How to Extend Lead in League Of Legends

How to Extend Lead in League Of Legends? Complete Guide

Have you ever been in a situation where you have dominated your lane but somehow couldn’t utilize your lead and ended up losing the game? Well if yes then you need to learn how to maintain your lead once you end up having the upper hand.

Extending your lead in the league is not as easy as it seems. It requires you to have good knowledge about roaming, waves clear, and map awareness. Once you are in lead you can use the combination of the aforementioned practices to have a strong map presence and completely tilt the game in your favor.

Having said that, extending your lead requires you to play smart. Once you are fed you can’t afford to lose that lead by getting ganked or dying under enemy turrets. Your death will not only provide the enemy laner with bonus gold but it will also deny your experience hence taking away your lead.

Knowing how hard it can be to extend your lead in league of Legends, we have made this guide to help you out. Now all you need to do is to follow the below-mentioned practices and before you know it, you will have that sweet Victory screen.

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Don’t Be Aggressive

Yes, you read it right. Don’t Be Aggressive! The biggest mistake most league players make when they get a few kills early on is that they start playing aggressively. This causes their minion wave to crash into the enemy turret which allows the enemy to farm safely under the turret. Moreover, there will always be a potential of getting ganked by the enemy Jungler and losing your lead.

Instead of being aggressive, you can try freezing your lane this will help you have more influence in your lane. By doing this, you will not only be denying your enemy farm but they will also be unable to gank you as you will be safe under your turret.

Like if that wasn’t enough you can also poke the enemy laner and look for potential all-ins. By doing this, you will be able to farm safely and get a kill over your enemy laner. However, once you take the enemy turret the game changes exponentially and there will be way better opportunities to extend your lead.

Whether to Siege or to Roam?

When you take your first turret in the game. There are two routes you can take. The first route is known as sieging where you keep on applying pressure to one lane and end up opening the base. While the second one is known as roaming where you need to roam to extend your lead by taking objectives and creating pressure in other lanes.

Sieging A Lane

Sieging is a very effective manner to extend your lead in League. However, not all champions can pull it off, but once mastered there is not much the enemy team can do to stop you. The basic idea of sieging revolves around taking the enemy turrets until you take their inhibitor after which you can swap lanes with your allies and repeat the process.

Champions like Sion and Yorick are great examples of a sieging champ. Not only does their kit provide the player with a good amount of turret damage it also allows them to get out of sticky situations using their abilities. Take Sion as an example, a player can use Sion to keep on applying pressure in a lane and as soon as an enemy tries to gank him he can press his R and run to safety.

Warding the Enemy Jungle When Sieging

When sieging you can’t afford to die to the enemy jungler as it will end up costing you your lead. However, you can prevent this from happening by simply warding off the enemy Jungler. By doing this you will be able to have vision over the enemy laners, and if any laner tries to gank you, you will be able to run away in time.

Moreover, if you are feeling a little cheeky, you can also try baiting the enemy jungler by putting in a control Ward in front of a bush. Once the enemy jungler/laner tries to clean the control ward, you can simply jump them and get a free kill.


In the events where you know roaming is the more suitable option, there are three ways you can play this out. The first one asks you to stay in your lane and seldomly move around to provide ganks to your team. The second one revolves around you going for objectives and helping your team in securing them. While the third one, lets you switch lanes with a laner.

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Ganking Your Team Members

Whether you are a jungler or a laner, once you are fed you need to roam around to provide ganks to your team members. These gank allow you to get extra kills while also providing your team with free Gold and XP. However, you need to plan your ganks through as dying could end up losing you your lead.

To perform a successful gank you need to have vision on your enemy laners. Once you know the whereabouts of your enemies, you can roam around and wait for them to be out of position. You can use this to your advantage and end up taking a kill while also helping your laner with their lane.

Securing Objectives

How to Extend Lead and Securing Objectives in League of Legends? Complete Guide

Securing objectives should be high on your priority list when you are planning to extend your lead. Especially, when it comes to Rift Heralds and Dragons. If executed right the Rift Herald can end up providing you with a ridiculous amount of gold while also opening the enemy inhibitor.

As for dragons, a solo dragon on its own doesn’t provide much worth to your team. But once you hit the dragon soul, the buffs provided by it exponentially increase your team’s winning chance. So, if you are planning to extend your lead just remember Dragons are a future investment that can end up winning you the game.

Swapping Lanes with Your Team Members

Now that you know you have completely dominated your lane. You can swap your lane with your team members to do the same with their enemy laner. This allows your team members, especially your bot lane to stay safe under the turret and farm. However, this can backfire sometimes as your bot lane will be under-leveled and can be an easy target for the enemy laner.

Taking Your Enemy Jungler Farm

Once you are fed enough the enemy laner loses the privilege to farm in their jungler. So once you are done shoving your wave in or clearing your camps, you can simply go in and take the enemy junglers camp. The enemy jungler will not be able to contest you for the farm as the enemy laner will not be able to roam towards you.

Moreover, if you are planning to extend your lead, getting your hands over the blue and red buff is very essential. These buffs provide you with increased HP and Mana regeneration. This increase in regeneration allows your champion to stay longer in their lane without the need to recall hence allowing them to soak HP without recalling.

Building Mejai’s Soul stealer

This step is not viable for AD scaling champs but on AP champs it is one of the best ways to extend their lead. The Mejai’s Soul stealer is an item that is tailored in such a manner that it rewards the player who is in lead. The item provides bonus AP for every kill and assists the player gets. Hence, making it one of the most broken items in the game.

Learning About Your Team Comp

Lastly, the most important thing you need to learn while extending your lead is to recognize your team comp’s potential. This means that you need to understand whether your team is a late-game team or a mid-game one. This will allow you to play accordingly and make moves accordingly.

For example, if your team has a Kassadin on it. It is only natural that you will want to prolong the game. However, if that isn’t the case and the Kassadin is on the enemy team, going for an early game finish is the way. Lastly, extending your lead is important but also knowing the point where your lead starts to fall off is also an important part of playing around with your lead.

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Extending your lead in League Of legends requires the players to put a lot of thinking into it. It is easy to dominate one late but once the game passes that 15-minute mark extending your lead gets exponentially harder. Therefore, we have written this guide today to help you out.

The aforementioned practices allow you to not only extend your lead but also be a better league player. Moreover, by following this guide you will also be able to wrap up your games faster. So to end it all, we hope this guide will allow you to create better use of your lead next time.

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