Most Broken Mid-Laners in League of Legends

Mid lane requires great multitasking capabilities from a player. Avoiding ganks, managing the wave, fighting the enemy mid laner, and roaming around the map is immensely valuable for mid lane players.

Some champions excel in all of these aspects, effectively making them broken with their overloaded kit. Here we list down our top seven (7) most broken mid laners in League of Legends. 

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7. Corki

First on the list is the Daring Bombardier, Corki.

Corki has insane amounts of damage capable to adapt to the resistance an enemy has. This is because all of his abilities can scale off both ability power and attack damage.

His passive – Hextech Munitions modifies his basic attacks to deal both magic and physical damage. Packages are also presented for Corki to pick up that grant him movement speed out of combat. Aside from this, Corki will have a modified E – ability.

All of Corki’s abilities damage enemies in an area which makes his wave clear insanely good. The ability Q – Phosphorus Bomb deals exploding damage to a location, the ability E – Gatling Gun fires a barrage of bullets in a cone in front of him, and W – Valkyrie allows him to dash and drop bombs in a direction.

Valkyrie also becomes Special Delivery when he has a package that will knock aside enemies he hits as he dashes. Corki will also leave a trail in the path he dashed on that damages and slows enemies staying in the area of effect.

Finally, he can also poke down enemies with his ultimate – Missile Barrage. This allows him to send single missiles that also affect an area when a target is hit.

Corki has great value in and outside of the lane, with reliable skirmishing and team fighting capabilities. The laning phase is easy with the wave clear he has, and this opens him up for roaming around the map. His high damage output to multiple enemies makes him a menace in any situation.

6. Lissandra

Lissanda is a champion who can match almost anyone put against her in the mid lane. Her kit is filled with crowd control inflicting and area effective abilities which makes her strong in lane, in skirmishes, and team fights.

She can repeatedly cast the ability Q – Ice Shard which damages and slows a single enemy. The ability also has splash damage behind the target when hit, making it great for clearing a minion wave.

The ability W – Ring of Frost allows her to root enemies surrounding her that allow her to either run away or set up for additional damage.

Initiating a fight is also possible with the ability E – Glacial Path where she sends a claw of ice and deals damage to a direction. She may recast this over the duration the ability is up to blink towards the location of the claw. 

Together with Ring of Frost and her ultimate – Frozen tomb, she can start fights or catch a target for a quick kill. Defensively, this can also be used as an escape tool when needed.

Her ultimate – Ring of Frost is a simple point and click ability that stuns an enemy, and slows other enemies around it. This also damages the enemies hit which is great for team fighting. 

Defensively, she can also cast it on herself to put her in stasis like Zhonya’s Hourglass or Bard ultimate. As a bonus, she also regains health in the duration of time she is in stasis. 

During team fights, her passive ability – Iceborn Subjugation is a deadly tool when getting takedowns. 

Enemies taken down near Lissandra will become untargetable and invulnerable spirits that will chase enemies down, eventually exploding to damage and slow anyone hit. 

Just like Corki, Lissandra has a strong laning phase that allows her to dominate the lane or help allies by roaming. She also has no problem in both skirmishes and team fights.

5. Ahri

If you took an interest in Lissandra’s escaping ability, a champion that has great mobility in team fights is Ahri.

Ahri is a mobile champion capable of applying constant damage with her abilities Q – Orb of Deception, W – Fox-Fire, and ultimate ability Spirit Rush. 

Her mobility allows her to reposition for better engages or skirmishes, she can also chase champions this way, and avoid enemies by dashing out of the enemy range.

Aside from being incredibly hard to catch, taking risky trades where she gets hit is still okay for her. Ahri’s passive ability – Essence Theft heals her after hitting nine (9) enemies with her abilities.

She also has incredible wave clear with Orb of Deception hitting multiple enemies in a straight line twice. This lets her activate the passive reliably and kill multiple minions quickly. This also results in her being available to move around the map safely.

Ahri is also capable of catching opponents with crowd control using her ability E – Charm which charms an enemy to walk towards her when hit by this ability. Charmed enemies cannot cast abilities or move away, effectively making them vulnerable.

All these combined make her immovable in the mid lane when played right. In team fights, she can constantly position around enemies while spamming abilities. She is a constant pest from the lane, in rotations, in duels, in team fights, and even when disengaging from one.

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4. Seraphine

A support champion capable of being played in the mid lane safely is Seraphine.

Much like Ahri, Seraphine has a steady laning phase with abilities such as Q – High Note and E – Beat Drop dealing area effect damage. Her ability power scaling is significant enough that building ability power items would allow her to stay on par with other mid lane carries in terms of damage and apply additional healing to teammates.

With this, she can also keep playing a support role with healing from the ability W – Surround Sound. She can also apply crowd controls from both Beat Drop and ultimate – Encore to set enemies up or stop the on their track.

Seraphine excels at dealing damage and helping her teammates out. This does not only provide more champion picks from other lanes but also effectively gives them double support champions in their team composition.

3. Swain

Another champion that is supposedly played as a support champion but can be played in the mid lane is Swain.

Much like Seraphine, Swain has great wave control with his area effective abilities Q – Death’s Hand and W – Vision Empire.

Vision Empire can also be used from afar, letting him gain vision and apply threats outside his lane. Catching enemies running away or stopping recalls is also possible with the range and slow affliction of the ability.

Holding enemies down for himself or his teammates is also possible with his ability E – Evermore which snares enemies hit by it.

The ability to spam these skills makes it hard to match the damage or position against Swain. The damage and crowd controls are threatening especially when paired with items like Rylai’s Scepter or Randuin’s Omen.

With the durability update and adjustments made with Swain, he is extremely hard to kill especially when he uses his ultimate – Demonic Ascension. 

This skill allows him to drain the health of enemies surrounding him and the indefinite time duration this skill can stay active makes him scary.

Yet his ability to be a tank is not solely because of his ultimate and the durability patch, but also his passive Ravenous Flock. 

This lets him collect soul fragments from enemies which lets him regain lost health and increase his maximum health. If we have not said it enough, we will say it again. Swain is an extremely hard champion to kill.

2. Vel’Koz

With the durability update, champions that deal true damage have greater value now. Now, who is the best champion in the mid lane that deals true damage? Vel’Koz, the Eye of the Void.

Vel’koz can deal damage from a safe distance with the ability Q – Plasma Fission. The hitbox is also uniquely weird which can shake up enemies when dodging abilities.

His wave clear is also fast with all basic abilities aside from Plasma Fission, W – Void Rift, and E – Tectonic Disruption damaging enemies in an area allowing him to roam or assist his jungler in the river.

Tank champions will also melt when faced with Vel’Koz’s true damage from the passive ability – Organic Destruction and ultimate ability – Life Form Disintegration Ray.

Staying behind and poking enemies down will keep enemies on their toes. It is not only annoying that enemies of Vel’Koz will take chipping damage, but the threat of getting killed through burst true damage is also there.

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1. Taliyah

For a specific skill level range such as Platinum below, Taliyah is broken.

Her mobility and area effective abilities Q – Threaded Volley, and E – Unraveled Earth allow her to clear minion waves quickly and roam around the map with the passive ability Rock Swerving. 

Much like Vel’koz, spamming abilities such as the Threaded from a far-away distance while dealing reliable amounts damage of will make her hard to catch.

Aside from the distance of her abilities, she has knock-ups and interrupts that can stop champions from dashing or jumping in to kill her with Unraveled Earth and W ability –  Seismic Shove

Most players will have a hard time closing the distance and will most likely be focused on dodging her skill.

While these strengths are truly oppressive, players with a high skill level can match her in every aspect that her kit brings. Despite this, she will still bring great value in team fights and can have a good team composition built around her.


With the nature of the mid lane being near all objectives on the map, a good wave clear and roaming potential is needed for most mid lane champions. 

Aside from roaming and good wave clear, high damage output is also a plus in the mid lane. Thankfully enough, there are multiple champions in the mid lane with this characteristic.

Some champions stay above others due to their raw damage output, some simply fit the meta, and some will stand out due to the roaming potential they have. 

These seven (7) champions vary in the skill level needed, so there is bound to be one that even a non-mid laner can play. Knowing your skill and fits best for the game can keep you above your enemy, so test out champions. 

Limit test yourself. Learn what mid lane champions do. Learn what you can and cannot do. With proper knowledge and execution, any champion is broken.

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