Top 7 Least Bought Skins In League of Legends

Skins in League of Legends are great works of art as skin developers really put their all into making one. From the overall design of the skin to the corresponding lore, it comes along with the skin line it is released with. 

You can really see the effort put into some of the recent skins, but looking back before League of Legends was even heard of, the skins weren’t that impressive. They were mostly just a changed color scheme of the champion; if not, they really are just the same skin and only look like a chroma skin. 

Nowadays, we have what we call chroma variants of the skin where the color scheme is changed, and sometimes the overall look of the champion is changed. In this article, we will show you 7 of the worst or the least bought skins in League of Legends. 

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7. Nightmare Cho’Gath

Starting this list is Nightmare Cho’Gath; this is the very skin I talked about in the intro. He is basically the same, every design is the same, and the only difference is their color. Now I’m not saying that this skin is a complete waste of space when you get it from Hextech crafting, who knows if Cho’Gath receives a complete make-over in the future. 

When champions get reworked, usually the best-looking skin is the worst one they have before the rework; a great example of this is Warwick’s Tundra Skin

6. Deadly Kennen

Nothing is worse than getting a skin with no special effects at all, and the only difference is the color of their skin or clothes. In this skin’s case, nothing is really changed, the color of the special effects of abilities remain the same, and the animations are the same along with the voice lines and recall animation. 

It really feels like you just bought a chrome for Kennen’s base skin when you have this skin.

5. Shamrock Malphite

This one is much worse than the previous skins in this list, and Shamrock Malphite is simply just a chroma for Malphite’s Base skin. It doesn’t even have any change to it at all; you might as well consider it as a base skin Chroma. 

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4. Golden Alistar

When thinking about the marketability of these skins, they are all the same as nobody really buys them anymore. In Golden Alistar’s case, there is one change to it, it feels like a different skin because the color change and color combination of the skin gives off a different energy than his base skin.

3. White Mage Veigar

This is pretty much the same as all the skins mentioned in this article; White Mage Veigar is simply a skin with a different color scheme. There are no changes whatsoever from his animation to his voice lines. 

The color used in this skin also doesn’t fit Veigar’s look as he is a dark mage that should radiate Evil. The white and red color just seems like a lame excuse for a skin.

2. Sasquatch Nunu (Old)

This is the first skin in here that doesn’t look like a chroma variant of the base skin, which is far worse than that. Even though the skin’s overall look is changed, it looks much worse than the base skin of Nunu.

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1. Nosferatu Vladimir

This skin really is the worst looking skin in the game, it took out the badass vampire look out of Vladimir. The baldness of the skin and the funny-looking facial expression of the splash art are what made players turn their backs on purchasing this skin.

Final Thoughts

There are tons of skins in the League of Legends franchise, but the ones listed here are the worst simply because they were released way back in the early years of League of Legends. 

Designers didn’t put that much effort into those skins yet because the game was not that famous yet, but as the game became famous, it prompted the designers to make good skins that go hand in hand with the game’s progress. 

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