouble.

They are also the ones assigned in securing major objectives like Baron Buff and Dragons. These major buffs are so strong that taking one gives a huge boost to your team. Baron buff gives champions a temporary buff and lets them buff lane minions as well. Dragons give you permanent buffs that can stack up each time you kill one. 

Mid Laner

The mid laner’s job is to be in the middle of the map most of the time, they are usually played by a team captain who shouts commands to his teammates so that their team is well coordinated. They are in the middle meaning all lanes have equal distance to them and they can gank any lane that needs help. 

This is also the lane that relies on wave management heavily as it is what decides which of the two opposing mid laners gets to help their teammates secure an objective or secure a kill. Champions played in the mid-lane are mage champions who usually have skill shots or long ranged spells. 

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From the name itself, you already know that the support’s job is to support his teammates. They are played in the bot lane, along with the ADC or the marksman of the team. 

This role is the one tasked to handle utility factors of the game like warding or providing vision for their teammates, they are also mostly composed of healer champions or champions that can initiate takedowns for their team. 


The ADC is the damage source of the team and is also the squishiest member of the team, meaning ADCs will need the protection of support and tank teammates so they can dish out tons of damage and kill the team. ADC champions are mostly ranged marksmen or melee champions that can deal very high damage and has a good gap closer. 

These roles are the same for each side so you will find that whatever you try to do with your team, the opposing team will try to do as well, so you will have to come up with unique strategies to surprise the enemy team. 

How Can Playing League Of Legends Contribute To Your Well-Being?

Like what I have mentioned above, League of Legends is heavily based on strategy or your decision-making skills. Having roles to play also teaches our brain the sense of responsibility that has consequences if we divert from the responsibility given to us. 

Playing LoL also improves a person’s analytical thinking, many factors contribute to this, and to name a few, knowing what items to buy to counter the champion you are facing. Knowing what champion to pick so you can counter their team or you can perform amazing combos with your teammates. 

Overall, League of Legends helps you become a strategist and it also improves your reaction time. The more you take the game seriously, you will find that your mind becomes sharper, take for example the pro players who dedicate their time to practicing and familiarizing with the game. They have lightning-fast reflexes and reaction time and that is the reason why they are dubbed as the world’s greatest players. 

League of Legends also improves your eye’s response rate. This is a game that has lots of details and information on the screen all at once. While playing, you have to focus on your enemy so they don’t surprise you with whatever tactic they are planning, you should also look at the minimap at the bottom side of the screen to have a piece of information on what is happening with your teammates.

There are also jungle timers that help you decide when to push the wave fast or slow. All of these happen really fast which will surely improve your hand and eye coordination.

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Despite the popular belief that playing games will slow your mind, it’s really quite the opposite as it is also backed by many scientists and experts.

Some Statistics even show that people who play games on a daily basis have higher analytical skills than the average person, so the next time somebody tells you to stop playing because it only makes you dumb, don’t pay them any attention because their belief is contradicted by scientists. 

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