What is Ninja’s Rank in League of Legends

League of Legends is a very popular game and has been twitch’s leading game when it comes to viewers, it has always been at the top of the viewer count and it has attracted some of the most popular streamers out there. 

One popular streamer who gave League of Legends a chance is Ninja. We all know Ninja from his streams that is mostly composed of Fortnite gameplays or any FPS games. Some time ago, he decided to play league of legends to “Prove” his haters wrong. 

Now his decision to play League of Legends received lots of backlashes as people said that he is very toxic, but regardless of his behavior, the important thing is to know if he’s good at the game or not. 

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What is Ninja’s League of Legends Rank?

What most people do not know is Ninja has been playing league of legends for quite some time before. Back in seasons 4 and 5, he reached Diamond rank which says a lot back in the day. Diamond is a hard division to reach back in the day because people who played in those seasons are highly competitive. But since then, he has shifted his focus to other games and we all know that Fortnite is now his most played game.

Recently, Ninja tried to play league of legends again finishing his provisional matches and finishing at a 2W-9L record landing him a spot in Gold 2. Most of his games are played in the bot lane as an ADC with Samira as his most picked champion. 


Today, we all know ninja from his Fortnite streams and it doesn’t look like he will be coming back to league of legends any time soon. Maybe the reason he picked ADC champions in his recent games is that he is good at playing FPS games that revolve around guns and long-ranged battles. Who knows, maybe someday he returns to League of Legends again and that would be worth a watch. 

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