5 Best Movement Speed Items in League of Legends (2022)

One of the many champion characteristics, the movement speed stat indicates at what rate, or simply at what speed your champion travels around the Summoner’s Rift. Every champion has its base movement speed when the game starts, ranging from 325 to 355. 

The champion’s movement speed can be reduced by enemies who can slow opponents, but it can also be increased in various ways. For example, imagine you’re are playing Karma. Her base movement speed can be increased by self-using her W ability, giving you a small burst of movement speed.

But that doesn’t stop there, as you have options to increase your champion’s movement speed further. By purchasing various items that will grant you either flat bonuses or percentage bonuses to your MS. Furthermore, you can gain more movement speed from masteries, spells, abilities, runes, or neutral buffs.

With that out of the way, in the text below, you will be greeted by some of the best movement speed items to make you one fearless player that moves and kills faster than your opponents think. Here will be listed movement items for all roles in the game.

The Best Movement Speed Items in League of Legends

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5. Luden’s Tempest

The power spike amongst most mid-lane mages and some supports, Luden’s Tempest will provide you with a decent movement speed increase. This item offers many resources to help you out in the early game when you need them the most. For example, it will give you free bonus damage once you hit a few spells, granting you excellent burst potential. Luden’s tempest comes to great help when you are struggling to do some decent damage to your opponent, as you will be able to one-shot many squishies depending on what champion you play.

This item will give you enormous +80 Ability power to wreck your opponents. Next, a slight increase of +20 Ability Haste allows you to use your abilities much faster, a whooping +600 Mana, and some Magic Penetration (+6 MP). Also, Luden’s Tempest has two passive abilities. First unique Passive – Echo – giving you extra 100+10% AP magic damage on your next ability that you cast, hitting an enemy and another three units around it. 

With the 10 second cooldown, the passive will grant you a 15% movement speed increase, which isn’t much, but playing with a fast caster mage, the Movement Speed Item comes at a great addition. Next, the Mythic passive – will empower all of your Legendary items with five magic penetration, allowing you to take big chunks of enemy health even if they have stacked multiple magic resist items.

To sum up, Luden’s Tempest is an excellent Mythic item that gives you a lot of benefits. Amongst them is the passive movement speed, which comes to great use when you play mages that can quickly cast their spells.

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4. Youmuu’s Ghostblade

Moving on from mage items that give bonuses in movement speed to your champion, now we review Youmuu’s Ghostblade, which is mainly used by the fearless assassins in the game, for the like of Zed, Katarina, Talon, etc. If you are all about that speed, then this item is fit for you, as it has one passive and one active ability, which will boost your movement speed and help you catch your prey.

This item’s stats are as follows: an increase of +55 Attack Damage, +15 Ability Haste, and a great armor penetration provider as it gives you +18 Lethality based on your champion level. Youmuu’s Ghostblade has one active ability – Wraith Step – when activated, it will give you a boost of +20% bonus movement speed and ghosting for 6 seconds. Also, it has a unique passive ability – Haunt – which gives you a +40 bonus movement speed once you come out of combat. As we can see by the stats it provides, it is an excellent Legendary item for only 3000 gold.

Yoummu’s Ghostblade paired with the assassin champion has many benefits whether you fight or your flight. The bonus movement speed by its active and passive abilities comes in handy for ganks or roams to help your team in a fight. But it also helps you move faster when your team needs you to secure an expiring objective or put on some pressure onto your enemies—a great provider of Attack damage and Lethality to make your gameplay easier.

3. Shurelya’s Battlesong 

Moving onto support items that provide vast amounts of burst movement speed to help you and your team, we have the Shurelya’s Battlesong. Playing as engage support? Then this item will fit your playstyle perfectly as it offers some excellent utility for your team. It helps the slower support champions to move faster and engage onto enemy carries to set up and secure some easy kills.

This item will increase your champion’s health by +200, will give you decent amounts of Ability Power (+40 AP), an increase of +20 Ability haste, and will also double your rate of mana regeneration. Like many items on this list, Shurelya’s Battlesong has passive and active abilities. The active ability – Inspire – will grant you and your nearby allies an incredible 30% bonus movement speed for the following 4 seconds. 

It is a remarkable ability to use when your team needs speed to catch enemies or retreat. Then there is this item’s passive ability – Motivate – healing, shielding, or buffing your allies will grant you and them 25% bonus movement speed for 1,5 seconds. And lastly, the mythic passive will empower all your Legendary items with additional 5 Ability Haste.

Shurelya’s Battlesong is a great item pick for supports whose job is to keep their team alive and provide some poke damage to the enemy. It synergizes very well with them because not only will you be able to keep your team alive, but also you will make them faster and more scary for your opponents.

2. Turbo Chemtank 

Coming in fresh, Turbo Chemtabnk is one of the newly released items in the game that undeniably has enormous potential to help you win your next game. This item offers everything one tank would want and need. It raises your sustainability by giving you lots of health, armor, and magic resistance while also giving you some damage outputs.

The Turbo Chemtank will give you +20 Ability haste, +350 Health, +25 Armor, +25 Magic resistance, along with some active and passive abilities. This item’s active ability grants you 40% bonus movement speed when moving toward an enemy turret or champion. After 4 seconds, you emit a shockwave that will slow enemies by 50% for 1.5 seconds. 

The first passive – Refuel – will grant you stacks for moving or taking damage, and at 100 stacks, your following attack will deal a massive amount of magic damage to everyone around you. Lastly, the Mythic passive will empower all Legendary items you own with +50 bonus health and +5 ability haste per item.

Playing as a tank, you will have many duels in the top lane, meaning you will need to stack up on some resources like health, armor, magic resistance, and movement speed. All of that and much more are offered by Turbo Chemtank, making it a powerful tank item that will allow you to be very fast and very punishing to your opponent.

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1. Stridebreaker 

The Stridebreaker will provide your fighter with everything it needs. For example, it gives damage, attack speed, health, and lots of movement speed buffs to keep you in line with the best.

Stridebreaker’s stats are the following: +50 attack damage, allowing you to cast your abilities faster with +20 ability haste, increase your attack speed by 20%, and your health by 300. Furthermore, boosting your stats from its active and passive ability. The active Halting Slash will deal 175% of your base AD physical damage onto desired opponents and slow your enemies by 40% for 3 seconds. 

The first passive ability – Heroic Gait – will grant you a bonus of 20 movement speed for 2 seconds when you deal physical damage. The second passive ability empowers your Legendary items with 2% bonus movement speed.

Many benefits will be upon you after you purchase Stridebreaker. You will be blessed with excellent damage output, sustainability, some attack speed, ability haste, and finally, that good old movement speed. Many movement speed bonuses will be great by simply attacking enemies and chasing them till they drop dead.

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