Most Mobile Junglers in League of Legends

In League of Legends, mobility is one of the most important characteristics of champions. Champions with high mobility are able to avoid potential danger, and at the same time can start catching their opponents if they start to run away from them. 

That’s why players often like to choose champions who have high mobility – high mobility can mean a better chance of winning. Champions with high mobility can be a lot of fun to play, and combined with good items the game will definitely be much more interesting. 

We will dedicate this article to jungle champions who have high mobility, so check out our list and choose your next main champion.

Since 2009, since the League of Legends was launched to the public, Riot has been working hard from update to update to improve the quality of the game. Starting with the insertion of new, more modern champions, to reworking old champions. 

Also, skins, events, wards, emotes, these are all parts that make this a perfect game that does not come off the top of the top charts of the most popular games in the world.

The champion pool currently consists of more than 150 champions, of various types and abilities. League of Legends continues to gather new players, fans, streamers and professional players who compete in esports competitions and thus become a role models for many players who try to improve their gaming skills from the comfort of their room in the hope that they will one day become professionals.

All in all, League of Legends is a big part of the lives of many gamers, and we have no doubt that the base of its fans and players will continue to grow over the coming years.

As we said in the introduction, today we will talk about jungle champions, with an emphasis on mobility. 

Wondering which are the 5 most mobile junglers in the League of Legends? Keep reading and find out what makes these five champions special and why if you choose to play with them you increase your team’s chances of winning the match.

Before we start listing them, it is important to know that this is solely the choice of the author of the article, this list may consist of several other champions, depending on each individual’s choice.

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5. Kayn

Kayn is a great jungle champion who offers you a choice of his two personalities – you can choose between Rhaast or Shadow Assassin Kayn, and whatever shape you choose you will not go wrong. 

Shadow Assassin Kayn has high mobility, which with his short-range dash can cause damage to enemy champions. It’s his Q, and his E is actually what most shows how significant his mobility is. 

With his E, Kayn can escape from an enemy opponent regardless of obstacles which is ideal if he is in the jungle. It can pass through walls while at the same time gaining heal and thus saving itself from certain death. 

His ult, Umbral Trespass combined with Q or E allows Kayn to literally enter the enemy champion and kill him. How powerful, isn’t it?

4. Rengar

I can’t even count how many times Rengar scared me during League of Legends matches. His famous jump during which you can no longer cope without dying, makes Rengar champion who is very often banned in ranked games. 

Rengar is an example of a champion who has very, very high mobility and makes good use of it. Once you collect enough items and reach level 6 Rengar becomes an unstoppable machine that will very easily kill any enemy champion who wanders into the jungle. 

His greatest quality is precisely that jumping out of the bushes that will surprise even the most prepared and calm players. Also, Rengar has the ability to camouflage which in combination with its high mobility becomes a deadly weapon. 

You won’t go wrong with Rengar, but you have to learn how to play with him so that this Rengar is not just a little cat showing its claws and not scratching.

3. Lee Sin

Of course, this list cannot pass without Lee Sin who has managed to turn the match a million times in favor of his team, solely because of his high mobility and ability to kill his opponent in a few moves. 

Lee Sin is made as a champion with a little higher moblity than usual, and his items give him extra strength and speed. That is why it is very important that Lee Sin quickly collects enough gold to be able to buy items and thus show who is the strongest. 

However, Lee Sin is by no means an easy champion and many players have a lot of difficulty while trying to achieve an enviable result by playing with Lee Sin. It usually happens that they choose Lee Sin and expect that the champion will be strong enough that they will only have to click with the mouse, and that Lee Sin will do the rest by himself. 

Well, in that case they will have a bad time. Regardless of his kit, before you decide to play a serious game with Lee Sin, make sure you have enough hours of practice to be able to achieve a great result with this unique champion.

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2. Akshan

One of the relatively newer champions in the League of Legends pool, Akshan, has picked up all the sympathies of the players. Akshan is designed to have one of the greatest mobility in the entire game. 

With this foundation, it is possible to focus his entire build on improving movement speed, and Akshan then becomes a very professional and skilled runner in lanes. With his passive, Akshan can attack the enemy champion, and if for some reason he cancels his attack he will get an increase in his movement speed. 

Also, his W ability gives him camouflage that protects him from jungle dangers while at the same time increasing his movement speed again. Akshan also has a hook that with movement speed gives Akshan a chance to easily catch and kill any enemy champion that comes his way. 

Akshan may not be the first choice for players who play jungler role, but he will certainly become one given his ability to be a very good jungle champion.

1. Hecarim

Hecarim is in the first place because he is an extremely easy champion to learn, so even beginners will be able to show knowledge and skill if they choose Hecarim. Hecarim has very high mobility, with a focus on his ult. 

His ult has a very good range that can do great damage to his enemies, while also allowing Hecarim to increase his movement speed and become a very dangerous opponent on Summoner’s Rift. 

Hecarim is a champion who can bring you a lot of kills, and if you find a build that will further express his mobility you will be able to turn the game in your favor. 

Choose this easy champion and contribute to your team in the best possible way. He deserved to be in the first place.

Final Thoughts

With Hecarim we finish the list of top 5 best mobile junglers in the League of Legends. As we said at the beginning, the list is our choice so you don’t have to agree with us. 

However, each of these five champions has high mobility that can do wonders in the jungle which is a much more demanding area than lanes. 

That is why it is important to choose the right champion who will be able to carry the jungle by himself, and at the same time be able to help his teammates clean the lane and defend themselves from enemy champions. Read our guide and choose wisely, and of course, don’t forget to have fun.

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