10 Most Versatile Champions in League of Legends

League has been around for more than a decade now and throughout its tenure, tons of new champions have been introduced to the Rift. With champs like Akshan and Kayn coming to the rift, the League roster of champions has never been more versatile.

Due to this versatility, it is only natural that some champions are more flexible than others. Flexibility in a champion takes in factors such as a champion’s ability to play different roles or adapt to different play styles.

However, there is a set pattern in this flexibility that goes something like this – the newer a champion is the more versatile their play style and role fulfillment gets.

With that said, here is a list of the most versatile champions in League as of right now.

  • Udyr
  • Pyke
  • Kayn
  • Teemo
  • Pantheon
  • Akshan
  • Sett
  • Shaco
  • Galio
  • Volibear

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10. Udyr – The Spirit Walker

First up on this list is none other than Udyr The Spirit Walker. At first glance, Udyr seems like a champ with an outdated play-style that revolves around you auto-attacking the enemy. However, if you really think about it, Udyr is a champ with 4 different forms and each of these forms changes Udyr’s playstyle drastically.

Moreover, unlike most champions that only follow a certain build path in League, Udyr can literally build anything and can still carry the game. This is due to Udyr’s ability to scale with both AP and AD making it hard to counter-build him.

As of writing this post, Udyr is getting a rework and is rumored to have an awakening state making him even more versatile. But until then Udyr stays at the bottom of this list, due to Udyr’s kit not having good gap closing and role flexibility.

9. Pyke – The Blood Harbor Ripper

Back in season 8 when Pyke came to the Rift, the champ dominated the game, especially the mid-lane. This is due to Pyke’s ability to not only execute the enemy but also provide a cut (Gold in return for an assist) to an ally. With that said, over the years Pyke has met many adjustments confining him to a support role.

However, any good Pyke player will disagree with the notion of Pyke being only a support character. In essence, Pyke is a champion that completely revolves around his W and R. This means, once you reach level 6 the champion isn’t confined to a lane, making him one of the best roaming champs.

Pyke’s ability to play any role in the game including jungle makes him one of the most versatile champs when it comes to role fulfillment. But due to his early weak game and a stagnant play style, it’s hard for us to rank him any higher on this list.

8. Kayn – The Shadow Reaper

What will he embrace? The darkness that the Order of the Shadows brings or the power that the Ancient Darkin Rhast holds. Whatever your choice may be, Kayn is one of the best junglers in League Of Legends and his adaptability is unprecedented.

The champion’s ability to transform into two different forms never gets old. No matter what the enemy comp is, you can always adapt to a playstyle that can help your team triumph. With that said, Riot has catered Kayn’s kit in such a manner that it screams versatility.

Whether it is to be the front line (Rhast) or assassinate the backline (The Shadow Assassin) Kayn will get the job done. However, due to Kayn’s weak early game, the champ is confined to the jungle role making it very hard for us to rank him any higher.

7. Teemo – The Swift Scout

Probably one of the most hated champs in the history of League. Teemo is one of those champs that can be played in any role and it will still be a liable pick. Teemo’s versatility is highly dependent on the champion’s hybrid scaling.

Whether you are playing Teemo on top, jungle, mid, or bot Teemo can hold its own against most champs. This is due to Teemo’s ability to kite almost every champion in the game with his Blind and W. Moreover, If you are able to optimally use Teemo’s passive he easily assassinates threats and gets away with it.

With that said, his kit doesn’t have much hard CC and revolves around his shrooms. Therefore, making the playstyle feel a little repetitive. That being said, Teemo’s ability to make any rune and build-path work for him makes him pretty versatile.

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6. Pantheon – The Artisan of War

A bruiser, support, an assassin, and an amazing jungler, is there something this champ can’t do? Since the start, Pantheon is a champ that people have played in almost every role. Even after his rework Riot couldn’t affect his role flexibility.

Pantheon’s W and E make him a perfect engaging champ. The ability to go in and out of sticky situations is what all supports and assassins crave. Pair that with his Q and R and Pantheon can easily execute them from afar.

However, Pantheon’s Mana problem is something that greatly cripples him. Therefore, the former Aspect of War can be a little hard to get used to. But once you build yourself a Tear Of Goddess, Pantheon can dominate almost every lane.

5. Akshan – The Rogue Sentinel

Akshan is the perfect example of Riot’s 200 years of character design. Where champions like Master Yi have passives that are no longer than two lines. Akshan’s passive is so long that you can make an entire champion out of his passive alone.

Akshan’s kit allows him to revive allies, slow enemies, camouflage himself, and execute enemies. Now Pair all that with the ability to grapple in and out of unfavorable circumstances and Akshan becomes the definition of favoritism.

The only reason Akshan is not any higher on this list is due to his weak early game which confines him to certain roles. But if you are someone who loves playing around your team this champ is a great pick.

4. Sett – The Boss

Sett is by far one of the best 1v1 champs in League. He has a kit that provides him with great sustain, great CC, excellent wave clear, and exceptional damage. Therefore, it is only natural that the champion is picked in almost every lane.

The biggest reason for Sett to be on this list is his ability to absorb damage and dish it back out. His W is by far one of the most broken abilities in the entirety of League of Legends. When you combine his W with a good R and an E, you are bound to win every team fight.

Moreover, Sett can also build Crit and Lethality making him an excellent assassin. That being said, the only drawback this champ has is the lack of gap closers making him very easy to kite.

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3. Shaco – The Demon Jester

If you have ever lane against a Shaco, you probably know how frustrating going against this champion is. You can build almost anything on Shaco and somehow the champion will make it work.

Shaco’s ability to adapt to any role combined with his hybrid scaling is the reason he is so high up on this list. With that said, Shaco’s clone essentially acts as a 6th player for your team providing you with all the support you need.

However, playing Shaco demands a lot of skill, but once you are familiar with the champ’s playstyle you will be outplaying your enemies left and right.

2. Galio – The Colossus

If you can’t figure out what champ to go to, you should always go with Galio. Galio is a champ that is the definition of perfect support. This champ provides his team with engagements, shields, CC, and a very chunky meat shield.

That being said, you can play Galio in almost any role and he is bound to do good. His R enables him to protect his teammates from half the map away by providing shields and a knock-up, and pair the knock-up with a champion like Yasuo and that is a combo and a half in itself.

Galio is by far one of the most versatile champions in League and is only outmatched by the God of Storm himself.

1. Volibear – The Thunder’s Roar

When it comes to League champs Volibear personifies the word versatility. The Thunder God has a kit can that scales with both AP and AD. His scaling combined with his built-in lifesteal and amazing wave clear makes him an excellent laner.

Moreover, the God is one of the best 1v1 champs in League, making laning against him a nightmare. As of writing this post, Volibear is being picked in all five lanes making him the most versatile champ in League.

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In essence, the versatility of a champion is something that depends on two things. Firstly mastery over a certain Champion . Secondly, the Champion’s Kit.

 However, this list we made today only accounts for the latter option as there is no way to quantize skill. We hope you agree with our pick for the most versatile champions in League of Legends.

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