5 Best Supports For Jhin in League of Legend

Jhin has a very long-range, and his W is an excellent spell that can follow up on engages even from a very long range. His ultimate is also great at initiating team fights as it has a slow effect. Champions that root enemies are the best kinds of support that you can pair with Jhin and tank CC engage champions. With that in mind, let us look at five great support champions you can use to pair with Jhin in the bot lane.

1. Lux

Lux’s Q is a great initiator for Jhin as he can easily follow up on the crowd control with his W. Both of them have long-range spells, meaning they can take enemies down from afar. Now, let us have an in-depth look at what Lux can do for Jhin.

Best item for Lux

Imperial Mandate

This duo will rely on each other’s long-range roots, and the bonus damage coming from this item is excellent as Jhin quickly follows up with his W. This is enough to bring an enemy’s HP down to half a bar, and any of the two can do the finishing blow with their long-range ultimates. 

Different Playstyle For Each Phase

Early Game Playstyle

Poke with your spell synergy with Jhin, and once an enemy’s HP is half, go for an all-in commit that leads to a kill or four summoner spells being burnt. Play aggressively from far away so your enemies won’t be able to retaliate from your pokes.

Mid Game Playstyle

Try to find picks with your full combo, don’t worry, though, as Jhin can clean up either with his W or his ultimate. Continue finding kills but never engage enemies in close range.

Late Game Playstyle

Your stats in the late game are relatively high, and you even have a higher kill pressure than Jhin, so try to find picks with your Q because one hit from your Q, and Jhin can easily follow up on it kill the champion you caught.

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2. Morgana

The champion that matches Lux’s Q root is none other than Morgana; much like Lux, this champion can help Jhin secure kills quickly no matter what phase of the game they are in. The only difference is that her damage is not burst, but DPS and her CC are much longer than Lux can offer. 

Best item for Morgana


Using this item to extend the CC duration is excellent, and it also gives Morgana a boost in Ability Power. Its mythic Passive also allows her to deal with more excellent DPS. 

Playstyles for Each Phase is Pretty Much the Same as With Lux

3. Leona

Jhin doesn’t have a kiting ability or anything to help him protect himself, so a Vanguard champion works great for him. Leona is also an excellent tank engage champion with many CC abilities that Jhin can follow up on. 

Best item for Leona

 Knight’s Vow

Designate Jhin for this item, so you don’t have to stay beside him all the time to peel for him. You can be at the vanguard and still be able to protect him. The damage reduction he receives while around is excellent to prevent bursts from assassins with backline access. 

Different Playstyle For Each Phase

Early Game Playstyle

Leona can immediately engage enemies in the laning phase to intimidate them. Jhin can easily follow up on this, so try to abuse it to control the lane. Your engagement potential gets stronger as you level up, so you should look for more and more picks. Pick the aftershock rune if you want to play an aggressive engage support.

Mid Game Playstyle

Once you see a squishy champion, Leona can immediately engage using her ult, and Jhin can extend the CC for you. This gives you more time to close the gap between you and the enemy. Once you stun that champion using your Q, Jhin can easily clean up with four bullets, then an ultimate. 

Late Game Playstyle

Stand at the vanguard at all times and never let anyone reach Jhin. Use your stuns to protect Jhin and engage enemies whenever it is necessary.

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4. Yuumi

Probably the best meme support for Jhin, Yuumi enhances the movement speed bonus of Jhin as well as his bonus AD. Yuumi’s bonus stats also allow Jhin to reach over a thousand AD, given the correct items and dragon buffs.

Best item for Yuumi

Shurelya’s Blessing

Jhin relies so much on movement speed on this duo, so he needs all the movement speed bonuses he can get. Yuumi boosts him every time she heals him so Jhin can use four of his bullets and run fast.  This is also a tremendous disengaging tool.

Different Playstyle For Each Phase

Early Game Playstyle

Yuumi should poke with her Q as much as possible as this is an excellent initiation for Jhin’s W poke. Constantly damaging the enemy ADC With this will most likely bring his HP down to a half, and you should maintain this tactic until Jhin builds his Galeforce.

Mid Game Playstyle

Support Jhin as much as possible as he builds through his items through CS. You can peel for him better in the mid-game as you can use your ultimate to CC multiple enemies at once. With Jhin’s movement speed, both of you will be able to slow enemies and Kite them simultaneously. 

Late Game Playstyle

Look to build more ability power and heal enhancing items so Jhin can survive while kiting enemies with his movement speed. 

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5. Vel’Koz

If poking is the strategy, then mage champions probably are the best to synergize with Jhin. Velkoz’s Q is very unpredictable, and it could slow enemies down, so it’ll be easier for Jhin to hit his W.

Best item for Velkoz


This item should only be used whenever enemies get near Jhin or Velkoz. They both have very long-range spells, which means their weakness is when enemies get near them. 

Different Playstyle For Each Phase

Early Game Playstyle

Velkoz, much like any other mage champion, has excellent early game pokes. Maybe he doesn’t even need Jhin to secure kills in the laning phase. But with the right synergy, they can have extreme kill pressure. 

Mid Game Playstyle

Velkoz can burst champions with his full combo if he lands his E correctly. If that’s not enough to finish enemies, Jhin can use his ultimate to clean up. 

Late Game Playstyle

Transition to being a burst mage and push lanes together with your entire team. This duo would excel so much in team fights and can be used to start tower sieges.

Final Thoughts

Jhin can one-shotting enemies in the late game, so try to play safely in the early to mid-game. But with the proper support champions, you can play aggressively and earn a lead for yourself so that you can farm faster.  

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