How to Carry a Losing Team as a Mage?

How to Carry a Losing Team as a Mage in League of Legends? Complete Guide

League of Legends is an easy game to play but it is near impossible to master it. It consists of an incredible number of variables and mechanics. Especially in the lower ranks, people tend to many several mistakes. As we know, the smallest misjudgments can lead to losing your lane. If you win your lane playing Mages and your teammates are continuously making such mistakes, causing the game to end in a defeat, don’t lose hope because our guide will help you carry your losing team on your back to a victory.

Who Are Mages in League of Legends?

Who are Carry Mage Champions in League of Legends? Complete Guide

Mages in League of Legends are the champions who have ability-based damage. They use mana as their resource of strength and possess crowd control abilities that can be the deciding factor in a fight. Mages are most powerful in skirmishes and team fights. 

Mages are one of the many classes of champions you can pick from in LoL. They generally target marksmen in fights and are capable of bursting them down. They are well-kitted with area-of-effect damage abilities and crowd control putting them at the same level as the Fighter class.

Some categories of Mages and an example of a carry Mage from that category are:

  • Control Mages (Viktor)
  • Assassins (Fizz)
  • Battle Mages (Sylas)
  • Burst Mages (Evelynn)

How to Carry as a Mage:

Although some tips may only apply to a specific type of Mage, this guide will cover all the general macro tips that will allow YOU to carry your losing team to the finish line.


Poking refers to inflicting significant damage to your enemies from a safe range before a crucial fight. Mages generally have a longer range than ADCs. They can reliably poke the enemy, dealing chunks of damage per enemy hit such as Syndra’s Q-E combo or Viktor’s Death Ray (E). Landing consistent poke damage creates a champion health advantage before a team fight or in the lane, putting you at a strong advantage. You can then use that advantage to force a fight and ultimately gain ground that way. It is a simple yet effective way to help your team come back in a difficult match.

Carry Mages Damage in League of Legends Complete Guide

Peel for Hyper Carries

Peeling refers to doing everything to protect and set up your strong allies in LoL. Mages provide excellent crowd control not only for themselves but for their teammates as well. If you have one hyper-carry champion (such as Jinx or Zeri), you can help them become completely unstoppable by peeling for them. This guarantees not only you to be strong but also puts your ally in a position to carry a losing team alongside you. It must be noted that your hyper carry needs to stay relevant in the game in terms of gold and experience for you to be able to combo alongside them. You can help them in doing so by roaming to their lane to help them out.

Mage Hyper Carries in League of Legends Complete Guide

Play for Team Fights

Mages excel in team fights. Mages are known for their AoE damaging abilities, allowing them to inflict huge amounts of damage in team fights. Mages can apply decisive area-of-effect crowd control abilities that can allow your team to deal a lot of damage for its duration and although they would lack damage due to losing lane, it would have a great impact on how your team plays the fight. Winning team fights also lead to objectives as team fights often occur right before an objective. They are a great way to come back into the game, especially with bounties that have been added in season 12.

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Roaming refers to leaving your own lane to help out in other lanes. It is important for you to get all the gold and XP in lane before you can recall or roam so make sure you shove your wave into the enemy tower at the right time. Once you roam with a shoved wave, your opponent has no valid reason to follow you to match your roam instead of losing a ton of gold and XP. You can walk to an ally lane and snowball from the kill you get there, becoming closer to being in a position to single-handedly carry your game.

Carry Mages Roaming in League of Legends Guide

Collecting Tower Bounties

With the introduction of objective bounties in season 12, coming back from a gold deficit has been made easier than ever. Objective bounty is the gold rewarded to the losing team for taking down objectives. These bounties apply to epic jungle monsters such as Rift Herald or Baron Nashor, the Dragons, and even enemy towers. As a mage, you have a good form of wave clear. If you keep getting tower bounties for yourself and for your team, you will slowly cover up the gold deficit for your team and come back that way. Being a strong part of your team is crucial here as your team may have to contest for each of these bounties.

Camping a Lane with Jungler

Even if your Jungler is losing, you can still join him in roaming to another lane getting an advantage that way. This not only benefits you but also benefits your Jungler and the Laner, giving them gold and experience for their assistance. This is especially effective because instead of being ganked by a single jungler, it is even harder to evade two people roaming to your lane. If you camp your hyper-carry ally’s lane, this almost guarantees you and them to be a strong force among your team. Even if you are losing, it makes your team severely punishing.

Who Are the Best Carry Mages in LoL?

The best Mages for carrying games in LoL are Viktor, Katarina, and Kassadin among others.


Best Carry Mage for a Losing Team Viktor League of Legends Guide

Viktor is capable of dominating the laning phase with strong poke and outstanding wave-clear. He is one of the strongest Mid Laners in season 12, known as a lane-bully in most matchups with a terrifying mid-to-late game. With evolving abilities, he gains crucial power spikes throughout the game. Viktor is capable of self-peel with an upgraded Siphon Power (Q). He is all-around a near-perfect carry mage due to his strengths in the solo lane and team fights.


Best Losing Team Carry Mage Akali League of Legends Guide

Akali is one of the most popular assassins. She is very mobile and is capable of outputting an immense amount of damage to her targets, a perfect mixture for a deadly assassin. Once ahead, it is extremely difficult to take down even by two people. Her mobility allows her to reach the back line of the enemy team with ease, assassinating them in fashion and making it out of the fight with plenty of health to work with still. Akali is one of the hardest snowballing Mages because of how easily she can dive her enemies.

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Best Losing Team Carry Mage Fizz League of Legends Guide

Fizz has a very high skill ceiling. He specializes in outplaying his opponents as well as dealing an absurd amount of damage to his opponents using Playful/Trickster (E). Fizz is a great Mage for carrying games. It is very easy for him to snowball as he has a strong laning phase and even better mid-game to become an unstoppable carry. He is a great roaming and diving champion. He can also target the enemy carry and take them down with ease in a team fight using Chums The Water (R).

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Final Thoughts

Being on the losing team in League of Legends can be very challenging. It makes you feel hopeless about winning and can be very demotivating. As long as you do not lose the mental game, there is always a chance of retaliation. Always put yourself in a position to be carrying in case your team is losing.

It is difficult but not impossible to carry a losing team as a Mage. Mages require you to play with precision if your goal is to carry your team against all odds. Again, it may be quite a difficult task but if you play everything accordingly, you will come out victorious in that game. Did our guide benefit you in carrying your losing teams? What is your favorite Mage in League of Legends? What are your thoughts on the newest patch? We love hearing your feedback, so hit us with it in the comment section below!

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