Best Items Against Shields In League Of Legends

Best Items Against Shields In League Of Legends Guide

League of Legends matches are determined by several factors; champion kits, items, runes, etc. A proper team composition can lead to extraordinary results. It should consist of high damage, defense penetration, anti-healing items, etc. One of these niches includes items that are strong against shields. Shields can the determining factor in the outcome of a trade, which is why it can sometimes prove pivotal in utilizing these items.

There are only 2 main items in League’s item roster, Serpent’s Fang & Shadowflame. Shadowflame is relatively newer item that provides you with AP damage plus increased damage against shields, while Serpent’s Fang is an AD item that reduces any new shields formed.

Now, it seems fairly straightforward that you would buy the respective item if you were up against an enemy that prioritizes shields like Shen. But there is a bit more you need to be careful of as this item plays into a very niche category of champions. Stay with us to understand more about the item.

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Serpent’s Fang

Serpent’s Fang Best Items Against Shields League of Legends

Serpent’s Fang is the only AD item in the game that effects shields in the any way. You could further and say it is the only item to effect shields regardless as Shadowflame only amplifies your damage.

Item Stats

Serpent’s Fang provides users with a base increase of 55 attack damage and 12 lethality. It costs 2600 gold, making it a great third item in your build.

Passive- Shield Reaver

The passive is more related to shields. Shield Reaver allows you to play a debuff on an enemy champion. This debuff is placed any time you damage an enemy champion. Any new shields on the champion will be reduced to 50% effectiveness for 3 seconds after the debuff was placed.

This debuff does not stack, rather it has to be reapplied every 3 seconds for maximum effectiveness. Any existing shields on a champ, unaffected by Shield Reaver, will be reduced to 50% as well. This means it should be easier to cut through those Immortal Shieldbow shield’s Yasuo and Yone keep abusing.


This item is not effective on shields that only block magic damage. The prime example of this shield is Morgana’s E. Since it only blocks magic damage and immobilizing effects, Shield Reaver will not debuff any champion with Morgana’s shield.

Best Picks

Champions most suited to buy Serpent’s Fang are Zed, Pyke, Yasuo, Yone, or any ADC. They can constantly reduce the shields of the enemy to make them burstable.

The state of the match also weighs in on this decision as not all matches will require a Serpent’s Fang. You need to realize whether or not enough shielding is being done to justify using an item slot to buy this item.


Shadowflame is relatively newer champion that a lot of people might not know about. It was introduced side by side with Crown of the Shattered Queen, but while it eventually fell off, Shadowflame kept its streak hot.

Item Stats

Shadowflame provides you with an additional 100 ability power and 200 health. This is supposed to make your abilities hit harder while helping us sustain. The burst potential with this item is insane.

Passive- Cinderbloom

Cinderbloom is Shadowflame’s passive. When you damage an enemy champion, the damage is amplified by 10-20 magic penetration, depending on the target’s current health. This effect is maximum when target’s health is 1000 or lower.

The important part of this passive is you will always get an additional 20 magic penetration if the target has recently been affected by shields. This means that shielding champions will take increased damage, especially once their shields where out, compared to non-shielding champs.

Best Picks

The best champions for Shadowflame are high AP damage, burst champions. These include Ahri, Vex, Kassadin, and Veigar. Others can also use this item as long as they have some level of burst potential.

Again, as mentioned before, these items are very niche and require a particular circumstance to work effectively.

Other Tactics to Deal With Shields

Best Tactics to Deal With Shields League of Legends

Items are not the only way to deal with shields. Certain champion kits are made to break, or take advantage, of champions that use shields. A good example would be Renekton & Rell.

Other than this, shields are usually temporary to help them sustain or protect them from damage. If possible, you can always try to dodge out or wait for their shields to expire.

The Bottom Line

Shields can be really annoying to deal with, especially if it helps them escape or secure a kill on you. This is why you should nullify their efforts to the best of your abilities with either of these items.

Also, never EVER, buy Serpent’s Fang on an AP mage character as the base stats do not coincide with base stats required by the champion. Same goes for Shadowflame. Even though you may face a Morgana or Janna, it is not always beneficial for the user to use an item slot for this item.

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