5 Best Supports for Corki in League of Legends

Corki has an excellent late game and can 1v5 enemies whenever he has his package. His early game damage is mediocre, so he needs support to babysit him until he reaches his item power spikes. Despite being irrelevant for numerous seasons, Corki finally finds his way back to the meta, thanks to new items. Now, let us look at champions you can use to support Corki and find more kills for him.

5. Lux

Corki benefits so much from Lux’s Q root, making it easier for him to hit his skills. Corki’s spells are easy to dodge, especially his Q, an area indicator. Though a skilled Corki can hit all of his spells, in general, you need great rooting support to make it easier to hit your spells.

Best item for Lux

Horizon Focus

Lux doesn’t need to build utility items such as a Locket as caster support. Her primary Value comes from the damage she deals, making it easier for Corki to finish enemies. Horizon Focus makes Lux prioritize long-range engagement so it’ll be much safer for her and Corki when dealing with enemies.

Different Playstyles for Each Phase

Early Game Playstyle

With Corki’s mediocre damage, you should not be looking for fights in the early game and use your spells for defense or last hit minions. As lux, you should conserve your mana and spells to use for peeling; Corki won’t have a good follow-up on your engages anyway. Try to poke if you have a mana flow band or a presence of mind; otherwise, sit tight and wait for Corki’s power spike.

Mid Game Playstyle

Chances are Corki has already built his Manamune and can already dish out great damage with his poke abilities. Try to fight off enemies by poking them frequently and only go for an all-in engagement if Corki has his package.

Late Game Playstyle

Every time you see Corki with his package, try to play aggressively and set up multiple kills for him. His late-game damage is Crazy along with his AOE damage, and it is pretty easy for him to acquire a pentakill, given that you support him along the way.

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4. Yuumi

Corki’s package Valkyrie and Yuumi’s ultimate synergize so well. Corki is also a champion that finds kills in the middle of the enemy team most of the time because of his Valkyrie, so Yuumi that can heal him multiple times and boost his stats, is great.

The best item on Yuumi

Ardent Censer

This item will boost Corki’s already impressive on-hit damage as well as his attack speed.

Different Playstyles for Each Phase

Early Game Playstyle

Immediately attach to Corki and try to poke enemies if you have the luxury of mana. Try to conserve your mana for your heals if a fraud comes from their jungler or mid laner.

Mid Game Playstyle

When Corki picks his package up, Yuumi should initiate fights with her ultimate. This way, Corki will hit his enemies much more accessible, and his package damage will surely hit all enemies. Try to play defensively whenever his package is down and group with your team, so nobody solo kills both of you.

Late Game Playstyle

Corki beats most champions, even tank ones, because of his on-hit magic damage conversion. Yuumi will also further boost Corki’s offensive stats, making him hit tanks even harder. 

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3. Braum

Braum is a vanguard champion slash enchanter that can initiate fights and engage enemies. He is a wall that prevents enemies hits from reaching Corki. His ultimate also synergizes well with Corki’s package delivery. Chasing enemies is easier with this duo as Braum can slow enemies with his Q, and Corki can follow up on it by proccing its stun.

Best item for Braum

Turbo Chemtank

Braum can use his E for dashing to friendly minions to close the gap between him and his enemy, or he can build this item so that he can chase and slow enemies down whenever there are no friendly melee minions he can dash to. 

Different Playstyles for Each Phase

Early Game Playstyle

Braum should focus on protecting Corki with his raise shield ability because they will have no match to most bot lane duo’s. Their damage is mediocre, but it will scale as the game progresses. Once they reach their power spikes, they can make up for the boring playstyle they do here at the early game.

Mid Game Playstyle

Once Corki completes one of his core items, he and Braum can start looking for fights already, given that he has his package as an engaging tool. Braum can also deal damage if he has the hail of blades rune that makes him perform passive faster. 

Late Game Playstyle

Braum and Corki’s late-game play style is pretty straightforward; let Corki go in with his package, Braum dashes to him and uses his ult, and Corki cleans everybody up. This is very risky, though, so try to build one or two defensive items on Corki like a Guardian angel or a death’s dance.

2. Thresh

Both Thresh and Corki can synergize their ultimates to maximize their value. Once Thresh casts his ultimate, Corki can use his Valkyrie to damage and knock everybody off. Everybody knocked off will be hit by Thresh’s ultimate, slowing them for longer durations while receiving Corki’s barrage.

Best item for Thresh

Gargoyle’s Stoneplate

You need this item because Thresh will be the one engaging teamfights. After all, the value of this duo comes from Thresh’s ultimate. This item makes him survive for more prolonged durations making him even more valuable to Corki.

Different Playstyles for Each Phase

Early Game Playstyle

Thresh can set up kills for Corki in the early game by hitting his hooks; he has to make sure to do this engagement if their jungler is near and is available to help. Otherwise, Corki’s damage is mediocre, and they can’t do an excellent follow-up in the early game. 

Mid Game Playstyle

The mid-game of this duo is quite substantial because of the extra mobility for Corki coming from Thresh’s lantern. Thresh is a grand champion to keep enemies from running away, and this is great for Corki because his pokes are tremendous but harder to hit if enemies are farther away.

Late Game Playstyle

The combo of this duo relies on Thresh’s engagement and if he encloses most enemy champions with his ultimate. If Corki has his package, he can use it while enemies are inside of Thresh’s ultimate; just like mentioned above, enemies won’t be able to escape and react that much after this combo.

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1. Nami

Corki’s early game pokes are weak, and an enchanter champion like Nami works excellent on him. Nami’s E gives bonus damage and slow effect on every damaging ability of Corki, making poking fun even in the early game. Nami’s Ult and Corki’s package are both extraordinary abilities to engage enemies at whatever point of the game.

Best item for Nami

The Staff of Flowing Water 

The item based on Nami’s staff is the best item you can build on her as it improves her enchanting abilities. Giving Corki extra ability haste is an excellent way to deal more damage with his ultimate.

Different Playstyles for Each Phase

Early Game Playstyle

Nami can play aggressively without COrki’s aid; her aim should not be to kill but only to zone enemies away from the minion range so that COrki can farm fast and gain a lead on the enemy bot lane duo.

Mid Game Playstyle

Nami is an excellent engagement champion, especially with her ultimate. She can use this engagement along with Corki’s package delivery to deal devastating damage in the mid-game. Her E ability can also enhance Corki’s impressive on-hit damage making it easier for him to take down even the tackiest champions in the game.

Late Game Playstyle

Try to stay away from enemies and avoid damage by staying in the backline along with Corki. Once you see Corki with his package, talk to him so you can enchant him just before he uses his package delivery as an initiation for a team fight. 

Final Thoughts

Corki is an excellent late-game champion, so you need to be careful when playing him early. After he completes two or three of his core items, his value comes out. Try to stay safe and farm efficiently until you reach your power spike.

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