How to Ping Items in Shop in LoL?

How to Ping Items in Shop in League of Legends? Guide

League of Legends is a 5 v 5 team-based MOBA that depends on very good communication amongst the teammates so they can get in sync to perform the tasks that will lead to a win. One of the ways of communicating is the ping system. This guide will show you one of the ways of using the ping system efficiently by pinging your items in the shop.

Pinging in League of Legends

Pinging is not to be confused with your network latency. It is a way of communicating without typing and you have multiple types of pings available to communicate specific things. Pings are extremely beneficial to use and can help your team a lot by knowing your condition and your motives. There are two types of pinging:

  • Basic Ping
  • Caution Ping

To use the pings in the shop we use Basic Ping.

Ping Shop Item LoL Basic Ping Guide

What are Items In LoL?

League of Legends has intricate components and you have to incorporate each of them to experience good gameplay. Items are one of the major parts of a League of Legends game, they provide you with bonus stats as well as some active and passive unique abilities to that item.

Items also provide you with your champion spikes during the match so to be able to buy them at the correct time is very important. To buy any item, you have to open the item shop, you can do so by either clicking on the bottom left part where your gold is showing or using the default key ‘P’ for it.

Item shop shows you a lot of important stuff. Firstly, on the top left, you have the consumable menu with all the consumables and wards, below that is the boots menu with all of the boots and below that is a smaller version of your backpack which you can use to see your items or even sell them. The main shop has 3 tabs:

  • Recommended Items
  • All Items
  • Item Sets

Briefly going over them. A new feature that came with the item overhaul and new shop system back in season 11 along with mythics is the Recommended Items tab. It shows all the items that would be good against the enemy team from data collected from other matches, and at the bottom, it shows all of the items that are usually built on this champion.

Next, we have the All Items tab that shows all the items with respect to their classes, and on the left, there is a filter to choose specific stats like damage, critical chance, ability power, etc.

The last tab has the Item sets that you have previously made for that specific champion. Some third-party apps like blitz also import the item sets that you can follow to build items.

On the left, it shows your item, its pre-requisites if it has any, and gives a description of that item. On top, it has all the items that it can be built into if it is not already in its highest possible build hierarchy.

Pinging Items in the Item Shop

Pinging Items in League of Legends Item Shop Guide

As we have established that pings are extremely important to keep your team on the same page as you. Another great way to use it is in the Item shop by pinging items and showing how much gold is necessary for you to get them, pinging items can also let your team know what you want to build and you can communicate that you only need a few gold to get some item so they will let you have some gold income.

To ping an item you need to press your basic ping key, either ‘alt’ or ‘G’ then click on an item. It will send a chat message in team chat to show your teammates the necessary information. An automatic announcement of the purchase will be made in team chat for every item that has an active effect that benefits at least one other player. for example, Redemption. Items like Dark Seal and Mejai’s Soulstealer also send this announcement.

You can change the key bind for your ping key by going to Settings> Hotkeys> Communications> Alert ping or Quick Alert ping.

Ping Item in Shop LoL Guide in League of Legends

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Final Thoughts

Pinging is an efficient way to let your teammates know the necessary information about your gold income and item choice related to your champion spikes. If used properly, it reduces the chance of unnecessary turmoil amongst the teammates.

Have you used pings in your recent games? What do you think are more effective ways to use pings? What would you say Riot should change about communication in league? Do you recommend any changes? We appreciate and reflect on your feedback, so make sure to leave your thoughts down in the comments summoner!

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