7 Most Annoying Supports to Play Against

Support is a role where you are tasked to provide aid to your teammates. For the most parts you are there to heal, shield, and bail your allies out of danger. In some cases, you are there to set up for your teammates or give your allies an easier way to navigate the map.

Yet some champions excel at doing these things, and some do not. Some players may find some support champions overpowered and some may find other support champions hard to deal with; thus getting annoyed and playing at a mental disadvantage. 

Here we rate some of the most annoying supports a player may go against in their games.

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7. Blitzcrank

A champion that many League of Legends players both hate and love is Blitzcrank. Capable of pulling enemies from afar, this champion is picked by players from the lowest ranks to the highest level. 

His Q – Rocket Grab which pulls enemies is capable of turning the tides of a fight when an enemy is caught.

Blitzcrank’s other abilities do not really matter that much as the Q is his core ability, but that does not mean they do not complement each other nor are they useless. 

His W – Overdrive allows him to chase enemies for a better Q placement, his E – Power Fist knocks up enemies and is most often used along with the Q, and finally his R – Static Field silences enemies near him when used. 

This champion can shine with any team composition if the team or the support player does not know who to choose in the picking phase.

Despite this, Blitzcrank’s downfall is on the inability of the player to hit his Q the inability of its intended victim to dodge it. In other words, Blitzcrank will either require you to be good at avoiding him or if you are lucky the player using Blitzcrank will rarely pull any of you. 

Worst is if the Blitzcrank player pulls the initiator of the team like Amumu, Leona, or Morgana with Zhonya’s Hourglass.

6. Soraka

A champion with healing can never go wrong in a team, this is the core mechanic of Soraka in the botlane. Her W – Astral Infusion allows her to heal her teammates at the cost of her own health. 

Despite the drawback of her W, she can heal it back up and deal damage at the same time using Q – Starcall. This skill can also be used to slow enemies and as a combo with her E – Equinox which silences enemies on cast and roots them when they do not leave the spell area after a few seconds. 

Finally, her ultimate ability Wish heals every ally in the map – making it a safety net for allies who need it.

When playing against a good Soraka player, you may find yourself trading in the bot lane with her ADR then realize a few seconds after that both your enemies are at full health while you and your partner have taken much more damage. 

Assassins going for Soraka may also get baited to dive in only to find themselves trapped with her E ability, or plainly survive the attempt due to her healing capabilities.

There are different ways to defeat this champion, successfully trading against her bot lane partner without losing health yourself will make her sacrifice more and more health in the long run – assuming you and your partner do not get hit by Qs which heal her back up. 

Moreover, bursting her down without letting her heal back up and catching her off guard could work.

5. Seraphine and Sona

Much like Soraka, Seraphine and Sona act as healers. Aside from their role of healing teammates, these two champions conceptually the same and with abilities also similar to each other.

Both of Sona and Seraphine’s passive gives them empowered attacks and provides minor buffs to their skills. Both of their Q; High Note for Seraphine and Power Chord for Sona, allows them to poke down their enemies. 

Sona’s W – Aria of Perseverance and Seraphine’s W – Surround Sound provide heal and shield to allies. However, their E is different as Sona E – Song of Celerity provides movement speed to her and her allies and Seraphine E – Beat Drop slows, snares, or stuns enemies. 

Their ultimate skills are almost the same with Sona stunning enemies while Seraphine charming them instead – and extends its effective range with each champion hit.

When your enemy Seraphine or Sona is a good player, it will be hard trying to poke them down as they might poke you just as much or slow you down. Attacking their Attack Damage Carry (ADC) might put you at a disadvantage as they can both heal them and attack you at the same time. 

They also have the same initiating capabilities with their skills – especially their ultimate ability. Their playstyles are also flexible, being capable of both defensive and offensive play.

The same strategy as dealing with Soraka players may also work with Sona and Seraphine players; bursting them down or catching them off guard.

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4. Tahm Kench

Tank supports have never gone out of style in League of Legends, but not all Tank supports excel at what they do. Tahm Kench, Leona, and Alistar excel at engaging the enemies and keeping them away from their ADC but Tahm Kench in particular is a cut above the rest.

Tahm Kench can just walk up with his superior health, or dive in and knock up an enemy with his W – Abyssal Dive. His health is further buffed up by his E – Thick Skin, which allows him to have another set of health points (HP) for the enemy to go through before killing him.

With enough stacks he may also stun an enemy using his Q – Tongue Lash, making the enemy vulnerable to all kinds of attacks. Finally, his R – Devour allows him to put an enemy or ally in his mouth for a certain amount of time. 

Spitting out an ally will give this ally shield that is at least worth 500 HP and scales along with his ability power (AP).

Essentially, he is flexible enough to be an engaging champion as well as protective champion for his teammate.

There is no way of completely countering Tahm Kench, you may choose to ignore him and go for his teammates, or try to quickly cut down his HP. Fortunately enough, items such as Blade of the Ruined King, Lord Dominik’s Regard, and many more are there to help you deal extra damage against enemies with large health pools.

3. Renata Glasc

Renata Glasc is a fairly new champion whose skills are very tricky but reliable – able to be used offensively or defensively.

She is capable of providing movement speed (ms) and attack speed (as) buff to allies with her W – Bailout, which may give them a chance to defend themselves when used reactively. 

Her Q – Handshake allows her to snare and drag opponents when hit, giving ample time for allies to follow up or push away enemies while Renata and her ADC runs away. The E ability called Loyalty Program is simply a poking ability much like Heimerdinger’s Q but with a different hitbox. 

Finally, her ultimate ability Hostile Takeover sends a wave towards a direction which makes enemy champions that are hit attack their allies instead.

If the descriptions of the skills are not enough to annoy you, then let us show more. The most important part of her kit is that if the buffed ally is supposedly killed, the ally instead gets temporary health which burns down like Sion’s passive after his death. 

When the ally gets a takedown while under this effect, the allied champion stays alive with the remaining temporary HP turning permanent HP.

With the right duo partner in the bot lane, Renata Glasc is one of the most annoying supports to lane against. Not only can she provide a second life for her ally, she can also set up opponents for a kill or two during team fights with the W and R ability.

Fortunately, Renata Glasc is very squishy. Killing her first will open up her ally (or allies) without worrying about her W and R ability.

2. Shaco

Shaco is mainly a jungler that for some reason players have found a way to put in the support role. 

While most people would consider Support Shaco a troll pick, the opportunity for him to shine is actually there when used correctly; and even incorrectly.

His playstyle mainly surrounds invisibility, capable of putting traps that inflict fear – leaving the victim vulnerable –, and doing backstabs that deal extra damage to the victim. 

If left unpunished or threatened, Shaco can also roam around due to his invisibility making the bot lane second guess their decisions and almost always play on the defensive.

Much like all the other supports stated above that are not tanks, it is possible to burst down Shaco and catch him alone. 

The roaming tendency of Shaco support players can also be exploited by playing safe, or jumping on the lone ADC if Shaco is caught in vision not in bot lane.

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1. Teemo

Of course, nobody forgets everyone’s beloved Teemo. If you are a new player and do not know him, all you need to know is that his skills scale off of AP, his main damage is applied damage over time from his passive E – Toxic Shot or mushrooms R – Noxious Trap, and is capable of going invisible when stationary for a period of time.

Just like Shaco, placing traps is an integral part of Teemo support – making bot lane a hell to visit or for its duo residents to position around. While you can keep track of the bombs using Sweeping Lens or Vision Wards, you will sacrifice extra gold and vision to quell Teemo’s threats.

Teemo can deal blind to champions with his Q – Blinding Dart during skirmishes, making the fight one sided with one player incapable of returning damage. The damage tick from the poison also puts the ADC and their partner on the defensive as they will always take damage when trading against Teemo or stepping on mushrooms.

While you do restrict yourself by buying Sweeping Lens and Vision Wards to stop Teemo, he is squishy enough to kite or burst down to death when done properly. 

His mushrooms may also be detrimental as it can cause the wave to permanently crash into your side of the lane.

If anything, support champions are integral to League of Legends. They bring valuable assets by opening up opportunities for the team to make more plays, or alleviate pressure. 

While some supports may cause annoyance when you are against them, you can also think of it from the other side and find that these can be used by you or your teammate. Applying knowledge is key to winning your games, so use these to your advantage.

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