League of Legends Challenges & Titles – The Ultimate Guide

League of Legends Challenges & Titles - The Ultimate Guide

For years, your beloved, popular MOBA League of Legends lacked any form of incentives for your grinds other than your ranked MMR and some loot items. But grinding over and over to hardly ever get a flex-worthy skin or a rank you can boast about can be extremely boring.

Thankfully, Riot introduced a new system of achievements in Season 12. Now, you get titles and tokens for completing challenges, like small missions you complete in your games. Confused about how all these challenges and titles work? Read on!

This detailed guide on challenges and titles in League of Legends will clear all your confusions related to League’s own achievement system and allow you to get the best of them.

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What Are Challenges In League Of Legends?

Challenges are Riot Games’ take on including an achievement system in League of Legends. Now you can finally have the game recognise your crazy high DPS, your dragon and baron steals, and your command on your lane fundamentals!

As Riot officially describes them, Challenges are just cost-free achievements that allow you to track your progress in League of Legends and reward you for them by offering you profile customization tailored to your achievements.

Categories of Challenges:

There are different kinds of challenges in League of Legends. Each of them tracks your performance and progress in League of Legends in a unique aspect. The different kinds of challenges are:

  • Collection: Challenges about your loot storage and collection.
  • Expertise: Challenges focused on measuring your skill (especially against your opponents).
  • Imagination: Challenges focused on innovative plays and rare kills.
  • Teamwork & Strategy: Challenges related to team play.
  • Veterancy: Challenges tracking your lifetime stats.

How To Check Your Challenges?

If you are curious about your achievements in League of Legends, you can easily check the progress of your Challenges within the League client.

After logging into your League account in the client, go to the Collections tab. There, you will see a Challenges page. Click on it to see different Challenges, their details, your progress for each of them, and your overall rank.

Each Challenge has its own Challenge card, on which you can see your rank for that individual challenge and a unique icon for that challenge. It also shows the game mode in which that challenge can be made to progress.

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What Is The Crystal?

What Is The Crystal?

Your overall progression in different challenges contributes to your combined rank for all Challenges. This rank is the crystal on the left of the Challenges page. Each kind of challenge has a different contribution to your overall crystal ranking.

The crystal and your overall rank for Challenges also show on your profile, even when you are in the lobby from starting your game.

As you progress through Challenges, your crystal rank will go from Iron to Challenger, just like your rank in Solo/Duo Queue or Ranked Flex.

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Titles in League of Legends

Obviously, getting achievements should always net you some benefits. In League of Legends, you get different rewards for your progression in Challenges. One of these is the titles you are given.

You can earn different titles from different challenges. For example, if you get lots of solo kills, you can flaunt your skill by equipping the title ‘Solo Bolo’ on your profile. Not everyone has access to the same titles, and your collection of titles will be a good reflection of your skill in League of Legends.

You can equip any title that you have earned by clicking on your summoner icon on the right side of the League client. This is the same page where you change your Summoner Icon. There, click on the Titles tab. A list of your titles will be shown, from which you can pick the one you are most proud of!


Tokens in League of Legends

Another cool benefit of progressing through Challenges is the fact that you get unique Tokens from them. These tokens are small images that are displayed under your Summoner Name in different locations in the game, including the pregame lobby and the loading screen.

Tokens include the icon of their respective Challenges, and a colour that reflects your rank in that challenge. So, they are a great way of boasting about your skill and rank in different aspects of the game.

Just like Titles, you can equip these tokens from the page where you customise your Summoner Profile. Click on the Tokens tab after clicking on your Summoner Icon in the top right corner of the League client, and you can see the tokens you have.

You can equip any three tokens at a time and can also remove them if you want. Nothing beats the feeling of equipping a rare token that you have just obtained after many games of grinding.

Final Thoughts

The Challenges system in League of Legends is undoubtedly one of the most refreshing additions to the game. It makes flexing your skill and unique playstyle incredibly easier and gives you a new incentive to play the game with greater interest.

Let us know in the comments below what you think of this system and how much you have progressed in your Challenges.

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