High Elo Lee Sin Jungle Path – The Best Jungle Routes for Lee Sin in Season 12

The ever-so-popular “Lee-syndrome”, the magnificent “Golden Kick” or the now mainstream “Insec” play are just few of the iconic references surrounding one of League of Legends’ most beloved champions, whose inability to see has also sparked countless memes. Some of the references listed above date back to much simpler times, once again proving just how well-acclaimed this champion is, as we’re obviously talking about none other than Lee Sin, the Blind Monk.

However, we need to mention that Lee Sin’s role in League of Legends culture is not limited to his iconic image, as the Blind Monk has consistently had a high pick rate, in both normal and professional play alike. Considering the mechanics on Lee Sin’s abilities, it should come as no surprise that this champion can completely dominate games, when executed correctly, yet despite his restlessly growing popularity, the Blind Monk is not among the easy-to-master champions.

Those who put in the time and effort are guaranteed to collect their reward, as advanced Lee Sin players can completely overtake the Jungle, effectively dictating the pace of the game, without even considering Lee Sin’s potential for compilation-worthy plays, turning each match into a true playground. 

That being said, allow us to walk you through both the basic and advanced mechanics of Lee Sin, the Blind Monk, through this unique guide including not only the ideal Runes, items and Jungle strategies, but also some additional tips and tricks to help you discover the true potential of one of League’s most popular champions!

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Summoner Spells

Flash + Smite

There isn’t much debate about the ideal Summoner Spells for Lee Sin, as Flash provides plenty of utility and playmaking potential to be the objectively superior option.

The Best Lee Sin Runes

There are two primary builds for Lee Sin, which need to be synergized with the proper Runes in order to fully enjoy. First, we shall be taking a look at the higher win rate, Bruiser / Fighter approach, which is likely going to prove more effective against most team comps.

In the Precision tree, start with Conqueror as your Keystone, followed by Triumph, Legend: Alacrity or Tenacity, and Last Stand, as a relatively standard set for most such champions. For the secondary options, go over to the Resolve tree and pick either Bone Plating or Conditioning, and pair it with Revitalize. 

The secondary Runes are rather flexible, so feel free to experiment with other options as well. The more common alternatives are Sudden Impact and Ravenous Hunter.

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Lethality Runes

The other build path for Lee Sin focuses on one-shot combos, using the Blind Monk as a highly versatile Assassin.

For this approach, start in the Domination tree by picking Electrocute as your Keystone, continuing with Sudden Impact, Zombie Ward and Ravenous or Relentless Hunter, like a true Assassin. As for your secondary Runes, Triumph and Coup de Grace are always solid options, but players can also look for some utility or flat damage from the Sorcery or Inspiration trees.

The Best Lee Sin Items

Starting Items: Emberknife + Refillable Potion 

Mythic Item: Goredrinker

Core Items: Defensive Boots, Black Cleaver, Sterak’s Gage

Finishing Options: Death’s Dance, Spirit Visage, Chempunk Chainsword, Guardian Angel

Given the current meta, Goredrinker is the universal pick in terms of Mythic items for Lee Sin, as its passive provides additional Ability Haste, which the Blink Monk benefits greatly from. Black Cleaver and Sterak’s Gage work flawlessly with Lee Sin, as they provide essential raw stats (namely Attack Damage and Health), in combination with some truly ideal Passive effects.

For the last two items, Guardian Angel and Chempunk Chainsword are the standard, but can be substituted with any of the items listed above, depending on the enemy team’s win conditions and how you can most effectively counter them.

Lethality build

For the Lethality build, start with Hailblade and a Refillable Potion, rushing Eclipse as your Mythic item. 

The rest of the build is made up of standard Lethality-oriented Assassin items, with the next one on the list being Edge of Night, followed by Serpent’s Fang and Youmuu’s Ghostblade, finally topped off with either The Collector or a Guardian Angel. 

Although incredibly powerful, this build leaves Lee Sin rather defenseless, resembling the “glass cannon” theme, which is why its effectiveness is conditioned by the enemy team having mostly squishy champions, without any real frontline or Bruisers.

The Best Skill Order for Lee Sin

Q > W > E > R

Some players prefer investing their first Spell Point in W, as it help clear the first camp without losing much Health, but the choice is ultimately going to rather irrelevant, as the difference between starting abilities is quite negligible. 

The Best Jungle Paths for Lee Sin

Although his least exciting ability, Lee Sin’s Passive should not be ignored, as players who neglect keeping track of it commonly end up struggling to properly cycle their abilities, due to a lack of Energy. Essentially, after using an ability, Lee Sin’s next 2 basic attacks within 3 seconds are empowered with 40% attack speed, while also restoring crucial Energy. 

In the Jungle, players should always try to cycle their abilities by following the “Ability + 2 basic attacks” rule, to continuously restore energy and get the most out of the 40% attack speed bonus.

We are going to cover the most advantageous starts from each side, but players should keep a few factors in mind when deciding upon where their Jungle pathing should start. These are:

  • Which laners are going to provide more help in clearing the first camp?
  • Counter-jungle opportunities, based on where the enemy Jungler is likely to start.
  • Which lane would you like to gank first, depending on both the allied and enemy champions.

Although the Blind Monk can start ganking as early as LVL 2, having access to the Tempest / Cripple (E) ability will make quite a considerable difference, as it adds a layer of damage and slow to your ganks. 

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Red Side, Red Clear

Considering the costs of Lee Sin’s core items, it should come as no surprise that executing this champion properly requires finding early gold leads, usually through takedowns and tempo advantages. However, in order to keep a somewhat safe approach, players should also regularly farm the Jungle monsters, being covered in case their ganks do not actually convert. This essentially leaves Lee Sin players to skip over the Krug camp entirely, investing their time in securing gold through ganks, rather than through the Krugs.

Starting from the Red Side’s Red Buff, after steadily finishing the first camp, head towards the Raptors and invest your Smite towards rapidly slaying the larger mob. By using both casts of W, players can also regenerate some additional Health from killing the small Raptors.

Next on the list are the Wolves, followed by the Blue Buff, where players should use their second charge of Smite in order to gain some tempo and Health back. As shown in the image, Gromp is going to be the next objective, which may take a bit to finish.

When fighting these sturdier mobs, always keep track of your Passive to continuously benefits from the added attack speed and energy restoration.

After slaying the Gromp, players should immediately head for the River in order to secure the Scuttler. Despite not having Smite or any hard CC to break the Scuttler’s shield with, Lee Sin players can confidently hit away at its Health bar, as the Blind Monk can win most 1v1s in case the enemy Jungler tries to contest.

From the position you’re left in, seek for an angle to gank either Mid or Bot from, as you can choose between using Q or W to close the gap, depending on the enemy’s positioning.

Red Side, Blue Clear

Switching over to the other side of the Jungle for the starting position, players will now have the benefit of getting assistance from two allies instead of one, which might prove useful in terms of tempo.

Start by slaying the Blue Buff with the help of your allies, before turning your attention towards the Gromp. This camp may be a bit more challenging to slay early on, but this issue is easily overcome through the use of your first Smite charge, ultimately leaving you on full Health.

On your way towards the Red Buff, make sure to clear the multi-mob camps situated on the route, the Wolves and Raptors to be precise. By properly cycling your Passive and with the help of the E ability, Lee Sin can comfortably clear both camps without Smite.

At the Red Buff, do not hesitate to use the second charge of Smite in order to clear the camp more quickly, allowing you to reach the River as soon as possible, decreasing the odds of the enemy Jungler contesting. 

While you are hitting away at the Scuttler, scout both Mid and Top to see which lane is more open for a gank, because as soon as you’re done securing the extra vision, experience and gold from the Scuttler, you should be heading directly towards a lane in order to attempt a gank before your first reset.

Blue Side, Blue Clear

Going for a Blue Buff start on the opposite side of the Map will lead you on an identical clearing route to the Blue Side’s Blue start, with the only notable difference being the fact that you no longer have the assistance of two allies in the beginning.

From the initial camp, once again invest the time needed to clear the Gromp, using Smite to accelerate this process. Afterwards, the next objectives are the multi-mob camps located on your way towards the Red Buff, which Lee Sin can comfortably clear.

At the Red Buff, cast Smite to execute it in order to enable yourself to reach the Scuttler as quickly as possible, avoiding the risk of having to challenge the enemy Jungler for it. Although Lee Sin can win most 1v1s, the enemy can simply Smite the Scuttler and leave, ultimately winning out on the trade.

After securing the Scuttler, seek for an angle to gank from on either Mid or Bot, depending on the enemy’s vision line and positioning.

Blue Side, Red Clear

As for the final starting position, Blue Side’s Red Buff, players will want to take a similar approach to the mirror route, clearing the first camp with the assistance of their allies before heading for the Raptors.

At the Raptor camp, cast Smite on the larger mob to quicken up your pace, then transition into the other side of the Jungle, shifting your focus towards the Wolves. 

Having finished your third camp, as shown in the image, secure the Blue Buff as your next objective, using Smite in the process. Afterwards, players should slay the Gromp as a last stop before entering the River, where the Scuttler awaits.

By the time you are done securing the Scuttler, Top and Mid should have already begun pushing into each other, allowing you to force a gank by using either W or Q to close the gap and hopefully secure a takedown.

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The Best Tips and Tricks for Lee Sin Jungle

  • The second cast on Lee Sin’s Q increases its damage based on the target’s missing Health, meaning that players should not always use both Qs in rapid succession. That’s partly the reason why Lee’s execution combo consists of landing the first Q, getting in close using W, dealing some more damage with E, before rapidly casting R and finally the second Q charge.
  • Using Q and W to effectively navigate the Map is an essential part of playing Lee Sin, but it also requires some training. W can be cast on allied champions, minions, wards, and a handful of other units such as Shaco boxes or Teemo mushrooms. 
  • Knowing where the Jungle monsters usually spawn can also help you in getting out of sticky situations, as hitting both Qs on mobs can facilitate your escape whenever you’re caught off-guard in the Jungle.
  • Dragon’s Rage (R) deals a huge amount of damage once Lee Sin reaches three or four items, yet many players fail to use this ability properly. Taking the extra effort to reposition yourself using W or Flash, in order to kick the primary target into more enemies, can make the difference between lost and won fights. When the initial target collides with other enemies, the collision also deals fight-changing damage, even more so if the enemy you’re sending flying is a Tank or Bruiser.
  • Finally, always buy a handful of Control Wards to use in your escapes or plays. Although players can technically stick to the Yellow Trinket, this solution is not really that reliable, as more often than not you’ll be required to use the Trinket in order to secure vision, leaving you without a ward to W to when most needed.

Finalizing Thoughts

As previously mentioned, the Blind Monk is not among the easy difficulty Junglers, as getting the most out of this champion requires players to properly execute up to 7 highly versatile abilities, one of which being a skillshot, whilst also using their Trinket or Control Wards to set up fights.  

During the early game, Lee Sin players should focus on winning small advantages across the Map, by effectively navigating the Jungle and reading the enemy’s pathing. With high damage and mobility, the Blind Monk’s ganks can easily convert into takedown, with the only condition usually being to land the first form of Q. As the game progresses, Lee Sin can win team fights by either making his way into the enemy’s backline and separating the carries from their allies using R, or by simply taking down isolated enemies who happen to be overstepping. 

Finally, don’t forget to practice playing Lee Sin as often as possible, as the sheer fun provided by the playmaking potential of his kit keeps the games enjoyable, only getting more entertaining as you progress. 

This concludes our Jungle guide for Lee Sin, the Blind Monk, as we urge our readers to check back to our website for more League-related content, including guides such as this one, which regularly upload more of!

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