How To Fix Long Loading Screen Issues in League of Legends?

League of Legends is a game that doesn’t require a lot of high specs. It can even run on PCs that have integrated graphics cards. However, there are moments when your loading screen will take a long time to complete before the game starts.

Now, while it might not always be your fault, we might have a few troubleshooting solutions that can help you improve the timing of the loading screen. If you are certain that your PC isn’t causing any issues, we will also show you why the loading screen might be taking forever.

Usually, a long loading screen indicates that someone’s game isn’t loaded. This can be due to having a slow PC or the game might have crashed. In some cases, this is because of a bug on Riot Games’ side.

If you want to know how you can increase your loading time, continue reading to find out. With that said, let’s dive right in and find out why your loading screen takes forever to complete in LoL.

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Slow Hardware

One of the biggest issues why most games lag or have performance issues is due to hardware problems or slow hardware. Even if you have a fast PC or laptop, you might still have to wait in the loading screen due to other players.

Since League of Legends is an online game, there are 10 players total that play each game. The game has to wait for all of them to load in the game before it can start. So, no matter what your hardware is, if one player has a slower PC, everyone will be waiting. 

At the same time, this issue can also occur if your RAM is full due to other applications opening in the background. The biggest culprit of this is Google Chrome. Most players have Chrome opened up to open websites to see everyone’s rank and what build they should make. 

Crashing Issues

This is a common issue in most Riot Games’ games. Regardless of how massive the company gets, its games often crash without any apparent issue. Whether you play League of Legends or Valorant, you will experience these issues.

As such, there are a lot of players that have their game crash randomly during the loading screen. At that moment, unless they join back, the loading screen will take a long time since it is trying to load the person who isn’t there.

When they restart their game and rejoin the screen, the loading will instantly be completed. Otherwise, you will have to wait quite some time to get into the game. 

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How to Fix Slow Loading Screen?

There are multiple things that you can do to improve the loading screen timings. While you might not think that the solutions mentioned below will have a massive impact on your game, just try them out and see for yourself.

Update Drivers

This is an important thing that most players should do. You might not think that this is a good way to improve the loading screen issues but it helps out a lot. Updating your drivers can allow the newer more optimized drivers to get installed. 

So, make sure that you update your Windows and graphics drivers for the best results. 

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Put League On Your SSD

Finally, putting League in your SSD will improve the loading screen immensely. If you have an SSD on your PC or laptop, put League in it and you will never be able to go back. Even if you have a beefy PC, League sometimes causes issues in the HDD.

After I copied it to my SSD, my games have been loading faster and also performing better as well. I no longer have random FPS drops or crashes. 

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