How do Out-of-Combat Effects Work in League of Legends?

Out of Combat Effects League of Legends Complete Guide explained

League has an intricately built combat system that affects your gameplay directly through various effects. In this article, we will be taking a look into how this combat system works, mainly the Out-of-Combat system, and how can you use it efficiently!

Out-of-Combat system is where some abilities, items, and rune stones take effect differently depending on your combat status. You can figure it out with some minor observations and learning how the combat system works.

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Combat in League of Legends

Combat League of Legends Complete Guide

Combat is systematic in League of Legends. The combat system works in very intricate ways with normal attacks, skill shots, hybrid auto attacks, critical strikes, and on-hit effects. All these combat effects define the game’s feel and how it plays. You have to be critical of how you play your champion depending on the champion’s abilities and the items you are building.

Another thing to take note of is your Combat Status depending on abilities and items.

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Combat Status in League

Combat Status League of Legends Complete Guide

Combat status affects abilities, runes, items, and buffs. Combat status means whether a champion in the game is in combat with an enemy unit or champion or unit. There are only two statuses:

  • In-Combat.
  • Out-of-Combat.

The difference between them is the way how they affect your abilities and your champion.

In-Combat effects

In-Combat effects League of Legends Complete Guide

In-Combat effects trigger when you engage an enemy unit or champion. For example, Hail of Blades activates when you auto-attack an enemy champion and provides you extra attack speed for the next three auto attacks. Another example is Sunfire Aegis, The active part that damages units around your champion only activates when the champion attacks a unit or enemy champion or is attacked by them.

In-Combat effects are very common in League and are shown above your champion’s health bar as actives.

Out-of-Combat effects

Out-of-Combat effects Complete Guide League of Legends

Out-of-Combat effects are rather different from In-Combat effects and they function differently in each case. Each champion, item, and runes can have their own timer of when it defines that you are out of combat, a general estimate is 5 seconds of not attacking any enemy unit but some items even count using an ability to get you out of their Out-of-Combat effects.

Some of the examples of this effect are:

  • Firstly Evelynn. To activate her Demon Shroud(P), she needs to be out of combat. Once she gets in her passive, she goes invisible, heals her missing health up to a percentage, and gets an upgrade to her E ability that makes it do extra damage.
  • Secondly, we can talk about Items that change their active effects based on your combat status. Bami’s Cinder is one such item, the item activates when you do or take damage from any unit and damages an area around you for 3 seconds, and then it deactivates until you activate it by going In-combat again.
  • Lastly, we can take the example of some abilities or items that can only be activated out-of-combat. The Eye of the Herald spawns Rift Herald, you can get it after killing Rift Herald and picking it up at the entrance of baron pit. You can not activate Eye of the Herald until you are out-of-combat for at least 3 seconds.

There are various other items, abilities, and special objects that are only allowed when your champion is out-of-combat.

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Out-of-Combat effects League of Legends Complete Guide

Final Thoughts

Being aware of your combat status is very crucial to having a good game sense and a good playing experience. Always be cautious about using your abilities to the fullest extent, as we have mentioned. We hope this article made you learn more about the combat system in League of Legends.

Did you understand the combat system of LoL before this article? Do you think you will be able to better use your abilities in-game now? Do you have any more thoughts to add to this article? Please let us know in the comment section below. We will make sure to improve on your suggestions.

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